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Walking your path.

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“Your path is only different from mine, until you realize the Oneness of Creation and then you see we are One in Spirit.”

As One in Spirit we are One energy. We think we are divided because we can see bodies and therefore we believe in separation, and see Oneness as an insane notion. However, Onesness was claimed as Christ to be reality. He went further when He said, “You do not die and the Kingdom of Heaven is Now!” When we do not practice the teachings of Christ we also see this as insane and try to rationalize His teachings to fit our version of reality. We can not do this because our version of reality is flawed just by the fact that we have to form ‘beliefs” because we do not know things for sure. Christ teaches that if you practice His teachings,  “you will know and the truth will set your mind free.”

At this point I want to show you the points that Christ teaches and if you practice these in your daily life, you will have unexplainable experiences that some will call miracles.

  • “Love Your Lord Your God”
  • “Give no thought concerning tomorrow, what you will eat, what you will wear, where you will sleep. For your Father who is in Heaven knows what you have need of; And if your child asks for a fish would you give him a snake?”
  • “Love your enemies”
  • “Judge no-One”
  • “Forgive everyOne”        

As you practice what Christ teaches you begin to See a “New World” one Christ called “Heaven.” When fear is eliminated and it is eliminated when you See that it is impossible for anything “bad” to happen to you in “Heaven.” You will See that all your fear thoughts keep you in a state of “hell”/stress-depression, until you quiet your “devil”/ego mind and allow your “Father”/ Higher consciousness to take over via “seeking Him through your Holy Spirit within you.” You seek your Father with quiet meditation and self-reflection every morning and night. When you “have the Ears to Hear and the Eyes to See” you will live your life in a state of peace and harmony that it “will surpass the understanding of the world.”

We can not judge anyone and expect to See and Hear what Christ is pointing out to us. It is right in front of us and we do not See because our thoughts are judgemental  and block the thoughts that our Father is sending us through that which we are looking upon and judging. Judge no-One.

Peace and Happiness is returned to the One who forgives no matter what his/her thoughts are telling him/her.  Because it is only his/her thoughts that are judgemental and causing him to lose his/her Peace and Happiness. All stress is eliminated when you give up future thoughts, All stress. As you progress you will trust your Father more and more to provide for all your needs and show you what you want to do, I did not type that wrong, “Let God show you what you want to do.”

I will close by saying that I would Love to help you if you are suffering in any way, please leave a question or ask and I will blog about a topic. I do not judge your beliefs in any way. I had many beliefs at one time that Christ has since taught me could never be true. I see truth in many texts, not just one book. Many different religions can be started from one book if the reader does not understand the text and it can appear to be frightening,  just as fire could be frightening to one who has never seen it.

My Love and Peace to You!

Your Brother