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Where is this Kingdom Jesus tells us about?

Posted in Ego, fear, Hope, Jesus, Love, Paul of Tarsus, seek, seeker, Spirit, spiritual, truth, within on October 8, 2010 by david1963

Can we get there after we die?

Jesus says there is NO DEATH!

Where is Heaven?

Jesus says it is within YOU!

What does Jesus tell us about death?

Let the dead bury the dead!

Where is the Kingdom of GOD?

Yes, Jesus says it’s within YOU and among YOU!

Who is my enemy and what should I do to them?

Jesus says LOVE them not kill them and He says You Have no enemy’s because YOU ARE ONE with EVERYTHING!

If Jesus sounds like a liar to you and you know he does not lie, then what should you do? 

  Here is a hint: ” LOOK, SEEK, ASK >>> “WITHIN!” ” GO TO WHERE THE MASTER TELLS YOU TO LOOK FOR THE KINGDOM! Would a loving “GOD” hide Heaven from “His/Her” creation? I think NOT! You just never looked where Jesus told YOU to LOOK!!!

Any Questions?



more to follow……