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You are afraid of Death.

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When you are Not afraid of death is when you begin to live.

Try and release all the “thoughts” you have about your food, shelter and clothing, and that fear you feel is the fear of death. You may be saying, I am not afraid to die it would be better than the life I am living now. However, in reality Fear is why you work and do not Become who you really came here to Become. If you had no job, no food, no shelter would you still Not be afraid to die?


Because of fear you can not SEE that Your food, shelter and clothing, along with your breath are all provided by “Your Father who is in Heaven” or if Jesus’ was to tells us today he may say; “Everything for this journey is provided for by your higher consciousness which is in and around you, looking after your every need.”

Fear blocks this “Spiritual Site” and therefore must be overcome before you can SEE with the eyes Jesus is telling us about.

When Jesus tells us, ” Those who have eyes to SEE and who have ears to HEAR.” He is telling us about “Spiritual Eyes” and they can Only be obtained from the “inside-out” NOT the “outside-in.” These eyes SEE the Oneness of everything they gaze upon as it was created by “God” and without these eyes you see separation, doubt and fear.

The ego only sees fear. Jesus called the ego the devil. Jesus reminds us of the ego/devil with statements like, “Keep your house in order” or “If you knew when a thief was coming you would be ready” or “Bind the strongman.”

Jesus is telling us to give NO THOUGHT TO FEAR! or “Seek  God and the Devil will flee.”

You seek by “turning off thoughts” of fear, knowing they are not true. Examine any thought that makes you feel fearful. Now what made you afraid? You will see the further “within” you go you will see that it is the fear of death and you can SEE it’s NOT REAL. Death is not real, Jesus told us this and we need to understand this to overcome All fears and live in the “Will of God.”

“Organized religion” has Our-Spirits fearing “God” and if you fear “God” you can not Love what you Fear! It is impossible, Why? Love and Fear are opposites same Life and Death are opposites. The only way to understand Jesus when he says, “You will not partake of death” is to follow his teachings, not the “Church” teachings you belong too about his teachings, BUT JESUS’ TEACHINGS!

Jesus will guide you every step of the way if you allow him to do so. This is foolishness to the world, I know. The only way to explain this is:

CHRIST lives in you. Think of a boat, now as the boat leaves the shore you see the faces on the people in the boat and the are frightened. Frightened of what? They got on with their free will. They are just unaware that the CHRIST consciousness guided them onto this boat. The boats represents life, the shore represents death. The shore is all you have every known and as you follow a teacher like Jesus he causes you to step out of a comfort zone and when you do you will become more comfortable with who you Really are and Not who you were told you were.  Jesus helps you become comfortable on the open seas of life, he teaches you that All your fears about food, shelter and clothing where all a pack of lies to control you.

Do not believe everything you believe or do not believe everything you tell yourself.

Everything you need for this life has been bought and paid for by the “Creator” prior to your arrival to this Life of LOVE!

Love is the answer to all;  Fear brings suffering into this Life of Love.

Would you rather be happy or right? Judge NO-ONE because that judgement comes back to you because it is YOU!

Love is God, God is Love. Love is God’s function and nothing functions without the Love of God and You are that Love!




more to follow…..


UNtruths Hold Salvation Hostage!!!

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Lies or false truths are the glue that hold fear together and in the kingdom you only see others like yourself. I will try and explain to you the reasons why lies and fear are so destructive to our spiritual growth and the consequences of these demons.

By only seeing people of the kingdom means that your love of God has grown to a point that you see God in everyone. And if you see God in everyone then everyone is God to you. You treat them (other people) as yourself. You feel almost one with them as Jesus prayed we would; and he did get to that point during his lifetime. He says we can do greater than he if we seek the “Father” in spirit and truth, he wants to give us the kingdom.

One way to seek the spirit is to close your mind off to all the world. This is done through prayer and meditation. I call this “praying without asking” a type of “silent prayer” designed to seek the “Father” a type of “silent mind space” where you are one with everything!

The carpenter from Galilee was a man who acquired “God or Christ” status not visa versa. He is telling us how we ALL can do the same as he did.

NOTE: Please leave comments and questions if you have them about becoming Christlike during this lifetime. If this can be realized by men of today imagine the lives that could be changed if every Christian alone just did what Jesus tells them to do.

HELLFIRE starts to loose its sting and take on a whole new meaning when you come to know the true Christ. This is a man who endured the cross for you and I not so we would not see hellfire after death, but so that we could see God, during this life! NOW!

Death is in a different paradigm. Jesus told us so with statements like these, “a place we could not follow him too.” OR “Where I go you can not follow” he told his apostles. Because they, his apostles, as well as us, would still be here in this paradigm, “earth” among the living. We would be in the “Kingdom of God” and he would be elsewhere. Jesus uses words like “hellfire” to wake you up to your thoughts, to rid the “mind/garden” of the “devil and his angels” and those being thoughts of fear that keep you from experiencing “Heaven on earth.” He tells us send those thoughts to hell so they do not return to keep you in bondage. He is not talking about a physical location after death. Jesus never taught that he was going to die come back and rule/reign the world. Some man in his ego wrote this and it was attributed to the carpenter of Galilee. Its just not true, a lie. The “second coming” that Christians “believe” is really when you understand what Jesus did andwhat it means to us All. No man before or after in recorded history has obtained salvation to the degree that Jesus obtained it. The salvation that Jesus is offering is the ability to change “water into wine”, true followers of Jesus have the opportunityof a lifetime. Jesus is telling us TO seek. Seek he says do not admire me I am telling you how to get and have what I have got and obtained, do not marvel at the miracles. The kingdom he is describing is here and Now! When we obtain the ability to change water to wine our reality “shifts” and it no longer has devils, an ego or any fears. You have become one with your maker as intended from the beginning of “time.”

 In closing I want to point out that if you still think that ole’ Aunt Betty is roasting in hellfire somewhere because she became a Buddhist at 70 after a mushroom trip, I suggest that you question Who, What, Where, When and How you came to believe this LIE!

In his love,


Life and death are on an Island together

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Life said, “What will we do? Are you not afraid?”
Death replied, “Afraid! Afraid of what? Fear is only a thought of the living, an illusion created by the ego to fear me.
We have been on this Island together for an eternity and I have never done you any harm. I only wait until you
are ready to see through fear and I will disappear and when I do you will live like never before.
You will fear nothing not even me, your friend, death.
I am always with you, God created me to escort you through the illusion of life at its end.”
Life then looked death in the eye and said; “Why have I feared you all this time?”
Death said, “Perhaps it’s because you have never faced me before this day, had you not waited until now,
and inquired of me and my purpose sooner, you would have known that I am your escort to the grand banquet
that God has prepared for you after you have done your living.” Life then asked death, ” why do humans want to die
sometimes?” Death replied, “They have forgotten that they are spirits and can never die. They think that I can save them from their fears,
 when there is and has never been anything to fear. I can not save anyone, I am death.
Also, humans were created “to be” not “to do.”
When they do and do and do they have no time to just be,
 and by doing they can not be what they were created to be and that is a human “being.” So they
want to rest and they think that I will bring them rest when the opposite is true.
 If a human will be a human being and not a human doing,
rest and freedom come naturally from God.” Life said to death,” why do you know so much and I so little?”
Death then replied, “because you focus to much on the illusions in this playground, nothing can hurt you. You are LIFE!
Remember God only made me as an escort, we are not opposites, I love you, I only want you never to fear me and when God
takes you from this material world I escort you to a place that is more real than anything you have ever experienced thus far.
However, if you are thinking about death and fearing me, you can not be who you were created to be and that is Life!”