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What is meant by “Doing the Will of God?”

Posted in Ego, fear, Hope, Jesus, Love, Spirit, spiritual, truth with tags , on April 16, 2010 by david1963

This is one of the stock phrases of organized religion, doing the Will of God may have become nothing but a “religious statement” with very little meaning because it is NOT understood, But in it is the deep secret of ALL attainment.

God has the wisest plan that you can only imagine now concerning the life of each and everyOne of us. This plan is both amazing and wonderful, and if we will only come into an understanding and “fall in line” or surrender “our will”, we will SEE that our will and Gods Will is the same. Harmony and Peace become ours, and Happiness and Joy, to an almost unbelievable extent.

You may ask how can I surrender “my will” if it’s the same as “God’s Will?”

We surrender our thoughts, thoughts create fear and fear blocks the Will of God from being SEEN.

We Do Not have to plan our life. It is already planned for us perfectly.

This may be difficult or a stumbling to “beginners”, but when we become more attuned we realize that God has a wonderful plan concerning our life, and the best we can do is, as Jesus advised 2000 years ago, “GIVE NO THOUGHT TO TOMORROW, WHAT YOU WILL EAT, WHERE YOU WILL SLEEP, or WHAT YOU WILL WEAR.” He understood God’s plan and lived it, just as you can!

This takes practice and that is why I used the word “beginners.” Obviously there can be No harmony until we do. Our life is perfect and planned by “our Father.” It can become a perfect expression only as we allow God’s plan to manifest.


We have not to perfect our life: we have only to allow God’s perfect plan to be carried out, in every action of our life. Suffering is of the mind, when the mind suffers the body suffers and if the body is suffering it is NOT THE WILL OF GOD. Suffering is the Ego for the religious it is the Devil.

You have been taught to be a human doing, become a human being. It takes patients and more patients. You live in Heaven. Jesus told us the Kingdom of Heaven is “within and around you.” He is telling you; Do not look with these eyes, look with your spirit filled eyes. This is not done by projecting the world you see but by SEEING with the eyes of God. Projecting requires thought, and Ego/Devil thought is an enemy to God. SEE do Not judge what you see just SEE only LOVE!

Be with it and be in it. Give EVERYTHING TO EVERYTHING, Why? Because IT IS YOU!!



more to follow…..