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“Our Rewards are in Heaven!”

Posted in Ego, fear, Hope, Jesus, Love, Spirit, spiritual, truth with tags on February 3, 2010 by david1963

We get rewarded as we seek the “Kingdom of Heaven.”

     Rewards in the way of understanding the meaning of what Jesus was telling us things when he made statements like; “Feed my sheep.” He never tells us to guide my sheep or care for my sheep. No he tells us; “Feed my sheep.” Jesus’ sheep are the true seekers who our overcoming fear of an after death hell or a damnation eternity that someone “Told” them was true. 

      These “spirits/people” truly hear the Holy Spirit when “He/She/It” speaks to them. 

     Our food becomes truth and our appetite is for GOD! 

     Our physical bodies become stronger and food is an afterthought, even forgetting to eat sometimes. Time has changed for you. Time is no longer about seeing how much time you have to “get things done”‘, it never was created for that purpose.  Now time is seen as “loosing its meaning.” “Loosing its meaning” it terms of Salvation.

      Salvation or Enlightenment can be yours NOW!

     And if it can be NOW then what would you have need of time for? Time is in-place so that we can have Salvation or Enlightenment, if it were not in place then we could never correct our mis-thoughts and they would be forever unchangeable, however because of time we can remember who “Our father in heaven” is and communicate with him. “He has never forgot about us we have forgotten about “Him.!”

     How has this lie be perpetrated for so long? Because we do not hear God, we listen to our own ego or what Jesus called the devil inside. We do not hear God because we were Never taught how to listen properly(by design and to control).

    Why does “The Church” have so many denominations because they/we refuse to “listen to the father and know that I am God!”

God is Love…… Ego is Fear…..

Do ya think the “Devil” lead ya to this page?

 If you want truth “ASK GOD WITHIN!”