Recomended Reading

This page is a work in progress. Read all you can about Jesus and what Jesus tells us about the CHRIST consciousness.

“If you seek you will be guided by the Holy Spirit.”

You can find Jesus’ words in the Bible, Koran, the Nag Hammadi Library just to name three. Do not think or believe because someone “tells you” this or that “book” is true, it is. When you seek Christ, He, through the “Father” will speak to you and you will know truth from fiction.

Some book titles:

The “holy bible”, the “holy Koran”, the “holy-torah.”

A Course in Miracles  (A.C.I.M.)

The Bagavad Gita

The Universe is a Dream. by Alexander Marchand

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life.


The Third Jesus.

You Will See It When You Believe IT.

The Master Key System.

Love Is Letting Go of Fear.

The Art of The Spiritual Peacemaker


     It’s a radical concept I know, I was just as shocked to “be shown” that his majesty king James did not have the corner on all religious “books.” When you get to know Jesus you will understand that He is not coming back on a horse, in a cloud, to judge people and then send “non-believers” to hellfire. This is just a fear tactic used to control people.

     Jesus lived his life, so that we would have life more abundantly. He loves us, He really understood love and what the CHRIST consciousness ment. We are lost without putting His teachings into practical application. He, via His teachings, is the way, the truth, and He is the light. Without following what He teaches, we cannot know the “Father.”

Muslims call the carpenter from Galilee a prophet, Christians call him God, Jewish people say he was just a man, and He himself says that there is not one good not even me, the only “One that is good is YOUR Father who is in heaven!”

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