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He Has Risen…

Posted in Uncategorized on October 10, 2016 by david1963
Jesus said to them:
“Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy but to fulfill.” (Matt. v. 17.)
In these few words of Christ, He spoke volumes. He Had fulfilled their Law. He was the “Messiah” the law had spoken of.

“Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believeth.” (Rom. x. 4.)

 In Romans, St.Paul  teaches us, that we are no longer under any obligation to the law if we will believe Jesus Christ’s words and put them into practical application in our life; in our mind!
We will for this writing understand the “law” to be the books of Moses, or the Torah, or king James’, “old Testament.” The law referring to what you had to do to stay in good favor with the “God of the law.” When “the law” is mentioned in the Bible, it harks back to the days of the Old Testament. There are hundreds of commands given to the Israelites, but the phrase “the law” refers specifically to the compilation of decrees found in the first five books of the Bible. This whole body of law was given the name Torah.

Our Father is Not the God of the law, man is. The law was written by men for men. The law in its ‘inception’ was to help point the way to “paradise”, and of the coming Messiah, Not after they (the Israelites) died, but now.

The Son of God is the exalted son of man. “Man” is a temporary state of understanding consciousness. Meaning, that when Jesus taught them that they would “do greater” than He, He was implying that if they would practice unconditional forgiveness, (70X7) and Love Thy enemies, He, through His Holy Spirit, would exalt them to the knowledge of their Son of God status and they would receive their Inheritance. The knowledge of Eternal Life!

King James’ did humanity a great disservice when he combined the teachings of Jesus Christ with “the law,” or “the old testament.” The teachings of Jesus Christ when practiced stand on their own merits. His teachings “renew your mind”. There is no need for an “old testament” when you realize Christ Has risen, and that He awaits your recognition of Him within the kingdom of God that Is within each and every one of us. Of course this is as “FOOLISH” now as it was over 2000 years ago.

St. Paul is telling the Jews, “The law has been fulfilled!” We have been saved by Christ Jesus Now, not after we “die”. Simple observation shows us that “the body” is not permanent; the body was not here 100 years ago, and it won’t be here 100 years hence. When we grasp the understanding that Jesus teaches us of an inner kingdom and is in no way concerned with the laws of man, we begin to understand the confusion raised by “king James version”.  Mans laws are for this world, “be in it, but Not of it”, or in other words, “I have OVERCOME the world, you need not have challenges or problems, be Happy.”
However, to experience this freedom or “peace that surpasses all intellectual understanding” we MUST LOVE THY ENEMIES. The reason is simply, we have none. These eyes were never meant to see. We judge a perfect creation, or the creation of God for us, as messed up or dysfunctional, and wonder why we are not happy. We are not happy because king James’ “holy-bible” never taught us that the Messiah came 2000 years ago and HE NEVER LEFT!!

If you will take the time to “Google” the king James bible and (“seek until you find”), you will come to see that since its beginning in 1611 to date we have OVER 41,000 different religions based on “his version”. Every one of which “blindly believe” that they have “the truth“.
Who in fact has the truth? A Catholic, A Baptist, A Methodist, A Mormon, A 7th Day Adventist, A JW, etc, etc, etc,…well you get the picture. If this was a “math book” it does not add up and we would have tossed it out a long time ago. The blind continue to lead the blind. This is frightening to sons of men who have been generationally programmed to blindly believe every “jot and tittle” king James put in “his version”. We would but laugh if President Obama, President Bush, President H. Clinton, or President D. Trump came up with “their version” and TOLD us we must believe it or?. I say this only for the recognition of the complete insanity to blindly believe ANYTHING the leaders of this world put forth for the masses to “believe”.
The Kingdom of God Is within YOU!~

It would make us tremble and cause us great distress if we all of a sudden realized the Truth of Christ!! Our long held generational religious beliefs of (400 years) need to be put into question individually by each and every disciple of Jesus Christ. No longer should a 1600 king of England’s version of a religious manifesto entitled a “holy-bible” be the standard.

In closing, we have wandered far from home Pastor T. However, we have a Risen Savior for all those that “believeth” in Him, not in the kings holy book, but who believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

 “Faith is to believe what you do not yet see; the reward for this faith is to see what you believe.”
St. Augustine