? who am I

    I have  followed the teachings of Jesus to overcome adversities relating to fear.

     I help people come from a “fear” state of mind to a “Love” state of mind. Fear is the opposite of Love. Fear causes the body to be in “dis-ease” and not “at-ease.” When you eliminate fear your body begins to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you have fears any fears they are lies, ALL LIES! 

     I am available to meet with groups in an attempt to help people understand that this life was made to be lived absent of all fear, it is PARADISE!! We can only experience this “Paradise” when we eliminate fear and we eliminate fear by quieting the ego or “Devil” as Jesus called theses “thoughts”. These are thoughts of separation from God. We can not be separate from our creative Source, its impossible.

 “Certum est quia impossible est”. Roughly translated “It’s certain because it’s impossible”. Which is to say you can’t be separate from God and of that you can be certain. You can think you are, pretend you are, act like you are but in truth it’s impossible. The Bible, Koran, Torah, Bagvagita and other “Holy Books” instruct you to “KNOW thyself”, “test the spirit within you”or BE CERTAIN.

Fear is the #1 reason why we do not pursue our dreams. All dreams are possible for those who believe and are fearless.

     I have sought God for many years and in 2007 it was impressed upon me after prayer and earnest “seeking” that God wanted me to understand  that  “He” is REAL!  or  To put it another way “faith without practical application is useless.”

God had put me in a position to eliminate fear and seek him like never before. (I Asked and received as I had Asked). One of the first things that I understood was that “we have tried to seek God in the flesh” and “God is spirit” and “He” can not be found in the flesh as we understand it. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must look for Him and seek Him in spirit and truth.”

We need to seek God in spirit and this spirit is found in ‘the silence’ that we get from eliminating all the “mind chatter” and “fear” that life has put before us.

     I hope this helps. PLEASE ask questions, I want to help everyone find the peace and freedom that I am coming into possession of.

It is a path, a journey, and arrival is sealed, continue to seek. I will leave you with these thoughts.

When you begin to perceive that the essence of God is within you -is you- you begin to do things; you begin to feel the power that God is you and this power is the fuel which fires the imagination; which lights the torch of inspiration; which gives vitality to thought; which enables you to connect with all the invisible forces that God has created. It is this power which will enable you to learn fearlessly and apply what you have learned masterfully as Jesus did during his lifetime.”

When we fail to recognize this world “within” and exclude it from our consciousness we have done ourselves a dis-service.

     I now see that the message of Christ was, “Follow me to where I have been,  to what I have Seen,  Hear what I have Heard and Feel what I have Felt and you too will no longer live an unfulfilled life, but a life that is beyond the words of mortal man.”

I can be contacted at eliminatefear@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you or your organization. I am also available for Life Coaching, Team Motivation and I am a Public Speaker on many different topics. I thank you everyone for all your inquiries.


David Winter

4 Responses to “? who am I”

  1. Hey David:

    You have some awesome view about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Question: How does one hear the voice of Christ ?

  2. david1963 Says:

    Thank you for posting your comment. The way I can explain this, is when Jesus prayed that, “we will be One with the Father as he is One with the Father.” When we “hear” the voice of the Father in silence we are hearing the Savior as well because they are One. We become one with the Father and Son by surrendering our Ego or the “devil” in us by listening without all the “mind chatter.” At first this sounds like non-sense, I know. But believe me and believe Jesus more when he tells us if we seek we will find. We seek, through a mind quieting or meditation, the “Father” who is in “heaven” (heaven is within us all). Salvation does not happen instantly. As Jesus tells us in the parables. The Kingdom is like a farmer who plants a tree and before he knows the tree is large and birds are nesting in it. Or like a treasure that you stumble across in a field. Or like the bread leaven (Mt. 13:33). The voice of Christ is heard when all the “other” voices are quieted. Never give up “He who seeks finds.” I started by quieting my mind (seeking the Father) for 10 minutes in the AM as soon as I woke up and 10 in the PM just before sleeping. You may fall asleep as I did at first but later you will not. You get to a point that You KNOW THE FATHER IS REAL AND HE IS SPEAKING TO YOU. Your inspiration comes from THE FATHER!! WOW! His will is your perfect will!
    Knowing that the Father and Son are One you know who you hear is Jesus!!!
    Believe my brother,
    We will have “all things added” only after we “first” seek the kingdom. The more we seek the “Father within” the more he makes himself known to his creation.
    As you know he created us from love, to love and to be loved.

    In his Love,

  3. Nice blog David. Hope all is well?

    Brother Mark

  4. Hope things are going well for you brother. I miss hearing from you! Let me know how things are going. Peace to you. Love you brother, Shawn

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