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Here is what is on my mind.

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Here is what is on my mind. I am aware that the world is waking to a new non fear based reality. At the outset I am never looking for your ‘belief’ and neither was Jesus! Jesus wanted you to Know, He knew that if you only believed in the Truth you did not Know It.

Fear is the opposite of love. Fear is control. A mind in fear does not think properly or rationally. Fear in the mind accepts propaganda as real and true. Propaganda is used to keep you from thinking on your own. The “sequester cuts”, the “physical cliff” and whatever else appears fearful is ALL PROPAGANDA. God did not create fear so fear is NOT REAL! When you believe in something, anything it makes it appear real to you even though it is not a reality.

The only way to know salvation is to “Know thy-Self.”

Many of you know that I have been teaching about Jesus and the Kingdom that He tells you is now.  You can Never See this Kingdom when you use propaganda like the King James ‘manuscript’ as a holy text. Why do you believe this text is holy?  

Jesus is NEVER going to come again back to the earth to rule and reign, Nope, NEVER!

Christ is HERE NOW!!!

The “Second Coming” takes place in Heaven, within you. If you believe the “John of revelation” and all his fearful propaganda you are keeping the truth from you by your false-beliefs!  Listen; if Jesus was coming back He would have never left! He told His Apostles where He was going they could not go. He told them they had within them the Holy Spirit!  The Holy Spirit will Guide you to Jesus Christ if you will only begin to PRACTICE what He taught!

If Jesus “came back” they/we/you/me/I would kill Him again! Just like others who come to this hell to teach you/me/I/we/they the Truth!  The Truth is very scary to the fearful minded. Let go of everything you ever were taught and PRACTICE what Jesus taught and not what James had Saul of Tarsus teaching YOU!!

I send this to you with eternal love and forgiveness ……

Do yourself a favor today….Google….Dr. Martin L. Kings Jr’s., “Mountain Top” speech, listen to and read it. And keep in mind He was killed the next day!

Do you want Truth or fiction? The choice is yours in “time.”

Enough for today….. ❤

“Without the sand in the clam there would have been no pearl…

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“Without the sand in the clam there would have been no pearl, without the turmoil of the cocoon there would have been no butterfly, and without the ego there would have been no Enlightenment!”

I understand that many people make a living from the bible. Many people would not know what to do without a holy book. I am not telling anyone to dismiss everything in any book, what I advocate is that you …make sure that what you “believe” in any book is in fact the Truth and not just something another ego told you was the Truth.

This is not difficult to understand when once you begin to follow the teachings of Jesus and No One Else!

Jesus teaches different from most of the other characters in the bible. You will understand this through the power and advice of Your Holy Spirit within.

I have never tried to be critical or to get you to believe another way. I understand the fear that besets a Brother or Sister when God tells them to “go into the land and See that you have power over the giants!”
Everything that has ever caused you pain has come from your belief that you cannot be healed. We listen to doctors, lawyers, mom, dad, priests, politicians and pastors who do not know the information that they are presenting is false. If anything someone else tells you is fearful It is Not So!

Look, you are the Created temple of the Almighty God!

I know I know, you would rather watch TV reruns of Sanford and Son rather than read what some guy from high school is posting on face book. Lol.

I understand this also, this is why I ask; what do YOU want? If you want to watch Sanford and Son reruns that is very cool, but it will not get you what you want! What you are really looking for can only be found within YOU! Yes, Peace and eternal happiness abides within every Created Son and Daughter of God! (no matter there taught beliefs).

ALL Power has been given YOU! YES!!!! You are unaware of this power because of false beliefs that have been instilled over hundreds of years.
If you don’t practice, you will never know.

Think about it, if you did not practice and learn, could you swim, ride a bike or play golf? No, not really, I mean you may not drowned, and you may get a few feet on the bike before you fall over and you may ever be able to drive the golf ball, but you will never do anything Consistently unless you PRACTICE that thing; Practice makes you perfect in whatever it is you want.

Jesus tells you that if you PRACTICE what He teaches you will do Greater than Him!! Do you believe that? Of course you don’t that is the problem. You do not Believe the Master!!

“BELIEVE” what Jesus teaches, not someone who has never met Jesus. Jesus is the Truth, the Way and the Life unto God the Father. I am not talking church here, that is so 1900’s. Church is good if you are obtaining fruit, No fruit no tree! Find another tree.

The tree of Christ has an abundant of fruit and you must go to where the tree is to See and therefore taste the fruit.

In Eternal Brotherly Love, ♥
David Winter

GO NOW WITHIN/ Start To-day!

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“Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up,if thou wilt ever dig.”

“He who knows how to plant, shall not have his plant uprooted;
He who knows how to hold a thing, shall not have it taken away.”

Believe In Yourself:
When I refer to miracles, I mean those things which can be accomplished through faith. Fai…th in your belief; Faith in Yourself; Faith in the persons with whom you are associated.
Faith in a Power. Faith in That Something which controls the
destinies of everyone — and, if you can get that Faith and dissipate the negative side,nothing in this world can stop you from acquiring what you desire.BRISTOL

An Old, Old Story
I repeat an old story:
Down on a levee in Mississippi, two men were dozing — one of them yawned, stretched his arms and sighed:
“Gee, I wish I had a million watermelons.”
The other man said: “Rastus, if you had a million watermelons, would you give me half of them?” “No, sir!”
“Would you give me a quarter of them?”
“No, I wouldn’t give you a quarter of them.”
“Rastus, if you had a million watermelons wouldn’t you give
me even ten of them?”
“No, sir! I wouldn’t give you ten of them.”
“Well, wouldn’t you give me one lousy watermelon?”
“Say, Sam, I wouldn’t give you even a bite of one if I had a million watermelons.” “Why not, Rastus?”
“Because you’re too lazy to wish for yourself.”

There’s much to be gleaned from that story. You’ll understand as you proceed in using your thoughts to empower your world.
“As a man think so shall he be”. Ask for what you want. Jesus gave you a parable about the old woman who went before a judge and eventually he bugged her so much he said give her what she wants otherwise she will stay here forever and drive me insane.
Be Obsessive and unwavering in your thoughts and feelings about what you want!! Always think about what you want and Not what you don’t want! God gave YOU EVERYTHING!!!!! You are Not Self-Aware because of the false-beliefs that were perpetrated upon you.

Remember, “You don’t Know what You don’t Know” Within You is the fountain of Life! Find this fountain Within YOU!

Hint….it starts by Forgiving what no one has ever done to you! YOU are All that Is! Experience this Oneness of Creation and you will never have a fear of life again! Become independent of the opinions of others. “Don’t cast your pearls before swine.” Keep your Dreams and goals to yourself and only share Them with those who are not fearful believers. Your energy is generated from Within! You have all power ever Known to man! Use IT!

Every Great thing has always started and was completed by the Children of God. Forget what you read that is fearful. You were taught fear. A child is born with only two fears: loud noises and falling.

How many fears you got? They ain’t real my Brother and Sister! Go out and LIVE today! ♥

Peace and Love,
David Winter

~”Fears are nothing more than a state of mind” ~

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“Fears are nothing more than a state of mind”
Napoleon Hill

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The “forbidden fruit” in the garden is “thought!”

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The “forbidden fruit” in the garden is “thought!” The snake represents your ego the devil. God gave you everything in creation even the ability to “think”; Free-will allows you to think without God. Thinking with the Father is Heaven, thinking with the devil is hell.

You only “think and plan” because you are fearful that God, the Father will not supply your needs for today and always. This is a belief you formed because you were taught fear. Fear in not natural it is learned. No fear is good no matter what you’ve been taught.

Some say that there is “good fear” for example of fire, if we did not fear fire we would be burned, this is not so, a little intelligence combined with common sense shows you that All fear is irrational.

Understand that Jesus is a teacher of Enlightenment or what is translated as Salvation from this world. When He talks of hell He is talking about the “Here and Now.” When you do not understand His teachings you can not comprehend that Heaven could be in your midst. It seems insane that there could be a place called Heaven Here Now.

“You will see what you believe and you will see it because you believe it.”

Quiet your mind, search within, ask the Father to reveal Christ to YOU!! ♥

Many of the “stories” that explain Salvation or Enlightenment throughout the ages, have been changed because the men reading them did not understand what they were reading. God did not “kick you out of the garden” you are still in the garden you are just not Aware of this due to your current state of mind.

Religious rulers were called Blind by Jesus because He Knew that did not Know what they were talking about! It’s impossible to understand anything when you have formed “beliefs” so opposed to Love that fear is All you see!

God did not Create You to harm You! You are so worthy and very much Loved Beloved! ♥

The only choice you have is fear vs. Love, All other choices are then given to you. When You decide to choose Love and non-Judgment You will then Soon See Heaven!

Enough for today. . . ♥

Jesus was not a madman.

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‎”If YOU Really Really KNEW how Fantastic and Miraculously YOU were Created, and “By WHOM” YOU were Created, YOU would Never Ever FEAR AnyOne or Anything again; Judgment would be impossible and the need for FORGIVENESS would not Exist! You would Know death is a lie and the Kingdom of Heaven is Now”

This is the reason that I have this blog and why I have dedicated my life to teaching others about Love vs. fear. You are either thinking in a fear mind or a Love Mind.

Fear is the devil your ego mind and it’s ultimately not real. It is influenced by the world it sees and does not Know or understand the Oneness of Creation as God created it.

The devil is a believer out of fear. It believes in death because it sees death. The ego is in hell and does not realize it. It sees fear because it believes God made fearful things. The Truth will set you free, however you must go through your fixed beliefs to get to the Truth. Jesus teaches you how:

*FORGIVE. No matter what!
*Do Not JUDGE No matter what!
*And begin to, “give No thought about tomorrow”, No matter what!

This will ALLOW your beliefs and fears about God to diminish.
Holy books are only as good as the consciousness that reads them.
A fearful consciousness reads and experiences out of a fear mind!

Love is of the Father, Your God Mind, It’s all that is Real. It is Not influenced by the world or what it sees. It is independent of the opinions of others. It understands the Oneness of Creation. It Knows that You can Not Have enemies because Everything You SEE is a part of YOU!! ♥
The Father is a Knower out of Love. It Knows death is not real and Never Sees death. The Father is in Heaven and realizes It!

A Loving Mind in touch with the Father reads holy books and anything else and Knows, “to be in the world but not of it.”

You are in a dream of “sin and death.” It’s not real. You see what is not real because you believe it to be your Reality. If God did not Create It, it is not real and does not exist.

Jesus was not a madman. The religious rulers taught what they did not Know about. They were not willing to PRACTICE the teachings of Jesus so they saw death as real, Even Jesus’ death.

The Christ is Risen!!

{“If you don’t work you don’t eat”, is a lie from the very pit of hell itself! God will !!ALWAYS!! feed, house and clothe His Creation!! Even the homeless, unemployed and downtrodden; How many people do you Know that God “let” starve to death? ZERO!
Do not believe Everything you read, No matter what you’ve been taught or told.

Can I get an Amen? 🙂

More to follow. . . ♥