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renew our minds

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~To renew our minds we Must be willing to allow for a ‘re-thought’ or re-training of the way we looked at life before we began to P R A C T I C E the teachings of the savior of the world Jesus Christ~

Explanation: How you look at ‘others’ is how you will perceive yourself. By FORGIVING others you will experience Forgiveness. “Give as you would like to receive.” When, by P R A C T I C I N G FORGI…VENESS 70X7, you see your brother and sister as one with you, you will understand the Love of God for YOU, and you will see “eternal punishment” by God as INSANE!!

Ask yourself, why are YOU free of eternal punishment and ‘others’ are not?

The Father gave you everything, EVERYTHING! However, to know this you Must be willing to question all your previous, long-held religious beliefs.

Reason, which is of the Holy Spirit will show you truth. The ego does not use reason it only uses beliefs and this creates madness in a mind that was created perfectly in Love.

ALL BELIEFS are Not Real! Reason will show you this when you are ready to surrender your ego to the Spirit of God within. You ‘believed’ wrongly that “God was evil”, and kills His creation, because you do not Know the Father!
That should be reason enough to question “hell-fire” or “eternal punishment” by your Creator. Hell-Fire was used as far back as 3500 BC as a controlling mechanism by the Egyptians to get the slaves to “work” for the Pharaoh.

Fear is the Only brainwashing technique that works on a Son or Daughter of God, not because it’s real, No, because you belive God can be feared, and so He is! Hell-fire is a lie. The book of revelation in James manifesto teaches that hell-fire was a creation of God. This Does Not pass the test of Luke 17: 20-21, “The Kingdom of God is within YOU!!” If the Kingdom of God is within as Jesus Christ teaches, then why would you believe in eternal punishment after death…..fear.

Think about what else James has you “believing” that is not the Truth or “God breathed”???
Ask your self right were you sit………..if God knows the beginning from the end, because He made everything, then He knew He was sending you to hell-fire before you were Created. This is not Love but MADNESS to believe this???

You are afraid of God because you believe horrible, wicked thoughts about your Father. How can you heal if you believe God made hell-fire??? Fear is sickness. A fearful mind makes for a sick and fearful existence.

Seek Christ within until YOU KNOW HE IS RISEN FROM THE CROSS!, don’t believe in an after death eternal punishment or you will NEVER KNOW your Heavenly Father!!! And your life will be lived just to die…..

You did not create yourself, you do not need to care for yourself, but you don’t know this because you are FEARFUL of the One Who created YOU!!

In closing…..To live is to be free of all fear, knowing God is in Control of All future happenings. FORGIVE God your fear of Him and watch the Miracles manifest into your World!

The Mind Sees!

Change (RENEW) your mind and you change what It Sees!

Love YOU

Got Christ?

Know More Jesus Christ, No more of King James beliefs!