The “forbidden fruit” in the garden is “thought!”

The “forbidden fruit” in the garden is “thought!” The snake represents your ego the devil. God gave you everything in creation even the ability to “think”; Free-will allows you to think without God. Thinking with the Father is Heaven, thinking with the devil is hell.

You only “think and plan” because you are fearful that God, the Father will not supply your needs for today and always. This is a belief you formed because you were taught fear. Fear in not natural it is learned. No fear is good no matter what you’ve been taught.

Some say that there is “good fear” for example of fire, if we did not fear fire we would be burned, this is not so, a little intelligence combined with common sense shows you that All fear is irrational.

Understand that Jesus is a teacher of Enlightenment or what is translated as Salvation from this world. When He talks of hell He is talking about the “Here and Now.” When you do not understand His teachings you can not comprehend that Heaven could be in your midst. It seems insane that there could be a place called Heaven Here Now.

“You will see what you believe and you will see it because you believe it.”

Quiet your mind, search within, ask the Father to reveal Christ to YOU!! ♥

Many of the “stories” that explain Salvation or Enlightenment throughout the ages, have been changed because the men reading them did not understand what they were reading. God did not “kick you out of the garden” you are still in the garden you are just not Aware of this due to your current state of mind.

Religious rulers were called Blind by Jesus because He Knew that did not Know what they were talking about! It’s impossible to understand anything when you have formed “beliefs” so opposed to Love that fear is All you see!

God did not Create You to harm You! You are so worthy and very much Loved Beloved! ♥

The only choice you have is fear vs. Love, All other choices are then given to you. When You decide to choose Love and non-Judgment You will then Soon See Heaven!

Enough for today. . . ♥


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