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a newborn baby…

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Imagine in your mind’s eye a newborn baby..sleeping…and sleeping…and sleeping.

Time passes….the baby eats….then back to sleep…the baby begins to hear voices that it believes are within…more time passes….the baby hears these now familiar voices more and more often…the baby does not understand the voices, only that they make sounds…the baby hears, “Hi bb its me Mama!” or “Hi bb its me Dada!” so often that it begins to seek for where this voice is coming from…

As the baby seeks, its vision does not focus at first and it “takes time” for the baby to see who and what has been trying to gets its attention….as the baby looks its sees a smiling face that becomes more and more familiar….the baby imitates the smiling face, understands the feeling behind smiling,  and begins to trust its teachers…

The teachers teach the baby that it is safe and begin to teach the baby to talk…then walk….then what the purpose of its life is….and so on…these earthly teachers, doing their very best to love this Gift from God teach it all they know…

The example is similar to finding the kingdom of God within.  At first you sleep and sleep and sleep, never even realizing that you have been asleep. Then, as you seek for the Christ within, you begin to hear His Voice, but it seems so quiet that you go about your day never slowing down to listen….more time passes…

You are now hearing more and more often this Voice that you thought was outside you….more time passes….this Voice is real to you now….your eyes begin to focus and you begin to See that which before was only heard…you realize that the Voice is that of your Holy Spirit….you were a seeker, so you are now becoming a finder….

The Holy Spirit, like your earthly “guide’s”, is here to teach you of your purpose. A purpose so wonderful that Jesus Christ calls it Heaven. The kingdom of Heaven is At-Hand! The Holy Spirit will Guide all  those who are willing to FORGIVE Everyone for Everything, (*70X7). As you Forgive, you are Shown what you eyes could never see while blinded by judgment.

Release all judgment and you will be eternally free. Your brothers political party, race, religion, mistakes, etc… All need your Forgiveness.

What does it matter what his religion is, it has worked as good as yours has for you. Your religious beliefs are no different from his My Brother, they are all Just beliefs~ Jesus Christ does not care what you currently believe or don’t believe; to be His disciple…you Must FORGIVE 70X7.



david winter

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Why I do what I do…

I am fortunate enough to have suffered and not committed suicide. You may say that I have had a near death experience in my own mind. When I came out of the dark and began to hear from the Light it all sounded really insane to me. “You don’t have to work at a job to live here”…”You cannot ever die”…”You are One with everything you See”…”When you attack another YOU are the part of the oneness that suffers”…”Whatever you give away is given back to you 10X over”…And, “Christ is Risen because He never died!”

Sound insane to you? I completely understand.  When you call out to the Risen Christ in sincerity He Will make Himself known to You and this is why I began to follow the very narrow path of FORGIVENESS 70X7, because the teachings of Jesus Christ Do sound insane to the devil. Jesus Christ wants you to understand and know what He knows. It’s His gift to His followers, Not because He needs or wants followers, it is because He is One with YOU. We are insane when you hold beliefs like, “if you don’t belive in God you go to hell after you die” or “Jesus Christ died for your sins!” These beliefs are the root cause of All your suffering and “lostness”! You are insane when you believe such madness, and those beliefs cause you to belive that Eternal Life is insane. Brother, I do what I do for YOU!!!

When you hear the Voice for Christ in the silence of meditation, no drug, no amount of money, no relationship, no family, no addiction can hold you. You were taught you must hate your mother or brother to be His disciple. Hate, properly translated would men, “detach”. Detach from your fears My Brothers and Sisters and you Will !!SEE!! that All your fears are ALWAYS unfounded!! I am talking to YOU and YOU alone. Not “someone” elses fears, Yours!

In closing, David Winter is not a doctor, he’s not a road scholar, and he’s not even a real patient learner, but what He is Is Loved by His Heavenly Father as You are. And the reason I know this is because I AM a Practicing follower of FORGIVENESS as taught by The Lord Jesus Christ Himself!!!

You who have the eyes to see, LOOK!!! You who have the ears to Hear, LISTEN!!!


the “Time and Space” continuum

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You do not need to jump whenever the trainers tap your cage…You are not at the mercy of events outside your current awareness…You have the ability to awaken any time to the Salvation that the At-One-ment offers. This awakening is preceded by your allowing the world to BE as It will BE with out your mental interference that causes you to do something. When you do out of fear it is because you have identified yourself with an illusion of your Self.

You are not in a birth-death continuum unless you choose to be. You can choose to allow for Salvation which will show you All your current fears are untrue and ultimately insane. Insanity comes from not understanding your true nature of reality but believing that you do. Your beliefs block the Knowledge that FORGIVENESS wills to show you, and FORGIVENESS Wills to show you Jesus Christ is Risen within your current conscious state unaware to you. The reason you are unaware of the saviours Relationship to you is because you never looked for Him Here Now. You always looked in the past or future for evidence that Jesus Christ existed and not looking for His manifestation Now! The reason is your current false beliefs…

A false belief hurts you only because it delays your awakening to the kingdom of God that is within YOU. Brother, if I may 🙂  Would Jesus Christ tell you to look where you could Never find? Thats exactly what you do every time you look to this world for happiness, insisting that it must be here, and not looking where the Nazarene Mater told His followers YOU, to LOOK!

You will not find happiness in a paradoxical dream and you are dreaming a dream of opposites.  Everything you See is apart of you unknown to you because of your fear of God. STOP seeking withour and begin to Look Within!!

You will be Guided out of your current hell if you will realize God Is Only Love. Anything that causes you to fear God was “MADE-UP” by the sons of man.

The tool that opens the locked mind….

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~Meditation is the tool that “fixes a broken mind”~

*”Fixes” means unites you with yOur Father
*”Broken mind” means a mind that “believes” fear is real

Meditation quiets the mind allowing all your false beliefs to be shown to you as false by your holy spirit.
You who have read many of the discourses that have been posted here are at least aware that what you have read is not “common knowledge” a…nd at times seems like madness or foolishness to the believers. I Assure you that if you will !*!PRACTICE!*! Forgiveness 70X7, which Is the religion of JESUS CHRIST, you will See that 41,000 different religious beliefs from one book is complete insanity!

The book I am referring to is king James religious manifest that he self titled the holy bible. There is NO Truth in belief, Truth transcends belief by Knowledge. You as a KJ Christian are a believer and not a knower. Please do not judge the messenger, that’s what the believers of Jesus day did, they judged Him without PRACTICING FORGIVNESS 70X7, thus missing Salvation all-together, and continuing in their false beliefs.

Rulers rule the sons of men “minds” by fear. The Holy Spirit Guides the Sons of God “Minds” by Love!
We have been greatly deceived by the devil my Brother.
Of course you do not believe this because this is beyond belief. The brainwashed do not realize they have been brainwashed by the fear of God until their minds are renewed by the Love of God and NO LONGER FEAR ANYTHING !!!!

You are very safe and Beloved of God. What you see in war, sin, disease, death…are All Not real, you see what you belive and you believe a miss because of your belief that fear is a reality. FEAR IS NOT REAL! God did not create fear so it does not exist except in the minds of men. YOUR MIND is missing love and does not know this. You do not love your husband, wife, children, family, you fear them !!!!!

Love NEVER gets angry, NEVER! Anger is fear, and fear is insane….

Eliminate fear and you will Know the Love of yOur Heavenly Father, until then you remain a believer knowing no truth and believing insane concepts about yOur Creative Source.

Fearlessness is sacred, fear results in insanity…

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If you knew the power that you wield as the Son or Daughter of God, you would give up the mind of man and its judgments and return Home to See the kingdom of Heaven that is all around YOU NOW!

Judgment is fear which blinds the sons of man eyes to the kingdom of God. A fearless mind is a peace-full mind. Nothing worries the fearless Child of God because they know their Father, not just “believe in a God”. Your power does not come from you, it comes from your Father. You fear your Father so you are not aware that His power is within YOU as Christ. Christ is Risen. The “Second Coming” happened the instant you believed it was possible to crucify The SON OF GOD!!!

What you are reading is not a world religion, it is the power unto salvation, but your judgment od anyone who tries to teach you the truth frightens you so much you wanna’ kill um…relax MY Beloved Brother, the fear you feel, and the fear the ‘believers’ of “Jesus’s day” felt was due to their false fear based beliefs about Our Father! God is not an insane demon who floods His creation to death??? If you choose to blindly believe that any longer without spiritual proof, you have not tested the spirit of truth and you remain insane. Your insanity will correct itself when you choose no longer to “BELIEVE” insane stories and myths about yOur Creator. Insanity is not to be feared My Brother, only corrected…

God did not send Jesus to “die in your place” , that belief induces guilt on an already fearful believing mind, thus intensifying the insanity brought about by your fear of God.

?Question? everything a ?world ruler? tells you is ??”ordained by God himself”?? Even a book that has you so afraid of your Creator that you will not look to find the TRUTH!! “believing” you all ready got it??? Because the king of England said so!

Allow FORGIVENESS not judgment to be your guide, and the scales of fear will fall from your worn and tired eyes…

You are So Very Much LOVED!!!

YOU ARE invulnerable…not the self you “believe” yourself to be, but YOU!

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~You are not at the mercy of events in your life, you only believe that you are~

Here: Imagine, you were born an eagle, but when you were still in the egg, the egg fell out of the nest onto the soft dry needles below the tree and the egg landed safely. The egg was picked up by a chicken farmer and he brought the egg home and placed it under a hen. When the egg hatched, you were trained to be a chicken, without the knowledge that you Are an Eagle!

Brother its the truth, your false beliefs about your “origin” have you “BELIEVING” you are a chicken when you are Really an Eagle!

SOAR!! BEgin to Soar! Christ Is Risen within your consciousness. He will Guide You onto the desires of your heart, Because It Is the Father that Gave the desires to YOU!!!

Your mind, not the ego, is the most creative force in the Universe, and this is why Jesus Christ tells you, His Disciple; “Seek you first the kingdom of God and I will add All things unto YOU”

but you don’t look

My New Upcoming Book

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The fear of God is not real!

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The reverence of salvation is not in the fear of God, But in knowing your Heavenly Father is Only Loving! As that sinks in you will realize fear produces hell, and Love exposes this world as Heavenly.

How asks the devil? “FORGIVENESS” answers the Holy Spirit!

Understand My Brother the inner work that has been completed for you to Forgive your enemies. The work is done, it needs your willingness to FORGIVE 70X7 to show you the power in your FORGIVENESS. When you are Saved you no longer “Forgive” and the reason is you “See” and “Hear” for yourself that your world has been transformed, not with drugs, money or fame, but through an inner conscious transformation.

The kingdom of God is within YOU, and it is in the same place as it was when Jesus taught the believers of His day to put down their “holy books” and seek for the Father within themselves. My Brothers, there will always be believers, but very, very few choose to walk the narrow path of complete FORGIVENESS!

The devil tells you; “Why look for the kingdom of Heaven now, when you can do nothing, and all you have to do is “believe” it is an after death location for the good children of man”, thus continuing your judgment of “others”.

Brother, there are no others as you understand others. I trust YOU! Life is a projection of thoughts seen, not an injection of images from the ‘outside’. This is beyond belief, but not beyond your understanding to achieve this knowledge. You Must PRACTICE FORGIVENESS 70X7. 70X7 allows your ego to be reprogrammed  or the spirit to be “renewed”. What you are reading is the method to obtain Salvation from this world. This world has been a very scary dream for you and your Father is well aware of this. He wants us to know that only Love is real and attack of any sort only injuries ‘you’. You are a part of everything you see.

I am glad you are sitting down…

*Now become more and more aware of your inner world. Begin to let your outer world go on like it is going to. Begin to “worry” less by turning over all “problems” and life events to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit My Brother and Sister has been your Guard this entire ride. When you dove off into hell your Father did not let you go it alone, No! And when you experience your Father, which you will, even in glimpses at first, you will See the love Our Father has for “His Child” and you will know that an after death hell-fire is lunacy ???

Brother, if Jesus was insane why would you believe Him when He tells you the kingdom of God is AT HAND and you Can Not Die…

You are sleeping….you can not awaken yourself, but you can allow yourself to be awakened. This takes a fear free mind. A fear free mind is obtained through the power FORGIVENESS provides. FORGIVENESS will show YOU the judgmental thoughts about ‘the others” in your world are meaningless.

yOur judgments do nothing to God’s Heaven, but they do keep you from experiencing IT!!

UN-forgiveness O’ my…

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UN-forgiveness is a secret vow of judgment you make to keep away the Vision of Christ from dawning upon your fearful eyes…
Christians Awake, and BE-come “CHRISTLIKE”!
Release the world from your judgments based on your blind belief in the 17th century king of England’s religious manifesto he titled the “holy bible”???……
Let your world be gently lit by Miracles of Love, and God IS Love!!
Please FORGIVE me… this fool you see as “David Winter” stumbled onto the Salvation of Jesus Christ because he did not want to suffer here anylonger…he saw what Jesus Christ taught because he went beyond belief and !*!PRACTICED!*! FORGIVENESS 70X7 and continues to do so to this day… The “God” of the 17th century king of England’s religious manifesto is NOTHING Like unto YOUR FATHER Beloved!! Your Father would never kill His Son and is No Monster like the God portrayed in the kings book of spiritual slavery that has been propagandized as “God breathed”???
FORGIVENESS will show you the kings slavery by releasing the Vision of Salvation through the Christ within YOU
Jesus GIVES FREELY any child of man the gift of Vision who is willing to FORGIVE His Brothers and Sisters their mistakes.
In closing, Jesus might say it this way: “Forgive the great Creator of the universe, the Source of life, of Love and Holiness, the Perfect Father of the Perfect Child (*YOU!) for your illusion of sin and death, and begin to follow the narrow path back Home”; laid out by Our Saviour Jesus Christ!
enough for today uh?

Imagination is a gift…

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Using imagination is the way you will heal. If you are sick begin to imagine yourself healed and see your fears gone.

Beloved, when you no longer fear God you no longer fear anything, and you will no longer fear God when you FORGIVE “Him” for what He never did. God Is Love! God is all giving all the “time” you are here. If you are not Seeing an all giving all loving God, FORGIVE More!

The Vision of Heaven is returned to a non-judgmental mind, remember, when you judge that which does not satisfy, it does not satisfy Because you judge it. When you judge another, you, unknown to you, are judging the perfection your Heavenly Father Wills to show you, therefore your eyes are blinded by Judgment.

A mind blinded by judgment never sees anything with total clarity. You judge because you are afraid of what you see, you do not See what God Wills for you to See as a result of your fearful judgment of His Perfection!!

FORGIVENESS will Show you the Onesness of Creation. The “Ones Who changed their world” knew the secret of Salvation was FORGIVENESS!

Gandhi, Mandela, King, All !*!PRACTICED!*! FORGIVENESS 70X7, their minds had transcended the “need” to Judge another, and they Saw the Promised Land that Jesus Christ tells you is right in front of your eyes. Look and SEE, LISTEN and Hear! This FORGIVING Vision shows you God is not insane! The Vision of Christ, received through the Atonement, is your Salvation, and it is obtained by the power of FORGIVENESS from within the kingdom of God Himself!

Your Brothers and Sisters have been Given to YOU for safe keeping… yes….this is the Truth that will one day set you free. Judge them No longer Beloved, and awaken from the insanity judgment has placed before the eyes of the Children of God.  

When you understand the true nature of reality or when you know the “Truth that sets you free”, you will understand blind belief as the power of Satan being the opposite to the power of your Heavenly Father.

My Brother, let your beliefs be misguided no longer. Seek for your Heavenly Father within and Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit will teach YOU the Truth about your Loving Father and the world He Created ‘as‘ YOU!!