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Jesus Is a real consciousness within YOU!

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The more Jesus Christ is made real to you, the more fearless YOU become. This fearlessness is a peace of mind that no amount of money, no house, no car, no relationship, no (__________) “fill in the blank” can give to you. This awareness is not psychotic my Brother its experiential, meaning; You will know His Presence is within YOU, and This is the truth that wills to set your mind free.

As you FORGIVE you See that the mind is “Vast”! The inner world is a state of mind which recognizes that the outer world is a direct consequence of thoughts. Thoughts of Love or thoughts of fear. Fear shows you your past repeating itself, Love shows you the awareness of this. You my Brothers and Sisters are an Idea of Love, and this Love is experiencing Itself through you right now. You are Not aware of this Love because of your belief in fear.

To “Love your enemies” is to FORGIVE them. FORGIVENESS eliminates fear from “your mind” allowing the Mind of Christ to replace your fear thoughts with Love Thoughts. This is the Religion of Jesus Christ, FORGIVENESS 70X7! Allow your world to be “Resurrected” by the “Re-Newing of your mind.” This has been done by Jesus Christ. If He is your savior allow Him to SAVE YOU! You allow this by your willingness to FORGIVE Everyone all the time. If you Judge anyone, ever, for anything, you can not receive the Atonement of Jesus Christ, which is your Salvation from the world you currently see. You also cannot be afraid of anything to experience Salvation. “Salvation is your experience of this Experience”, Realized! The Nazarene Master said it best with, ” The kingdom of God is within YOU.” 

*Be Still. *Learn to Be Still.* (Meditation/Mind quiet time is the means to apply the Method or religion of FORGIVENESS taught by Jesus Christ!) The ego, which believes it is born within a body, to die at some future date, does not enjoy being still. This is because it has never been still enough to Understand the Salvation and Resurrection of the Risen Jesus Christ the Savior of the world for His followers. He does not “pray for the world” but for those who choose to follow His teachings.

You Must stand your spiritual ground over your ego the devil, and its feelings of anger, fear and judgment of the “others” in yOur world. The work is done surrender unto the Christ that Is within YOU!

In closing, until you See fear as insane, you are at the mercy of your ego consciousness, unaware that the Consciousness of Christ waits in the balance for you to acknowledge His Presence.

Let yOur Eyes be Re-Newed by the power within to FORGIVE what NO-ONE has ever done to YOU! This “sacrifice” called “FORGIVENESS” will show you the kingdom within reserved for the Children of God Himself!!

Enough for today Beloved…

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“What the use?”

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This is the great question that has been asked by seekers of every generation; Whats the use?

The aim is to hear within oneself the appeals of the Higher Consciousness. This Higher Consciousness is stifled by the activities of yOur daily life. In the west we are taught to find the answers to this question in holy books, in the opinions of ‘others’ and to question other thinkers, never looking within oneself for the answers to all our questions.

We Must explore with the courage of faith the awareness that is available to the true follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ. His teachings are a method of Salvation. Organized religions of the west are “feel good” religions and have nothing to do with experiencing Salvation as Jesus Christ teaches. King James’ version is simply that “his version.” It is not God breathed or God ordained. How can God ordain the death of His Created Love??? YOU are that Love! You have been mis-Taken by your judgements of others. You “believe” and falsely that you are right and the others who do not “believe” like you are WRONG, simply put: this is INSANE!! Believers do not know! Believers Believe! Jesus Christ tried to get the Believers of His day to STOP believing, and learn that what they were looking for was WITHIN them!

Just as today, if one speaks to a “Muslim” or “Christian” about the “New World” or “Heaven” they “BELIEVE” that it is experienced after a bodily death. The reason BELIEVERS BELIEVE this is because they DO NOT **PRACTICE** what Mohamed or Jesus taught!!! Had they *PRACTICED* the “Method” for Salvation or Enlightenment laid out by Mohamed or Jesus they would see that FORGIVENESS 70X7 and NOT Judgement opens the door to the kingdom of Heaven!

If you call your Brother or Sister, “Christian or Muslim”, it does not matter, what matters is what God calls them, and He calls them “His Children!” When you Judge God’s Children by your FALSE-BELIEFS, based on Your “holy book”,  you end up experiencing the fear of God because you Judged His Created Children as evil or wicked without EVEN knowing them! Brother, STOP! your insanity by belief. GO Within ask your Holy Spirit to reveal the kingdom God has Created for you!!

Your eyes long to See the kingdom of God, but FIRST the mind Must be renewed by accepting the Atonement of Jesus Christ. “Seek Ye FIRST the kingdom of God and then All things will be added unto you!!”

In closing, you have an inner kingdom that you are very much unaware of at this time. When this inner kingdom, which Jesus Christ calls, “The kingdom of God” is realized even remotely,  you will Experience the Desires of your Heart! But if you choose, by your own free will to judge others who do not BELIEVE like you, you stay stuck in an eternal hell of fear, sin and death by your own thoughts, your OWN WILL, Not God’s.

FORGIVE the others, do not Judge them. Would you rather be right or Happy! Jesus Christ is looking for Happy learners not judgmental “know it all’s”. He knew you do not know. Believers Believe they Know but they know nothing. Jesus Christ told the Sanhedrin of His day “Woe to you that are blind and keep the others blinded, you claim the truth and know nothing of the truth, you keep the others blinded by your fear of God!”

Fear your Father No longer Beloved!! I am here to help you to See the Light within!  I *PRACTICE* what you are reading on this blog. I am here to encourage you to seek like never before the “kingdom Within” so you too can begin to experience freedom of mind that Salvation brings to the true followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ’s Method or “religion” is FORGIVENESS 70X7. Be willing to FORGIVE Everyone All the time no matter what you “Believe” they have done to YOU, and you Will See the kingdom reserved for the followers of Jesus Christ that, He calls Heaven!!

enough for today…

Open your Eyes by relaxing your mind

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As you allow the ego to be put under the Guidance of your Higher or Holy Spirit, your eyes will begin to See, thus experience a “different world”, one that your eyes could never see before and one where fear, sin and death are seen as mental tricks or mental constructs of the devil, your ego.

To attain this “renewing of the mind” you Must FORGIVE! This is Not religion. Religion is a method **PRACTICED** for the attainment of a superhuman consciousness that the world sees as foolish! To those who have a willingness to **PRACTICE FORGIVENESS 70X7**, thus seek Salvation, theirs is the kingdom of God! To “be saved” is to know that death is an illusion. To be saved is to know your Saviour is within God’s kingdom, and to be saved is to know God’s kingdom is Within YOU!

Love is not religious, It’s the reward for **PRACTICING** Jesus Christ’s method of Salvation!!

Think for a moment about someone you hate…..ok got it? That feeling is Anti-Christ. That feeling keeps the awareness of Jesus Christ from dawning on your consciousness. That feeling is what Must be FORGIVEN in order to See Christ! All inner conflict is self-induced by your personal devil the ego. Judgment creates a state of mind that is insane. You are One with EveryOne you see, but you are Not aware of this created consciousness because of an UN-Forgiving mind. To be Anti-Christ is not to be feared but corrected. Correction Is Not your work, only a willingness Not to Judge allows the Higher Spirit to show you a changed world by your changed mind.

Abundance Is your reality! Perfect health Is your reality! As you FORGIVE you are FORGIVEN! God gave this world to you at Creation, Not to Judge but to accept It as His gift to YOU! The eyes are the window to the inner world. To clean the window you must be willing to FORGIVE all Christians, Muslims,”bad evil people”,  and your enemies! If you have enemies you have Not the knowledge of Christ. When you have FORGIVEN All your “enemies” and no longer Judge them as “lost” or “wrong” you Will to Experience the Eyes of Jesus Christ within the kingdom of God, looking out onto His Creation. This Sight is reserved for those with the hearts of little children, until then you suffer at your on hands.

Brother you have No enemies. Never Judge your Christian or Muslim Brothers, they are as lost in judgment as you are! Judgment is fear manifested into your world. You see what you belive and you belive it because you see it.

The inner world appears to be outside you. To correct this you Must Forgive that with is Perfect! Your Inner Christ and Muslim Brothers and Sisters are Perfect because God Created them that way, your judgment has you seeing what is not there to see!

In closing, the teachings of Jesus Christ **PRACTICED** will reveal a world that ‘others’ will call foolish because they are not followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ! FORGIVE 70X7! Ask Jesus Christ, during your *meditation to reveal Himself to you, His follower, and He will when you have a willingness to See your Brothers sinless, without the stain of your judgment on them.

enough for today…

The More YOU go within the less you do “without”!

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When you’ve remembered yOur innocence, YOU will remember Love! That is what you will remember when you have accepted the Atonement of Jesus Christ, All glory to Jesus Christ for His method to Salvation. “Religion” is a method of attaining the Knowledge that God Is Within yOur Consciousness NOW, not “after death”! The religion of Jesus Christ is “simple” just not “easy”. Wide is the road of Judgment, narrow is the path of FORGIVENESS70X7. FORGIVENESS Is the religion/method of Jesus Christ.

When you remember your innocence you will see the insanity of belief. When you remember your innocence you will know that you are eternal and death is an illusion, and finally when you remember your innocence you will remember God’s kingdom that He created for YOU!

This is Not religion, remember religion is a method of attainment. All religions have at their core the remembering of God the Father Within His kingdom that Is within YOU! You will see FORGIVENESS as the gift yOur Father gave to YOU as a way to remember yOur innocence and His LOVE!! You will see your Perfection when you STOP! “believing” insane theories about yourself. Brother, YOU are not a “horrible sinner deserving only death.” This is the cause of All your sickness, mental, physical and emotional. You do Not “BELIEVE” you are worthy of “__________” (fill in the blank).

What do you want? Know First that you Are worthy to experience that! This is “seeking the kingdom FIRST.” We try to “add all things” peace, happiness, security, abundance, health etc… without knowing Its Cause. God Is the Cause, You are the Effect of this Cause. You are trying to be cause and effect. STOP! You have nothing to fear, and you Will to Know this as you **PRACTICE** the method laid out by Jesus Christ, and His teachings.

You Must **PRACTICE**, or All of your reading and memorization of “holy scriptures” is less than useless! The intellect will serve as a willing friend when your goal is set before it. To Have, Be or Do anything you want, for as long as you want, with whom ever you want, you Must “seek the kingdom of God that Is within YOU, FIRST!”

The holy Koran or the holy Bible, read without Judgment, and through the Mind of Christ ‘within you’, become signposts on your way to Heaven! Do Not Ever Judge Another Brother or Sister’s method of finding God, or (their “religion”), when you do this, you blind your eyes to Salvation and the kingdom of God that Is Within YOU!

FORGIVENESS eliminates Judgment thus It eliminates All fear of God yOur Father! The Atonement is an “inner work” that Jesus Christ has completed for YOU! You receive or accept His Atonement by Not judging God’s Perfection with your personally trained ego.

“Judge Not lest You be Judged”, and Thomas Conley tells us, “All Judgment is self Judgment.”

Your willingness not to Judge, allows Christ to make Himself known to you. Before this, your fear of God keeps you in judgement of your Brothers and Sisters, thus Blinding your eyes to the kingdom reserved for those with the hearts of little children.

more to follow…

Inquire Within as to Whom is the Sower!

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The seed has been sown from the Sowers teaching. In faith ‘plant the seed’ of Truth that lies within. Water the seed with thoughts of gratitude. Shine the Light of FORGIVENESS 70X7, on this seed and in return My Brother and Sister, you Will to Experience the Fruit of Heaven Itself!

*Brother, think of the seed of an orange for a moment. It is small and insignificant, no one who does not know would ever suspect that if you plant this seed, water it, give it proper sunlight and attention that it will “IN Time” grow into a tree that produces fruit for life. With-In the “seed” is everything that it needs to become a Life giving tree! The seed without the farmer is like a man without spiritual knowledge, within him is the kingdom of God unknown to him because he does not look within himself for the Sower!

The Sower is One Who has attained what He/ She sows. He gives what He has received. Jesus Christ is One such Soul, One such Consciousness, One such Brother! He is aware that all suffering is self-induced by lack of the internal knowledge of the kingdom. The knowledge of the kingdom is overlooked by those who do not realize that the “Tree is Within the Seed”!

Experience must always be individual, and self-knowledge, which is the indispensable foundation, can only be attained by individual effort. This effort is the struggle between fear and Love. Fear keeps the mind vacillating, this indecisiveness is of the ego. Once the shell of egotism has been broken by the willingness to FORGIVE, the mind is freed to “ripen” and become the fruit of Its kind, and in the case of Salvation, the Mind is Free to Know the Truth that will set your thinking mind free!

In other words: The mind of man”becomes” the Mind of God, the son of man becomes the Son of God! This is beyond belief because it is Beyond your intellect. Intelligence is learned from the past, and its the past that fools the believer into believing that Jesus Christ is dead and the resurrection is for the “others” but not for itself. Brother, Christ is Resurrected, but you can and will never ‘understand’ this if you continue to belive that the fear of God is real!

You have been mis-Taken. The fear of God is nothing more than a mental construct that has been taught to you by one who is as fearful as you are currently. As you transcend this “fear of God”, to the “Love of God” by **PRACTICING** FORGIVENESS 70X7 as the Nazarene Master teaches ‘us’, You Will to See that the kingdom of God Is Within YOU Now, and is Not an after death destination exclusively reserved for the “good children” or “believers in God”.  

 “YOU are HERE” to experience the desires of your heart! The desires of the heart are not to be confused with the desires of the ego. The ego looks for fame and fortune to improve ones own lot in life, the desires of the heart are desires that make YOUR WORLD a better place for EVERYONE by your willingness to surrender the ego and its selfish motives. Selfish motives are the result of a fearful mind. You will receive All your Dreams come True when you are willing to let yOur Savior, Guide you to ‘Them’, and not the ego, which Jesus Christ refers to as the devil!

Nothing is to be feared! All fear is deception of the trained mind. *Meditation or *Mind quiet time is the means that Jesus Christ uses to impart His kingdom knowledge onto the sons of man. He attained this “kingdom knowledge” so you would not be stuck in hell eternally. Fear is hell, and hell is not of your Loving Heavenly Father!

In closing, Realize your Dreams within yourself! Feel them!, See them!, Hear them! and You too will understand that this is Your World Created for YOU and YOU alone! This “selfishness” is reverent in that You Know that You are One with everything that your Eyes See! To help the “others” in your world is to help yourself achieve the Spiritual In-Light-enment that Jesus Christ calls Salvation! You Will be handed the Torch of Abundance when all you want to See is your Brothers and Sisters in the Light of the Father!

enough for now…

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Become completely engaged in the here and NOW, as the proverb says, “tomorrow never comes”. Time is always NOW. The future is a concept. You are only really ever alive NOW! The point of life is always arrived at in the present moment, NOW! You are not a separate cut off being, the entire Universe is your Self experiencing Its Self! You get distracted from living fully NOW because you have your eye on the future that does not exist.

LET GO! Attachment to any outcome is suffering. You Will the outcome by your fearlessness, fear is doubt and doubt is a mental construct that is not real NOW!

The ultimate experience is the coming together with ourselves, and this process shows us that we are together with everything and everyone. Jesus Christ teaches us this. He also tells you that you can experience this Oneness with your Creative Heavenly Father if you have the faith to FORGIVE 70X7 Every One and Every-situation you are consciously involved in.

Judgment of the “others” in your world has you looking at the shadows thinking them real, and not seeing what God Created for YOU to See in Truth. When you have (via the Holy Spirit within), surrendered All your Judgments of your Brothers and Sisters you will See!

Do not allow yourself to be impatient. Patience is a high moral conscious state of mind that we allow our Holy Spirit to ‘show us’. We need Do nothing!! Any and All inner conflict Is Not Real! Conflict is of our ego, “the devil” deceiving us as to our reality and Oneness with Our Father.

James tells us: “Be patient, therefore, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. Behold, the farmer waits for the precious produce of the soil, being patient about it, until it gets the early and late rains. You too be patient; strengthen your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.”

“At Hand!”

Jesus Christ will make our paths straight. Never waiver in faith. You are so very safe and Beloved of God Himself!! Listen, and you will be shown “what to do” when something is to be done. Remember, yOur Saviour within is Fearless and you tap into this “Fearless Consciousness” as you accept His Atonement, and you receive, thus accept, His Atonement by being a spiritual follower, a follower follows because he is aware the Master knows the way.

The Atonement is the renewing of the mind of man unto the Mind of God! Be grateful, and Be happy; Happy dreams come true because they are Happy!

“Seek Ye FIRST the kingdom of God and Then All things Will to be added unto YOU!” Jesus Christ, the Nazarene Master, 2000 years ago

The Awakening to Knowledge is to transcend fear

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Intellect or brain knowledge should never be confused with Spiritual discernment, this is the mis-Take of most organized religions today. They do not discern from experience they believe out of fear. Belief is the formulation of thoughts designed to keep the ego empowered by “believing” that it knows the truth. For the Truth to be known it must be experienced, without experience, blind beliefs are “Anti-Christ”. Being Anti-Christ is not to be feared but corrected, and this is where the teachings of Jesus Christ **PRACTICED** will bring you Knowledge of the sacred mystery that we call God, and that Jesus Christ has ‘us’ refer to as “Our Father in Heaven”.

To awaken to Your Dreams you must First understand that YOU are the Dreamer! You believe and falsely that you are at the mercy of events outside your consciousness. We call this paradox. Without experimental knowledge of your different states of consciousness you are controlled by your impulses, and your free will is an illusion. And this illusion can be tragic because it can make any human being, however intelligent, an irresponsible puppet so far as his destiny is concerned. The errors that this paradox induces are so disastrous that this is the first obstacle that must be cleared, if you are to achieve your destiny and find the real aim of your existence and Not die entirely.

As the Nazarene Master teaches ‘us’, “Seek for the kingdom of the Father within YOU First, and then All things will be added unto You, His Idea of Love!” Believers try to add all things before they seek for knowledge and wonder why life appears hard and not worth the effort. 

NEVER BE AFRAID! You are So Very Safe and Beloved of yOur Source. 

*Mind quiet time or *Meditation is a requirement in the ascension to knowledge that is “not of this world”. When this knowledge is even remotely grasped you see the insanity of believing Anything that you have not experienced as the Truth! Everyone in this world wants your thoughts, wants your mind, wants you to BELIEVE and to see things their way. You must become independent of the opinions of others to acquire an expanded consciousness that frees you from the distractions of this world, allowing you to See Another world that Jesus Christ calls the kingdom of Heaven. In this “other world” you are the decider of the experiences you manifest and not at the mercy of fear related to false-beliefs about your current reality.

Fear is doubt and in doubt is the dream postponed. You had nothing to fear although you believed you did. The reason “quieting the mind” is paramount to any spiritual awakening is that your thoughts, the thoughts that you are aware of are meaningless if they have not the power of the Father behind them.

Its like this: You are receiving the desires of your heart Right Now Beloved! However, You my Brother and Sister are very much unaware of this spiritual detail. The “drug addicted homeless methamphetamine user” is also receiving the desires of his heart! God gives and Is Always Giving to His creation even if what they ask for is insane. Your Father knows that this dream is a “place” where you can understand your creative power without eternally being harmed by your insanity!

The only way to fully understand life is to FULLY-UNDERSTAND the Consciousness behind the life. Or in other words: The kingdom FIRST and Then “All things”, not visa versa.

If you have questions or would like David Winter, an advocate of well-being,  to help you over come obstacles relating to your spiritual, physical or emotional growth, please feel free to contact me. I have dedicated my existence to help “YOU” overcome obstacles relating to the fear of God. 

Exist no longer in UN-consciousness and in the fear of God Beloved. Begin to have a Conscious existence in the Love of God as YOU were Created by yOur Heavenly Father.

more to follow…

YOU Are Divinely Orchestrated, YOU did Not Create yourSelf!

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Everything is a process. You are a process. The earth, the sun and moon are processes. Your return to the knowledge of your Divinity is a process. All these processes are Not of you’re doing, they are of God the Source of All things. An apple becomes an apple not by itself but by the “process” of planting, watering, sunshine, darkness etc… Without God you have No apples, no fruit! It’s the same with YOU Beloved. The process you are in to Awaken is NOT by chance. You only delay this “Awakening” that Jesus Christ refers to as SALVATION by your blind fearful beliefs about God yOur Father.

None of your current fears are real, NONE of them, Not death, sickness, homelessness, hell-fire, enemies, separation from God yOur Source, nothing you are afraid of is real. You can and Will to know this by yOur willingness to FORGIVE EVERYONE all the time No matter what they do to you, even if they lie and crucify you or your savior.

As you make contact with the inner awareness that knows All things you become a Light unto your world that the others can follow into Heaven, but if your choice is Judgment and UN-Forgiveness you stay in hell with your Brothers and Sisters trapped with YOU. Beloved God has given YOU EVERYTHING, this is YOUR WORLD, He has given you the ability to FORGIVE and thus SEE or JUDGE and stay blind! Blindness causes you to see what is NOT there. Name ONE of your enemies by name and I assure you, YOU have NEVER spoken to them personally!! Your enemies are a mental block unto your SALVATION, why would you want that hate inside The kingdom of God???

Understanding thought and mind is the medium of understanding All things. Jesus Christ was One with His Source like you are, the difference is HE KNOWS IT and you are blinded by your false fearful beliefs about yOur Source, Our Loving Heavenly Father. Do you not see the insanity of BELIEVING IN HELL-FIRE, Beloved??? Hell-fire is a man-made concept believed by the blind teachers of this world and perpetrated on their unsuspecting students or “king James congregations”.  Hell-fire was a diabolical myth penetrated on the ancient Egyptians 1500 years before Christ, and revived by king James in his version of a false-religion. Jesus Christ NEVER taught hell-fire after death. He taught the kingdom of God is NOW and you do Not die!

This is not church and Jesus Christ is Not religious! Jesus Christ is your Savior if you choose to become One with His Consciousness by His Atonement. He Atoned for your false-beliefs. The Atonement is the undoing of fear! You can Experience this/His Atonement by your willingness to FORGIVE God for what He never did to Jesus or YOU!

In closing, you MUST!, if you are to awaken from the “sleep of Adam” to the Superhuman Consciousness of the Christ within, have Faith and Trust in Divine Providence. You can not awaken yourself but you can allow the Christ to Awaken within you. This process is only fearful because you are afraid of God, due to your false belief in death, and what happens after death. Beloved, NOTHING happens “after-death” you cannot die! “Others” in your world have “died” but you as you follow the teachings of the Nazarene Master you Will to See death as the Grand Illusion of the devil (your trained ego) against the Son’s (and Daughter’s) of God!

The method of All attainment is the religion of Jesus Christ, and His “religion” is FORGIVENESS 70X7!!

If you are in need of a teacher of the teachings of Jesus Christ unto Salvation call or email me at 619-715-4489, Or,  anytime.

Awaken to the Love of yOur Father Who is in Heaven. (((*Luke 17:20-21)))

David Winter






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Childlikeness is thoughtlessness. Children do not worry because they do not think. They are taught to think and worry by the adults who were “taught to think and worry about future events to come”. These adults are the devils of the kingdom and keep  the Children of God from becoming Enlightened!

FORGIVENESS 70X7 brings back your trust in Thy Father. This trust has you understanding that you are “here” to  achieve a superhuman state of Consciousness that shows you death is illusionary.

Your Higher Consciousness once awakened from the sleep of Adam becomes Childlike! Childlike is fearlessness. You Will to understand the insanity of a dead saviour, who waits in heaven for you to  die, while you eek out a meager existence here on earth, as you FORGIVE!

Blind-belief in ANY “holy book” is a relinquishment of the powers that Jesus Christ can bestow upon His followers. His Followers are the elect that follow His teachings. Judgment keeps believers blind to the kingdom of God reserved for those childlike enough to accept the Perfection of God yOur Father!

Everything, Every-moment is Perfect, you are not in danger, Ever. Quiet your thoughts, *Meditate on Seeing Jesus Christ, not in the “after-life” but Now, In LIFE!!!

enough for today..

Got Christ?


What is the use? Why try? Why did God make this life so difficult if “God Is Love”?

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The method of attaining the answers to these questions and All others is the religion of Jesus Christ. Religions are methods, if your method is not working and has not brought you Salvation whose fault is it God’s or your ego’s?

You have, due to the fear of God, chosen to believe falsely about yOur Father, Our Source. These false beliefs that attack yOur Father, keeps the Truth from dawning on your judgmental mind. The truth is revealed as you *PRACTICE* the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is Not who and where you believe He is, because simply you are Not who and what you believe your self to be.

This is Not church, and the teachings of Jesus Christ Are beyond yOur belief. The bible is Not filled with the teachings of Jesus Christ contrary to popular belief. The teachings of Jesus Christ are simple just not easy. He lays out a simple path of: *FORGIVENESS 70X7* This Forgiveness allows you to suspend judgment on what God has Created for YOU, Perfectly!

The reason you fear God and life seems to be a living hell at times in due in total to  your false-beliefs about yOur Loving Heavenly Father. You must realize the insanity of blind beliefs before you will reconsider “your beliefs” in favor of The Truth! The Truth sets you free from sickness, hell and death, Not blind belief.

Jesus Christ teaches a form of FORGIVENESS that “renew’s” the mind. This renewal allows your eyes to See the kingdom of Heaven reserved for the Children of God. The children of man are deceived greatly by their false fear based beliefs. You are here to attain Greatness in the form of a Super Human Consciousness. Consciousness is made “more aware” of Love, yOur Source, “God” as you eliminate fear from your mind.

When the “children of man” FORGIVE God their false-beliefs against Him, they Will to become the “Children of God” with Superhuman powers that Christ bestows upon His followers. The bible in the hands of egotistical man becomes a stumbling block which keeps ones mind trapped in an eternal intellectual hell. In the hands of the followers of Jesus Christ, the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John become reminders of the power of Our savior and the rest of the bible is discarded as irrelevant to Salvation!

The Torah or the kings “old testament” is the law of death that was written in stone that Jesus Christ fulfilled, let it GO!! Beloved of God Your Father, PRACTICE FORGIVENESS so you too can See the kingdom reserved for the Children of God!

The path that Jesus Christ lays out for ‘Us’ is very narrow, and All organized religions of today are on the wide road that leads to destruction, simply because they do not understand Salvation and believe it is and after death thing??? NONSENSE! Jesus Christ Is Risen! Fear keeps this knowledge from entering the judgmental minds of believers.

This IS Insane to believers. Believers are followers of the ways of the world. Brothers do you not yet see that All religious beliefs are less than useless? What do your “BELIEFS” in the kings manifesto get you in the end? Salvation? Salvation from what Beloved, the kings fearful hell-fire??? That is not real. Your Heavenly Father is No satanic monster. You believe He is a killer because of your Blind-Beliefs.

In closing Brother and Sister, seek, seek, seek within like an obsessed miner, carefully looking for gold in a dark, deep mine. The Gold will be made aware to you by the Master Savior Jesus Christ when your mind is prepared to receive It.

“You must water the seed before you can eat the fruit!”

more to follow….