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The illusion of “future”…..

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The future is an illusion. Be Still……….and Know………

There is no future.

That which you think is the future is made by a mind at war with itself, because it is afraid of the right Now. You have Nothing to fear from the “future” when you understand that it is always right Now!

Remember always; “The nightmare you have made through your thoughts is not real.” You did not create yourSelf. You who want peace can only find it through complete Forgiveness.

“Except ye be as LITTLE children” means, unless you fully recognize your complete dependence on Source/’God’, you will not Know the real power given to You at your Creation.

Wake from the self-induced fear of Your Source!

See “your Father” in the eyes of ‘others’, and you will See the face of Christ staring back at you, and in that moment you will understand that You and Christ are one with Your Father!! This is what Jesus prayed you would come to understand during this, your life-“time.” You will then Understand, “When I was homeless you fed me”, or “When I was in jail you came and visited me.”

YOU my Brothers and my Sisters are in a self-imposed fear jail, and Christ is visiting You. When you asked Him to abide with you He did!! You are Unaware that the power of Christ is yours!!, because “You” are Unaware of Who, the “You Is”!!

As soon as you See yourSelf in An-other, you will experience the             “O’-My-God-Ness” that Jesus exists for you to See!!

You are in Heaven! YOU Are In HEAVEN!! YOU ARE IN HEAVEN!!!

“The nightmare you have made through your thoughts is not real.” You did not create yourSelf. You who want peace can only find it through complete Forgiveness.

You are that which you have spent all your “time” and money looking for…………Stay Awake………..with me,……………two,zero,one, three! The Truth comes to those who are only willing not to judge ‘others’ and who are only willing to FORGIVE God for what “She” never did to You!!

Put down, don’t read, don’t watch, don’t listen to anything that causes you “Future-fear”…………Because IT’S NOT REAL!!!!!!

Please Understand, and I will close with this…….you who are reading this have had “surgery” in the past……remember after the surgery how you were “groggy” from the anesthesia???

Awakening to your True Self is similar, in that the “anesthesia” was your egos fear of the Now! As the fear of Now, “wears-off’ you will See that All your fears in relation to, life, money, health, job, religion, economy, age, wars, famine, etc.. was all a Self-induced Dream of separation from God!

You will come to the understanding of Christ, through FORGIVENESS!! there is no other way…..

DREAM, DREAMERS!! No sadness, (fear) can be in a Mind who is Ready to See the Salvation, (LOVE) of It’s Life!!

“I Am incomplete without You, You are incomplete without me, and God is incomplete without US!”

Enough for today………

You are Never upset for the reason You think You are.

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You are Never upset for the reason “You think You are.” Understand, Anger is fear turned in, on yourself.  “God’s” reality is never frightening. 

You have invented a world where “your laws” have people having to work to live. Not only work, but doing something some even hate to do for 8-10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, to “pay the bills.” You have made up sickness, to keep from doing what you do not want to do!, and when you get sick, you need medicine and a doctor to help you heal. You have even dreamed that someday, the date unknown to you, you will die.

I want you to look at the insanity that you have made of God’s Heaven! If you intend to Awaken, become Self-realized or have Salvation from this, the world you made, I will help You!

You must first understand, that which you refer to as God, has never hurt or allowed anyone to be hurt, not even You! You have to also understand, to awaken unto Heaven you must be WILLING to follow your, “Father, via the Holy Spirit” through seeming terror, past all the laws you made to forget God’s. The terror is Not Real only the “belief” in terror is!

For example, if the Holy Spirit directs you to quit your job, move to another city, or call on a long time “enemy” you must be WILLING to Forgive, and do it. The reward is simply: ‘You turn what you have made into the Kingdom of God.’

Understand and let this sink in deeply…….””You are unaware my Brothers and Sisters that The God that hangs the Sun and the Moon up, is the same God that wants you to realize the Heaven that Awaits You!””

There is no other reason for this existence; None! If you follow your current beliefs to the end, you are going to get sick, old and die.  What then was this life for you? nOtHiNg! Even if you are ‘remembered’ two generations past, So What??? EveryOne you know will die…….listen…..Please……The Only reason “to be here” is to find your Source, locate Your God.

Ask your Self, Who Am I? Why Am I here?……..If you will listen, you will be Guided by the Guide, God gave you as soon as “you thought” you could be separate. The problem comes because our ears have grown accustomed to hearing the ego, (Jesus called this part of our consciousness, “your devil”) and not the Holy Spirit. Ego’s seek bigger ego’s. This is why Christianity, practiced from the 18th century until now has produced very few “Finders of the Christ” within, but 1000’s of different sects. All “believing” they have the Truth, and they DO, EXCEPT for One thing……………….they don’t Know the Truth, they believe they have the truth, and beliefs cause judgment. This is not only egotistical it’s insane!

When you remember God, and you will! You will understand the insanity behind beliefs, and the control groups of people have on others as a result of what they believe, and then you will understand the insanity of placing your faith in a book, and not on God It Self!!

I took the same class you did! I understand the difficulty of changing thoughts midstream. Trust Christ when He teaches, “Judge not lest ye be judged.”………….He is telling You, You are judging You and not Knowing it’s You!!

When He say’s Forgive, you must Forgive. This is the only way of Seeing what you are Forgiving never was true. Understand, if anyone has ever done you wrong, or hurt or even killed a loved one, on accident or on purpose, FORGIVENESS, just a willingness to Forgive will allow you to See the Truth behind the event.

This life is temporary at best and a DREAM at most. It’s going to last, what 70-80′ years, before death takes you away…..Listen: I do understand what Christ is asking appears impossible, and to you or I it is. All you need is a Willingness to See Heaven and you will SEE!

Only Love expands-fear contracts. So, fear thoughts make you sick and the body dies. Love thoughts allow you to See that the body gets sick because the mind needs healing from fear. As you “go within” more and more often, you come away with more and more understanding. The mind is sick that thinks the body can get sick.

In closing, When we ‘get sick’ less is asked of us, and the sicker we become the less and less that is asked of us. Sickness is the fear of your world. It’s not the Truth, but when you believe something it becomes true to you even if it is Not the TRUTH! 

Heal Yourself  Sister, Heal yourself Brother!! Allow for the healing from fear to begin. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, for as long as you want with whomever you want; When you are Whole in your Mind!! Jesus was the Master of the Inner world and this also made Him Master of His outer world.


He did it, so you can do it, through Him!


“Dreamers, follow me to where you realize, It’s been You, doing it to You!!”

Enough for today. . .





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“Happy Awakening”

The importance of True FORGIVENESS in experiencing this life, as human, in a body, can not be explained in words alone. As you Forgive you experience a world that is seen as a Happy Place.

“The belief that anger brings you something you really want and by justifying attack you are protecting yourself” is the reason You have not yet experienced, the “Kingdom of Heaven!”

Understand, judging ‘others’ as wrong or “lost” is UN-forgiveness, no matter what the current concept of your self is you now hold. A self-concept is just that, a concept of the self, formed by the self, and unaware of the true nature of reality!
So, you, your name, your job, your religion, your skin color, your body type and so on are all self concepts. You are unaware of this because of what you “believe.”

When you believe something, anything, you limit “God.” God does not believe anything! The God in you Knows everything! The Christ-consciousness, that Jesus taught His followers how to achieve, is this Know-er within you! This Know-er, “Christ”, Knows you can not die, and all your fears, based on false teachings, that induce false beliefs, keep you from experiencing HEAVEN!!

You cannot retain your current self-concept and See Heaven. The reason is simple: “You believe you are separate from others and from God. This false belief causes you to see others as different from you and therefore Judge them as different.”

No One you see is different, this is your judgment, due to a self-induced fear of God. It’s an unconscious fear that stems from the guilt, induced by the cross. To understand Jesus you Must become a guiltless learner and become Sacredly Selfish. You must become independent of the good and bad opinions of others.

You do not realize that the Know-er in you, is the same Know-er in the whore that you say is “lost”. You do not realize that the Know-er in you, is the same Know-er in the homeless, drug addict that you say is “lost”. And lastly, you do not yet realize that the Know-er in you, is the same Know-er in all those you judge as enemies. The Know-er is Your Authentic Self!!

The Know-er Knows, the whore, the homeless addict and You, are All unaware of this Know-er within!! When you come to a “point in time” (and you will), where you see your ego, the devil has brought you nothing but confusion, pain and unfulfilled dreams you will accept FORGIVENESS instead of Judgment as ‘your way’. The ego’s motto is always, “seek but Never find.”

“”When you judge God’s Heaven, you see your hell, When you Forgive your hell, You will See God’s Heaven”

DREAM, Dreaming is God’s way of allowing You to See, It’s All been for YOU!!

Enough for today. . .

“Happy Awakening”

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“Merry Christmas” or “Happy Awakening!”
There is no future just like there was no past, here is a poem to remind you of just that very fact,

………I Am your Father, your Higher Consciousness you see, the crucifixion of Christ was only blamed on me,

I Am your Father and I do Love you, I never killed your Brother, this was never true…….,

Your Brother ‘Jeshua’ called Jesus, loves Me, and He loves you too, the devil does not remember this and that is nothing new,

King’s have authorized bibles to keep the Truth from you, however I Am your Father and this will never do,

FORGIVENESS is the only way, no matter what you’ve been told, seek Me, find Me, don’t wait until your old,

I Am here within you waiting to be found, just look within and you too will finally See Me Now!

Resurrection, Resurrection, Resurrection, this is the Boss, keep your eyes on the Resurrection, and not on the guilt of the cross,

Guilt will keep you fearful of the Father and of Me, Please my dear Brother, let go of the cross and you too will See,

Guilt is of the devil and never from Above, Free your mind at last by only thinking of Me in Love!

Heaven is not somewhere way up in the clouds, No, It’s Now and shouting this to you very Loud!,

Heaven is not a place or destination you see, It’s the free state of mind, Created for You and for Me,

Many come to tell you “Wake” to be free, but your ego continues to Judge, and say, “nope that’s not for me”,

Organized religions, which control minds stuck in the past, continue even today, O’ Lord how long will it last?

The Judgment in the churches, the blind will never See, God needs your Forgiveness to set these prisoners free!

Priests, Bishops and Pastors, teach, Yes Teach, but not what you believe, because when you teach from belief, and do not Know, you only do deceive!,

Knowing of Love comes from within, and not within a book, King James was never a fisher of men, do not bite that broken hook,

Did you ever stop to wonder, really wonder why, No Pastor teaches
like Jesus that you never really die?,

Christ-Jesus tells us Heaven is right here, Now!! but if you “believe” the book of Revelation you’ll never See It, nor how,

Future events prophesied are lies from the start, God made it that way to keep you kind, without a fearful Heart,

The only time there is and will ever be, is Right Now, so when someone teaches You of the future, he does not Know the True Lamb, from a common cow,

King James, King James you had us fooled with old Mr.Paul, but we now realize he was no Apostle, he was only Saul!

Ok, Ok , that is enough, this poem is over, and it put your ego, the devil, through a little test, Now it’s up to You my Brothers’ and Sisters’, to Go-Within and find, Yes Find, Your own, Christian Rest!!

“Happy Awakening” (Merry Christmas)

Abstract Thought is of “God”

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Let today Be as it was intended to Be by the”Creator” of everything. Egotistical or fearful thinking takes away the Miracle of Life. The Miracle is given those who understand that they have no reason to fear anything, this includes food, shelter, clothing, sickness or death.

The Miracle is the Self-realization that you are in total control of your life, and outside influences are not outside at all. The outside is a direct result of the inner condition. Christ taught you to “go within”, and seek the Kingdom of God, for He was teaching you that the Kingdom is within you, seen first within and then recognized in the world that you are calling ‘out there.’

Total abstraction is the natural condition of the  mind. Preoccupation with thoughts are a result of fear. Planing for future events to come, is the fear that “God” will not take care of your needs. Understand at the outset, you have no needs that are not being supplied.

How do we See this Kingdom of Heaven that Christ tells us is here Now? FORGIVENESS is the Answer! Forgive, Forgive and then when you think you cannot do it again, Yes, Forgive so more! Forgiveness is the same as Knowledge is in Heaven. Remember we only form beliefs because we do not Know. When Knowledge dawns on a mind asleep, beliefs become as meaningless to you as fear. You will See in that instant that You are One with “your Father who is in Heaven.”

This experience can not be explained to a judgmental mind asleep in a world of UN-forgiveness; It can only be experienced by a mind that is willing to Forgive what it has been taught to believe. 

When you experience your Father who is in Heaven, you will understand everything as it was Created to be. The world you see is not the world Created by your Father, it is a projection of fear from within you as a result of not trusting God to provide for you with “His” abundance. Allow your world to be gently transformed into the Kingdom of Heaven that it is, simply by letting go of past fearful beliefs you hold about God.  God is life and not death, no matter what your blind teachers have taught You! They will remain blind until they allow God, and not the devil or Love and not fear to Guide them.

In closing, let All decisions stem from the foundation of Love and Forgiveness. Do not let the I am right you are wrong mind, to inter-fear into your abstract mind. Abstraction is letting Creation be as it is, without allowing fear to take away the joys of NOW!

“DREAMERS are Creators without plans”

Continue to allow FORGIVENESS, not guilt, to rule and reign in Your Kingdom and you will See it was Created All for You!

Enough for today. . .

Holy books 2012

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Beliefs here are the same as Knowing is in Heaven. No ‘One’ in Heaven believes anything!

The Koran, Bible and Torah are holy books. All holy books require belief in them for them to be holy and have meaning to the reader. Without belief, they are just books written by men to influence other men to believe like the author believes.

That being said, holy books are not filled with “Good Times”, and all the good times are always in the future for the believer. If you believe what is in the holy book you will have a good time, someday, but not yet. If you do not believe a holy book you feel lost or that “God” will abandon you somehow, this is all apart of the illusion and control in these books.

Holy books, whether you believe in one or not, control the minds of men through fear. Your freedom is taken from you, not known to you, once you form a belief without Knowing the Truth. You believe simply because you do not Know. You are teaching and believing what you do not Know to ‘others’ and this is what Jesus is referring to when He is quoted as saying, “the blind continue to lead the blind” and where they go they do not Know!

Jesus tells you the “Kingdom of Heaven is Now.” Yet to see this kingdom Jesus refers to, your thoughts need careful watching; If you let your mind harbor attack thoughts, (unforgiveness), yield to judgement or make plans against uncertainties to come, you have again used the ego and not your holy spirit.

Fear nothing!

You only fear the future because you believe from your holy book that the future for some will be bad. What you do not KNOW and do not understand is the “some” is You! You feel guilty for a judgement you thought you placed on another, when in all Truth you placed it on yourSelf; without Knowledge of the Kingdom you can not Know the Oneness God created You with.

What You do to others is done to YOU!!

When you do not understand the true nature of reality you suffer and then wonder why, you even blame God, after all, He did allow Jesus to be murdered for your safety, right??? The kingdom of Heaven is now not matter what you believe. The judgements you have are based on your belief in your ‘chosen’ holy book.  Born in America you chose the Bible, born in Israel you chose the Torah and if you were born in Iraq you chose the Koran…..or did you? Perhaps it was chosen for you.

I understand the fear of letting go of long-held beliefs. However, if you will seek the holy spirit within you, you will be guided gently past all former beliefs. Remember there are no “Christian’s or Muslim’s” in Heaven. There are no holy books in Heaven and there is no right or wrong in Heaven, and the best part of it ALL is, HEAVEN IS NOW!!

When you realize through Forgiveness that you are only hurting yourself with your beliefs, you will allow them to be taken via surrendering to your Holy Spirit.

“A follower of the teachings of Christ is not a Christian, a Christian is a follower of the teachings of Christ”

If you practice non-judgment, Forgiveness and giving no thought for future events to come, you are a follower of the teachings of Christ. If not, you are a believer in a holy book that will keep you chained to this world never to See the kingdom God created for You!

In closing, release judgment and you release the heavy burden you have placed on your life. Organized religions no matter what book they use, or what sect they call themselves, were established to control the minds of men using an unconsciousness fear, called Guilt! God cannot be loving if He allows His messengers, prophets or “His Son”s to suffer and then die. This is not love but insanity, and control based on fear. Let the Holy Spirit Guide you past your insane beliefs to the Truth and Knowledge that will “set you free.”

God would be cruel indeed if He Hid the secret to Salvation from this world in a book! He knows some can not read, He knows some are blind and He knows some are very young. All understanding, all knowledge, Everything you need to KNOW to See the Kingdom of God is within You Now, just waiting to be discovered by the sane, non fearing part of your mind that Jesus calls, your Holy Spirit!!

“DREAM of Love, Love to DREAM”

“DREAM of a Loving, Forgiving, non-judgmental God, and you will See All Your DREAMS come True!!


Enough for today. . .




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Good 12.21.12 to You! Today we will experiment with your feelings, emotions and your thoughts. This experiment will allow you to experience what Jesus experienced at a much lower level of course, during the judgment, prior to His killing.

Let the experiment begin: “I am advocating a day in which we will burn all of our holy books. If you are a Christian you bring your bible. If you are a Musli…m you bring your Koran, if you are Jewish, bring your Torah, and so on. This will be a time of celebration and we will be celebrating the release of our fears and false beliefs due to these books.”

It will be held at South Mission beach during the month of January in 2013, at a fire pit which is at that location.

“We who will be burning our holy books understand that they are only to control the minds of the readers and thus induce a false control over their thoughts and feelings, until they die. We have accepted the teachings of Christ and understand death is a belief formed out of a lack of Knowledge and Love of God. We Knew that if we kept reading this false information we could never See the Kingdom of God; we Know that you cannot Love that which you are afraid of, and we are no longer afraid of God.”

 Experience your feelings right now after reading that. If you are angry, it is because you are afraid, and if you are fearful it is because you have judged what you have read as wrong. The feelings you are feeling is what Jesus tells you you need to rid yourself of before you can See the “Kingdom of Heaven”, and not after you die, but NOW!

Understand!, thoughts create feelings and feeling create emotions, if we like these emotions we call them good, if we do not like the way these emotions make us feel we call them bad.

We are led around by our emotions and are not even aware of it. In Heaven there is no good or bad because there is No Judgment! If you Forgive what you read you will still love me for what I am teaching you. If you Judge me, then you, like the Sadducees’, miss the point in Forgiveness.

FORGIVENESS gives sight to the blind. And Non-Judgment allows them to throw away everything that caused them fear before!

More to follow. . .