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Intention 2-1-2010

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What is Intention?

Intention is inspiration in manifestation.

Whatever you intend is a thought first; And after a thought is accepted in reality it becomes material or you can “see-it”.

For an example: If you are inspired to take a vacation; Inspiration is Not a thought of the mind about a vacation, inspiration for this vacation is an “impression” upon your consciousness by our “Divine Source.” In religion this Divine Source is sometimes called God, Allah, Mother Earth and even Jesus. What religion is attempting to describe by these labels is the “Source” of all creation. This source of all creation has your highest good as its goal Always! Because we can “think” or in religion, because we have “free-will” we slow down the intention or manifestation process by trying to “figure-out” how we will take the vacation, thus adding fear, through “thought”, and slowing down the manifestation of our vacation. If and when we realize that “INSPIRATION” shows us the “Will” of our “Divine-Source”, we need only accept, and it will be shown in our reality!

So easy, Uh? Easy, yes; Simple, no. The reason it is not simple is due to our “pre-formed-beliefs” about life and how creation is manifested. True experience or testing the spirit is how we come to understand the process of creating the life we want to “experience” in our lives! We first have to suspend All preconceived “beliefs about life, heaven, hell, judgement, evil, love, fear Etc… All these “beliefs” were formed without true experiences. Thus, we formed our beliefs by what we were “told” or what we read in “Holy Books” such as the Torah, Bible or the Koran just to name three of the most popular books used for the different beliefs and “Religions.” We were told these contain the only true “Word’s of God” and so we believed it. However, because “we-believe” some-thing does Not make it a reality to everyone else only to us. This is the Ego or Devil part of us that tells us “I AM RIGHT and You are wrong and going to ??? hell maybe? It all has to do with control of the mind. This has gone on for centuries and will continue until we understand the our “Divine-Source” is LOVE!

I will now explain:

Do you believe in gravity? Yes, why? Not because you read it in a book or were told this by someone, but because you experienced this power we call gravity.


Do you believe you love your children? No, why? Because you experience this power we call “Love” through “experience.” It is the same with “Our Father who is in Heaven.” We no longer have to form a “belief” about “The Father” we experience “The Father”,

So we know “The Father” is All loving.

I hope this helps explain personal manifestation and personal Co-creation. Please if You have any question or would like me to further explain to help you live the life You want to live just leave a note here or email me and I will reply A.S.A.P.

Love to Every-ONE!


UNtruths Hold Salvation Hostage!!!

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Lies or false truths are the glue that hold fear together and in the kingdom you only see others like yourself. I will try and explain to you the reasons why lies and fear are so destructive to our spiritual growth and the consequences of these demons.

By only seeing people of the kingdom means that your love of God has grown to a point that you see God in everyone. And if you see God in everyone then everyone is God to you. You treat them (other people) as yourself. You feel almost one with them as Jesus prayed we would; and he did get to that point during his lifetime. He says we can do greater than he if we seek the “Father” in spirit and truth, he wants to give us the kingdom.

One way to seek the spirit is to close your mind off to all the world. This is done through prayer and meditation. I call this “praying without asking” a type of “silent prayer” designed to seek the “Father” a type of “silent mind space” where you are one with everything!

The carpenter from Galilee was a man who acquired “God or Christ” status not visa versa. He is telling us how we ALL can do the same as he did.

NOTE: Please leave comments and questions if you have them about becoming Christlike during this lifetime. If this can be realized by men of today imagine the lives that could be changed if every Christian alone just did what Jesus tells them to do.

HELLFIRE starts to loose its sting and take on a whole new meaning when you come to know the true Christ. This is a man who endured the cross for you and I not so we would not see hellfire after death, but so that we could see God, during this life! NOW!

Death is in a different paradigm. Jesus told us so with statements like these, “a place we could not follow him too.” OR “Where I go you can not follow” he told his apostles. Because they, his apostles, as well as us, would still be here in this paradigm, “earth” among the living. We would be in the “Kingdom of God” and he would be elsewhere. Jesus uses words like “hellfire” to wake you up to your thoughts, to rid the “mind/garden” of the “devil and his angels” and those being thoughts of fear that keep you from experiencing “Heaven on earth.” He tells us send those thoughts to hell so they do not return to keep you in bondage. He is not talking about a physical location after death. Jesus never taught that he was going to die come back and rule/reign the world. Some man in his ego wrote this and it was attributed to the carpenter of Galilee. Its just not true, a lie. The “second coming” that Christians “believe” is really when you understand what Jesus did andwhat it means to us All. No man before or after in recorded history has obtained salvation to the degree that Jesus obtained it. The salvation that Jesus is offering is the ability to change “water into wine”, true followers of Jesus have the opportunityof a lifetime. Jesus is telling us TO seek. Seek he says do not admire me I am telling you how to get and have what I have got and obtained, do not marvel at the miracles. The kingdom he is describing is here and Now! When we obtain the ability to change water to wine our reality “shifts” and it no longer has devils, an ego or any fears. You have become one with your maker as intended from the beginning of “time.”

 In closing I want to point out that if you still think that ole’ Aunt Betty is roasting in hellfire somewhere because she became a Buddhist at 70 after a mushroom trip, I suggest that you question Who, What, Where, When and How you came to believe this LIE!

In his love,


JOB 3:25

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     I am going to write about fear and what we fear comes upon us just as it did to Job when he said; For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.” (KJV)

I am using the KJV translation for sake of argument. I do not accept everything that is written in this version nor do I believe that the KJV is the “word of God” as many have been told to believe.

     That being said, what Job is saying is to watch how you “think” about a situation or an event prior to anything happening. Live in this moment and not some future moment because you have no idea how it will turn out.

“It will turn out how you think it will just not the way you thought it would.”

Confused? I will explain. Job was so worried about what would happen to him that it did. Job was a creator as we all are. When we think something unfavorable is going to happen it does. The “Father” has this in place to show us that the worst never happens and if we believe that good will happen; Great will take it place. The “Father’s” grace is almost unexplainable in that nothing “bad” ever happens.

I will give an example in my own life: Before I understood Jesus and the “Father’s” grace. I would worry so much that I became sick with mental anxiety that resulted in colon cancer, twice! I brought this upon myself from the thoughts that I was holding. Some were conscious and some unconscious. We learn this when we look back for the sake of remembering who we are and as Jesus told us, “you are gods.” As gods we create with our thoughts the things we want or do Not want. I was tired of my job and wanted out and in my own ego mind I could not figure out how this was at all possible. I was fearful. My thoughts created the physical condition (cancer) and I was able to leave work if even for a short time. I understand many will need to read this twice or ask questions which I will be more than honored to answer. I am doing the work of my “Father” in writing this piece. It is my attempt here to convey the importance of thought and the power behind it. “As a man thinks so shall he be.” (Proverbs 23:7, KJV)

All sickness and dis-ease (a body not at-ease) is the direct result of improper thinking. When the thoughts are at ease the body will not be in dis-ease. I was in pain for many years resulting from the surgeries that I had agreed too. We can not correct a situation “with-out”, or in the world, with out first correcting everything “within.” We can not have “all things added”, until we seek “the kingdom within, first.” 

This is a different consciousness than is in the world. It is looked at as foolishness to those that are not seeking the truth that will set them free!

We are advised to be in the world but not of it. Life is hell when you do not understand thought and how it is used. Jesus was not teaching us how to get to a heaven “out there” somewhere or after we “die”, and only if we have joined the right organization and spoke the correct words and done the proper work. NO,NO,NO he is telling us have it now. “The Kingdom is now.” “The Kingdom is at hand.” Mark 1:15 (KJV)

When you give this “Kingdom now” thought; It is so profound that you begin to question what you believe, and how you came to believe what you “believe.” You see that the Saviour was not talking of some future time or future event but NOW!

Get in Jesus consciousness now through proper thinking. The ego is the “devil” and will tell you there is nothing different than what you have been “told” BUT THERE IS, I AM NOT A LIER AND NEITHER WAS THE CARPENTER FROM GALILEE. They killed him, why? You must understand this first and foremost. Why did they kill him? Why did they make him an example? If the government today televised the execution of a spiritual teacher who had done no wrong, 99.9 % of the people would not follow, being fearful of the same fate. We have been told lies after lies about EVERYTHING all in the name of control. The gospel as it is preached in churches across America today has no power…… And that brothers and sisters is all by design.

Go “WITHIN” Now!

When you go in you will see the miracles lived out in your life.

In loving truth,


The truth will set you free and fear tactics have been used throughout time to control people.