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July 28, 2009 What good is having someone who can walk on water if you don’t follow in his footsteps?

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Mankind for the most part lives in the world without; few have found this world “within” that the great spiritual teachers have risk there very lives to tell us about. And yet it is the world “within” that controls the world without.  The world “within” is therefore creative and everything which we find in our world without has been created by our “thoughts” in the world “within.” So All power is from “within” and is absolutely under your control.

     Jesus tells us that we to can master our thoughts and thus do greater than he did during his shortened life span. You will at first think that this is a radical new idea or “foolishness.” Most people try and change the “out there” or “effects” by working with the “effects” and not the CAUSE!  All we do when we attempt to change the out there is to bring more distress upon our selves. To remove distress we must find the cause and the cause can only be found “within.” 

Why do we “get sick?”  Why does the body become and enter “dis-ease?” How could Jesus heal people who had been sick so long? When your mind is not “at-ease” your body will very soon follow. It was harder for Jesus to do heeling’s in his home town because the people had less belief of Jesus due to the fact that he grew up around them and they new him as Jesus the carpenter or Mary and Joesphs’ boy. What they failed to realize is that Jesus had gone “within” and contacted “God” and he was now willing to risk his life so that you and I could know about the Kingdom of God that Jesus located deep “within” himself. Jesus asked “Do you want to be whole or do you want to be healed?” He new that the heeling’s took place as a result of there faith to believe that they are whole.

Suffering is a direct result of improper thoughts. We suffer because we “believe” that we need something that we do not posses at this time. We say if I just had “that” I would be happy and everything would be OK. We can all end suffering here and now if we just live in this moment and are thankful for everything that we have here and now.

No man can follow Christ and go astray. 

~William H.P. Faunce



July 27th, 2009 “Forgiveness and Love”

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It is by freeing ourself of earthly desires that we gain entry in the Kingdom of God. The Lord patiently waits for 100% devotion; (Jesus tells us leave EVERYTHING and follow) For those who diligently “seek HIM” (not status in the world) everyday, AND who fulfil His commandments through godly behavior, He then opens the door to the Kingdom.

     I could listen to a thousand lectures or sermons on growing beautiful roses but never even see them if my spiritual eyes our closed.  This is why people do not see God who is everywhere, in everything and everyone.  There perception of the world is founded mostly on  religious myth and suggestive teaching. If you find someone who does not “believe” as you do, how do you treat them? Jesus tells us to Love and Forgive them, not to tell them that the creator that loves and created them will send them to a virtual oven if they do not see life from their “God” perspective, This is INSANE!!  That is what Hitler did to people who did not follow him, he burned them. But no this loving God is going to due worse than Hitler, he is going to burn you FOREVER!! This insanity is the same insane gospel that I used to believe as “gospel truth.”  Why do we believe this? Because a book,  put together by a king,  who collected taxes, (killed others who wrote “there version”), and who lived over 1,600 years ago “tells” us too? Insane! The devil/ego will not let this one go, “he” knows this book and other religious books are the last hurdle to secure any life at all for “him.”

     This life is All about forgiveness and love as I see it “today.”

Beliefs change as consciousness rises. Remember we used to believe the world was flat.  Some tribes still today “believe” that if you take their picture that it is evil.

Are they wrong and you right?

     I have found that on this path toward understanding our loving God, I have had to become much more humble in my daily life. I first started this way;  Everyone that I would see and come in contact with I would say to myself  “God loves them and so do I.” I have come to understand that the Salvation that Jesus speaks of or the Enlightenment that Buddha teaches about does not come all at once, it come as Jesus taught us:

 ” The Kingdom of God is like a tree that a farmer planted in the front yard of his house and forgets about it and one day he notices how big it is and birds are even nesting in it.”

     You come to understand that suffering is of the devil/ego and is not as it appears. I am to say we do not get mad for the reasons we think we do. Example you get “cut-off” on the freeway, anger erupts, why are you angry ? Because you were “cut-off”,  NO you are mad because you were fearful you might crash. These are “simple truths” that the “father within” begins to make us aware of, as truth. (forgiveness comes easier with truth) Why can we not see our own face (except in a mirror) but can see everyone else? It is all about love and forgiveness, love and forgive the faces you see. They are ALL God’s creatures even if they do not “believe” as you do. And quit scaring people into joining your religion it’s not Godly.

     God is all loving and all forgiving  just ask Jesus.

     We tell ourselves that we love Jesus and would follow him everywhere just like Peter said; then why as soon as some “hard time” hits we say I gotta get off this “Jesus trip?” Why because the truth has not set us free. Because we have not heard the truth,we have Not heard Jesus with our “spirit” ears, but we listen through a “filter” of everyday “mind chatter” that tells us we are bad, sinners, too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny, not enough money you name it, and then you can never understand that Jesus is telling us about a consciousness found within that loves you and wants you to know that you are loved and would never send you to a pit of fire, FOREVER…No Way!


     Man has used and mistranslated religious books for control over the people. We are spirits, spirits can be controlled  ONLY BY FEAR! If you watch TV still, ask the Father Within, is this true? Have you ever questioned recent events in our world and asked why?  The wars we are involved in today were all perpetrated  by lies.  You will say but they were Muslim Extremists from Saudi Arabia and I would ask why are we in Afghanistan, Iraq and threatening to kill people in Iran?

I will now ask you to please think for a moment:

     19 U.S. Christian Extremists board planes and fly them into the Jordan “twin towers” Jordan then blames and BOMBS Mexico and Peru. With an eye on Panama. Insane! We were fearful and let our government kill and continue to kill Innocent people everyday. Not to mention our children that we allow to leave a safe home environment and go to another country to kill people. What a life. I say we pray for God to return our children safe home to us now.

     Insane, do we Fear our enemies more than we love our own children. If you are a  Christian or Muslim and reading this it should SHOCK you even more to learn that Jesus told you to “love YOUR enemies.” Not to be so cowardly as to send other peoples children to kill Your religious enemy. Jesus knew and understood that we have no enemies except ourselves ALL ELSE IS FABRICATED to control the controllable masses. TV will distort you into “thinking” anything that you see is truth when in fact it is not.


     Love and Forgiveness, I needed to hear this more than ever. To really understand truth is to talk about it openly and not be afraid. Fear is of the Devil; Love is of God.

Love and Eternal Light,



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And when the prince has toured the world 
In search of the glory that he had lost,
Led astray by the illusions of his ego,
He comes to the threshold of reality
Always and ever waiting for his knock.

And when the prince abandons his ego,
And in humility accepts his fallacies,
He unburdens his mind of its illusions
And open in him a room for revelation
Of that which has hitherto been in him.

And thus in humbling of the little self,
The prince is exalted to higher realms,
Where he shall unite in identification,
With the true self and essence he truly is,
Always have been and always will be.

Oliver Mbamara © 2003

July 7th 2009 “Trusting”

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“Enthusiastic cooperation with God’s will is the secret of a dynamic life.  Energizing the mind and body with divine “thought” is the way to cooperate…….Jesus showed his disciples that the consciousness of man should not be concentrated on a material diet alone, but on the nourishment of Divine wisdom.”

     We are all actors in this play of life. The will of God is to plan for every actor the best finale and in that  lies the true joy of living. One way of overcoming  material possessions is to see them as props that you can not take with you after the play is over. These props belong to God, including your body. When this is accomplished and you have surrendered all your earthly possessions to the will of God, fear of losing anything is removed. When fear of losing anything is removed you see that God has always taken care of your needs and you have never had to fend or protect  yourself; God has ALWAYS been there using people to accomplish “His” goals for you.

     The grand illusion or false belief of the ego is that we have actually taken care of ourselves. When this fact is realized the trusting of God becomes natural and you no longer worry about what your family will eat tomorrow because you know that God is in control.  The 40-60 hour work week becomes a thing of the past and it is traded for a life that is propelled by a renewed enthusiasm for living. Your thoughts change from how can I get my house, car, food and clothes to how can I show and teach others about this “good news.” You begin to see that All sadness is a lack of love for yourself. Not the ego self but the god self.

Ego=Devil=Fear and Self=God=Love.

     When this is understood you understand that you control your thoughts and therefore you control your life. It depends on what thoughts you listen to which will determine your level of peace, joy and happiness.  Thoughts associated with the ego will cause fear and worry. An example of these thoughts are what will I eat, how will my bills get paid, where will I live etc…negative diseased thoughts.  An example of Self thought or Love thoughts are thank you for my food, thank you for my life, how did I get here, what is my purpose in life etc…  positive healing thoughts.

     I will end by reminding us that we do not get sick for the reasons we think we get sick. We get sick because our thoughts cause or body to be in “dis-ease.” A mind not “at-ease” will begin to cause a body to go into “dis-ease.”

     We need to “bind the strongman” which is our ego or devil thoughts of fear, death and worry and replace them with thoughts of love, life and confidence.  Confidence comes from trusting in God for All your needs.

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Love and Light,


July 6th 2009 “Knowing”

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     Unless one knows God, he must keep seeking “Him” until All delusion is “broken apart” and he becomes settled in the unquestionable realization that God exists and we are very much Loved. One should never be satisfied with dogmatic “beliefs” or an assurance of God and salvation promised by others! Salvation is a reward for the “seekers” or a “free gift” for following the teachings of a person like Jesus the Christ.

     We have to take what Jesus tells us literally!!! Do you fear or worry about tomorrow? Are you concerned with what will be on the table for your family to eat tomorrow? Are you thinking about mortgage or rent payments?  How about your clothes? You can not have salvation if you answer yes to any of those questions. The salvation that Jesus speaks and teaches us about requires that you do not fear and worry about these things.

     Do you know that there are men on this planet today that do not EAT! They are in contact with the creator through “mind quiet time” or meditation and food is not required for them to live. How did Jesus walk on water? Was he in fear when he did this? You can Not fear to have salvation. Fear is the absence of love. Love are the “thoughts” of  God’s and Fear meaning absence love are the “thoughts” of Devil’s.  Why do we have war? Yes, fear. Who do we fear? Do we fear these “made up” enemy’s more than we love our own children? Why send an 18 year old child to go kill people? How many people have you killed? Why send someone else to kill for you? Is this godly? Why do you fear, You are followers of Jesus are you not? Does Jesus tell you “if you fear an enemy send your child to go kill them?”

     We all need to “wake up” even if its costs you your own life as it did for Jesus. Jesus was NOT killed BECAUSE some GOD in outer space needed his creation to SUFFER!!! Please hear this, Jesus was made an example to ALL who would dare follow him and his message. He was KILLED BY MAN NOT GOD!

     Liberation from this delusion can only be had by “knowing” and “knowing” is preceded by an actual commitment to following and practicing what your “master” whether it be Jesus, Buddha or Mohammad teaches.  They ALL three told us the Kingdom is “within” us and can only be found in quiet time alone seeking and seeking. Do not give up, do what you have to do to find the “Salvation” that Jesus spoke of, or the “Enlightenment” that Buddha spoke of or the “New Life” that Mohammad spoke about.

  My brothers and sisters do not be fooled any longer into following the dogmatic beliefs of men who have concocted “religious books” to control the spiritual expirence in this “form” that you “god’s” have come to enjoy.

“If you hear the siren, smell the smoke and see the fire but do not exit the building, you will burn.”

Love and Light,


July 1st, 2009 Going “Within”

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         Harmony in the world “within” means the ability to control our thoughts, and to determine for ourselves how any experience is to affect us.

 “Ye are gods.” Jesus 30-33 years old

     The ego is that part of us that is competing with God for thought control. Every time the ego competes, God allows the ego to “win”, and then goes in and picks up the pieces using miracles, ever showing us that we have nothing to fear when we just allow God to run our life. When we “judge” our situation, we are judging from our “past perspectives.” Past perspectives have never been true and you are now realizing that You have always been in the kingdom of God.

     I want to describe the kingdom as I have come to understand it. When we “fear” by thought, we are not in the kingdom. Jesus tells us he does not use his “own thought” but the “thought” of the “Father within.” This is done by quieting  the “mind chatter” or meditation. Jesus tells us “go into the prayer closet and be alone.”

     Was “thought of the ego” the reason for the fall of man? Was the forbidden fruit or the tree of life and knowing good from evil, was this “thought?” Remember we can not control or fix anything in the mind. It is only an illusion that we can.

     Stresss, anxiety, fear and worry are all a result of “thought!” If you lose your job for example you only have fear, stress, anxiety or worry when you “think” about it. If you do not “think” and allow God to work it out All things become OK.

     We do not make our heart beat, we do not digest our food, we do not blink our eyes; No No and No. Why? GOD does it for us. If we tried to think about these things we would make a mess of them. We would make a mess of things, by yes, you got it, “thinking about them.”

When the mind is engaged in “thought” is has no way of hearing God. The mind can only “think” of one thing at a time.

     The thought that I am referring to here is “ego”or as Jesus calls it “devil thought'” Thoughts that cause fear in the mind of the thinker. In the Bible, Koran or Torah; God asks Adam why are you afraid? We “disobey” or “go against good” when we “think” on our own without seeking the “Father within” first and this causes us fear and worry.

     Any “thought” not of God will cause you to experience fear. Why because the “thoughts” are not true. All thoughts of and from God feel free and energizing. Jesus told us how to get back in the “garden” and to stay there. He told us go “within” seek the “Father.”

     In the eyes of God self love is the highest form of worship. Love yourself/god and then you can love others. You can not love others if you do not love God. The love you “think” you have for others will be of the ego and false. Jesus tells us to love thy lord thy God first with all your heart, soul, mind and body. We can only do this when we understand what and who God is and you can Only know what and who God is by “going within.”