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You make fear through Unforgiveness. FORGIVE and fear is NoNe!!

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 “The world as we know it is ruled by fear, chaos, limitation and greed. But YOU are not of this world. You come from somewhere else. And to the extent to which you remember that, you are lifted above the effects of the world. In becoming free of its chains, you become one of its redeemers.”  Marianne Williamson
Thank you, Jane for sending this to me. I will Fear Not and see not with eyes that were made not to See and hear not what was made with ears not to Hear. ‘God’ did not make what the ego/’devil’ sees’ and hears’. There is another world just beyond your personal fears; A world created for you and by You with God. The world I see can change when I eliminate fear by changing my thoughts about what I am seeing. Surrender your dream, just like the girl did in the movie when she closed her eyes and repeated, “there is no place like home.”

You are just an instant away from “Home”, from Awakening, from Salvation, from Enlightenment or from Self-Realization.

The only reason for life is to live, not to prepare for a future happiness! The future is just as insane as the past. Sanity is found in the here and now, by letting go of fear via FORGIVENESS.

 Love, Trust and Faith will give you the power to ‘wake-up’ from your self induced sleep (hell), as a result of false fear. All fear is: Form Experienced As Real. The form of the thing is not it’s reality. The lesson is behind the form of what is or what is ‘happening.’ Quiet your mind often and let Your “Holy Spirit” interpet reality for you. You Need Do nothing!

We are Doing this to _ourself it is not being done to “us”.

Eternity is the letting go of _our past so we can See _our Now! Let go of the past by “giving No thought for future events to come” or as “My Savior” is quoted in James’ version of things, “give No thought for tomorrow.”

Love and Peace to us “all”

Enough for today. . .

_OUR World is _ours, and only _OURS!

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How can I say this to YOU! I _ ove You! Open up _our mind so _our Brothers and Sisters can See the Oneness that is _OUR Reality!

We must go through seeming terror before we can Know the Truth about Our reality. However, the ‘Holy Spirit’ will take you through if you allow ‘Him’ to do so. The seeming problem is that we always stop just short, at the first sign of fear. It is not “God’s” Will to frighten you, nor is it your True Will to be frightened by Salvation, Enlightenment or Self-realization. Only the ‘devil’/ego is frightened, and that part of _our mind is not Real, it only appears to be, out of the fear of a future death and that is Not a Reality!

You see what you believe, even if it is a lie of the “devil”.

Remember this: “The Kingdom of God/Heaven is Now and you do not die.” Jesus told us this over 2000 years ago!

The ego’s of men read scriptures and interpret them as they see, not as Christ within you SEEs.”

The world needs not another religion, another church, another belief, another “Holy Book”, it needs only follow the teachings of a man like Jesus!!


What God Created Eternal, is Eternal. The Only purpose of this life, this world, this DREAM is to Wake-Up. Some Enlightened Souls who found Salvation from the dream in the ‘past’ have called this world an illusion. Christ told us; ‘Be in the world but not of this world.’

_OUR entire Reality lies just beyond the veil (a very thin veil) of fear. Give NO THOUGHT about tomorrow, what you will eat, where you will sleep, what you will wear or how you will survive, Know that all is well, via; Faith in _our-Lord!

Simple just not easy at times,

enough for today. . .

God gave you the Present, it’s Now, as “His” Gift!

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Fear is not of the Present, but only of the past and future, which do not exist. The Present is so beautiful once it is Seen. It is free of guilt and nothing but happiness is there.

This lesson takes no time to learn, only a willingness to be free of what you have learned thus far….

     Give over every plan you have made for your salvation in exchange for “God’s”. “His” Will content(s) you! You MUST “go through” the ‘unsettling’ time. Fear is of the ego/’devil’ and not of God. You must go through something or go past something to get to the “other side” of it.

Miracles are on the other side of all your fears!! 

(Holy Books speak of a “refiners fire”)

You will Know you are not a body, to be ‘in’, live a short life and then die. You will Know you are free.

Ask yourself honestly, “Would I want to have perfect communication with God, and am I wholly willing to let everything that “inter-fears” with this go forever?” If the answer is NO, then the Holy Spirits readiness to give it to you is not enough to make it yours, for you are not ready to SEE it “God’s Way.”

     The ego is afraid of death and yet wants it at the same time. The ego comes through your thoughts to take your life away. The Holy Spirit comes to restore to your Mind, “you never and have never had anything to fear.”

You act the way you do and do what you do out of fear of the unknown. The unknown is only unknown to your ego or what Jesus called your ‘devil.’ To God all is Known and wants you to just Be free to create the life that you are entitled to and fear Nothing.

Miracles will replace All your “perceived” needs, once you allow the Miracle God gave the Holy Spirit to give to you to do what it is intended to do.

You do what you do not want to do (work/toil) out of fear of no money. If you are working at a job you do not like, the work is wrong. Seek your true nature, your true self within and you will be shown what it is you are to “DO.” Jesus told us we seek what we want or what we believe will bring us the  most joy. He told us money or God will bring us the happiness we seek, but never both.

Quiet your mind, surrender All your thoughts of  un forgiveness to the One Whom is within and Knows what to do with what you give to “Him.”

enough for today. . .




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Fear and Failure are lies to the core. Look deep inside and you will see God at the door. Come in Come in it’s great to see you, I have been waiting here to make all your dreams true. The world had you hypnotized by is glamour and flare, and now you are understanding that it has never been there. The ego lies and tells you it’s true that I want to hurt, kill and later burn you. My children who hear my voice know this is not so, how can I create a love and then just let it go? Why would I, love create,  in order to just annihilate? Think on you own without being told and you to will see this Great Lie of old. Fear is control, guilt and lies are the means, so go deep within and plan your dreams. When you understand that FEAR is a lie you can see the culprit and remove his disguise. Brothers and Sisters listen and hear, I too am a son of God and He is right here. Live this life and live your dreams without the fear to Fail! And you too will see that our God is a God of Love and Not the god of hell!

david winter


Guilt is the reason for your suffering

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     We will go further ‘Within’ than we have gone previously. Everything that you are reading here can be found to be the “Truth that sets you free” when you make it your own, by finding it within You!

You have been directed here by your Higher Consciousness although you may not yet be aware that you have a “Higher Consciousness Within You.” I assure you that if you practice what Jesus taught and not just talk about it and try to figure it out with your liner mind you will See that all the answers to ending your suffering here are found within you. “God” did not hide the Truth that sets you free from you, No it is where it has always been, go there and find it. To the ‘devil’/ego this is foolishness and insanity, and might I add BORING. The ego likes it that way. However, when you are no longer bored seeking “your Father that is within you” you will See that all your ‘struggles” have been worth the effort!

Here we go!

     The acceptance of guilt into the mind of God’s Son/Daughter (you) was the beginning of the separation, as the atonement is its end. The Atonement is; The undoing of false beliefs. You formed these beliefs out of a fear of God.

      The world you see is the delusional system of those made mad by guilt.

     Look carefully at this world, and you will realize that this is so. Would Love/God have Created a world like the one you see? Where children are born into it through pain and in pain. There growth is attended by suffering, and they learn of sorrow and seperation and death. There minds seem to be trapped in their brain, and its powers do decline if their bodies are hurt. They seem to love,  yet they desert and are deserted. They appear to lose what they love, perhaps the most insane belief of all. And their bodies wither and gasp and are laid in the ground, and are no more. Not one of them has but the thought that God is cruel.

     If this were the real world, God would be cruel. For NO father could subject his children to this as the price of salvation/enlightenment/self-realization and be loving. 

Love does not kill to save

     If it did, attack would be enlightenment, and this is the ego’s interpretation, not God’s. Only the world of guilt could demand this, for only the guilty could conceive of it. “Adam’s sin” could have touched no one, had he not believed it was the Father Who drove him out of Paradise. For in that belief the knowledge of the Father was lost, since only those who do not understand Him could believe it.

     Begin to understand your creation, your Creator and truly where you are. This will be done only by practicing the teachings of Christ and not just talking about them. His teachings become easier to follow as you realize that the end to All You suffering is at stake!

Judge no one

Forgive everyone

Love your enemy’s, Don’t KILL um !

Love your Lord, your God

and lastley…….Begin to make no plans for future events to come, or as Christ told us over 2000 years ago, “give No thought for tomorrow, your Father knows what you have need of even before you ask”

enough for today. . .


Get out through the ‘In’ door

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The escape from All pain and suffering is within you.

What you see with your eyes are thoughts manifested.

You may question this if say you have cancer or you lose your job or someone close to you ‘passes away.’ You may say I would never want these things to happen and in your right mind this is true.

However, if you are not aware of what you are thinking, then you can not be aware that you are perceiving reality as you “think” it should be. (?)

Cancer is brought on by depression and depression is brought on by fear. Fear is future thinking, which causes worry. Stop worry and cancer will heal.

When you lose your job, you were tired of it anyway; You just did not know how to quit because you were afraid and thought you needed the money the job was supplying. “God” is the Source of all things, not your toiling.

Snap out of it!

Quiet your mind. Get out of here by going within. In you is total Peace of Mind and Knowledge. The Knowledge of what you are and why you are “HERE.”

Learn to just BE!

Learning to be is only difficult because you taught and learned very well how not to Be.

The undoing of false beliefs requires that you go within and seek the true nature of reality you were Created with, reality is first found within and then it is Seen and Heard in ‘your world.

Think about this and let it resonate with you, let it ‘sink in’ be with this and see if you have an “Ah haw!” moment, I prayed that you did.


You do not think about digesting your food, you do not think about blinking your eyes, you do not think about breathing and you never, ever think about making your heart beat. Why?  because You “Know” that all these things are taken care of for you. You also do not need to think about getting money, providing for your food, shelter or clothing. It’s Also All provided for you, You are just not aware of it!!! 

Let Go of All your Fear to SEE!

“Seek First the Kingdom within you and All things will be GIVEN to You”

Jesus 2000 years ago

The closer you get to knowing God is within you, is trying to express Itself through you, the closer you get to experiencing the “Kingdom of Heaven.”

You are in need of nothing!

Tell yourSelf often, ever ‘time’ you think of it today:

“I am as God Created me, I am His Son/Daughter and I can suffer nothing.”

enough for today….