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Happy New Year 2010 ! “Belief vs Experience”

Posted in Uncategorized on December 22, 2009 by david1963

     Hello everyone it’s 12/22/09 and I have been in the mountains in a tent since October. I will be back in San Diego at the end of January teaching (reminding) people who FEAR anything; That it IS A LIE!

     God/Source/The Almighty or Higher consciousness wants “His” creation to live in love without the shadow of fear. When we realize who we are and what we are it’s only then we can understand where we are and that brings to us all, the Salvation that Jesus tells us about or Enlightenment that Buddha teaches or The New Life that the Prophet Mohammad experienced.

     This is a short post reminding each and everyone to
SEEK the Kingdom “Within” and see that we live in Heaven, its our false perspectives that keep us in a unfulfilled life. Belief is used to explain something that we have Not experienced; For example do you believe in gravity? No, because you have experienced it. Do you believe that you love your children, spouse or other loved ones? Again the answer is No, Why? Because you have experienced this love. The same question is about God.

      Do you believe in God or have you experienced God the Father who is in Heaven? Belief is used out of fear same as, do you believe in hell? Where did you learn of this eternal oven? Sunday School. Did you read it in one of the 66 books that a King assembled in the 1600’s? Did some one tell you hell was real and because you can not experience it you have to (OUT OF FEAR) believe in it. When you contact the “Father who is in Heaven” you will understand that ALL “belief” is created by the Ego or as Jesus call “Him” the Devil. If you know something as TRUTH you no longer have to believe in “IT.”