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The term “addiction” is used in many contexts to describe an obsession, compulsion, or excessive physical dependence or psychological dependence, such as: drug addiction, video game addiction, crime, alcoholism, compulsive overeating, problem gambling, computer addiction, pornography addiction, etc.


Addiction……a……ScArY word with a scary “control-meaning”….People believe this word to be true so it is to them. But! Do we really become addicted to anything or do we just “think” we are?

     For anyone who has ever been addicted to anything the “addictive-thought” (that results in the action), is one of fear just prior to becoming “OK” to “DO-IT”.

      The reason we “think” we become addicted is because we know that what “we want” (Ego/Devil), to do is not what (God) the “Father” wants us to do and therefore we know that the “addiction” is a lie. Why? Because the Devil is a liar and God is the truth. We become no longer addicted when we “listen” to the “Father” (thoughts), who brings us love and we Do-Not listen to the “Devil” (thoughts), “He” who only comes to STEAL, KILL AND DESTROY.

     When you understand that you NEVER have to think a thought you do not Want TO “think” ever again! Your life begins to become supernatural and you feel Born Again! When we are not the watcher at the door of our thoughts and we do not bind the strongman, our life is not being lived in Salvation! We are still in and of the world and not free from it’s lies and distortions.

The first thought is one of  O-NO!  That is the “Father” who knows best, advising us do not “think” this way. Then the next thought, after we have disregarded the “Father’s” warning is how you (Ego/Devil), will “feel” while doing what you (Ego/Devil), “think” you (Ego/Devil), are addicted to.

Addiction, when brought to the “Father”, is a lie,  plain and simple.

People are taught in the world to say;  “I am an addict”  “I am powerless”  “Help me to accept this behavior that I can not change.” When in TRUTH the words that are to be spoken are words and “thoughts” of power and control. “I AM NOT AN ADDICT” “I HAVE THE POWER OVER (…)”  “I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS BEHAVIOR AND I AM CHANGING FOR THE BETTER EVERYDAY, FOR ME, MY FRIENDS AND MY LOVED ONES, THANK YOU GOD.”


Remember; “Addiction was whispered into Eve’s ear and the resulting “thoughts” were FEAR and SEPARATION, separation from the “Father” because he does not live in FEAR!

Never fear the Devil and his angels they can “DO NADA!”



Are you Alive?

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The Carpenter from Galilee told us in Matt.7:13-14;  “Don’t look for shortcuts to God. The market is flooded with surefire, easygoing formulas for a successful life that can be practiced in your spare time. Don’t fall for that stuff, even though crowds of people do. The way to life—to God!—is vigorous and requires total attention.”  

     You control everything in this moment, Everything! This moment is all that has ever existed. There never was a moment prior to this one. They were only thoughts, the only moment is Now!

     MO’ meaning change and MENT’ meaning an outcome. You can only change the outcome now at this “Moment”, not in our past thoughts and not in a future event. Change happens Now or Never. One more time, please “hear” this; “Change happens Now or Never!”

     We do not know why we were born, Do we? really? So if we do not “really” know why we were born. How can we know if we are doing the right things every moment? We can know and we do this by seeking the “Father.” When the “Father” shows you your purpose you then understand why you were born. “He” will then make it happen if we “get out of the way.” We get out of the way by not doubting or fearing ANYTHING!

     Fear, guilt and worry (the devil and his angels), are out to keep you from really experiencing the life as God (love), has intended for all of us to live. Drop fear, guilt and worry and walk with God, through the small gate and down the narrow path and you too will see that God is a lover of all.



“Second Coming and The Narrow Path”

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From the beginning the words second coming have stirred thoughts in the minds of men who read or study the bible. Thoughts of the carpenter from Galilee returning in the clouds, on horseback. Generations after generations, decades after decades have past and still no sign of the Master returning in the clouds has been “seen.” People waiting, dieing and hoping for second cloud coming and it never comes. Horseback, uh? Quite possibly a pastor of today, like John of revelation was, may have said returning on a Jet Fighter.

We are trying to get readers to think about what they read and think about what they have been told before they claim the information to be the “truth.”

The fact that some of the books King James choose to put in his bible may not have been accurate or true in many different ways. This being said we should come to know the authors as well as the men who wrote and assembled the “books” we hold as true.  The author of this book in question has been wrong for centuries and I suspect we will never see the Lord on horseback in the clouds coming back to kill people or send them to hell in our lifetime. If this is true what could the second coming really mean? Could it be an inner transformation that can not been seen by those without the “eyes to see?” Remember what the carpenter from Galilee told us. Where he goes we can not follow. He never told us he was coming back! He told us he would leave a comforter for us, the followers, of his teachings. He would not be seen again but he would be with us always even unto the end. He would be with us in “spirit” and we would have to seek him as he sought the “Father” during his lifetime. What if we were to use the words “second knowing” rather the the words “second coming.” This may help the seeker in their quest for salvation understand what is “required” to find the treasure Jesus speaks of.

He says if you seek you will FIND!

He goes on to tell us that we can do greater than he if we seek and follow, even to the point of not partaking of death. If you have the ears to hear what this is telling us,  please listen. It’s like Enoch truly “walking with God” as the carpenter did during his lifetime here on earth. To really understand the teachings of the man who became one with God, we must “think” like he advises us to “think.” Seek, ask and believe. This is without fear of any kind. Fear separates us from the “Father” who is in heaven! Fear is control and man has used fear to control men long before King James ever ruled over his people in England.

Radical you say? 

The carpenter was radical in his teachings so radical they killed him and if you posses the fruits of his teachings in your life you are free of all fear. When you seek God in spirit and in truth, God illuminates his answers so you know your prayers have been answered. Where as before the”second knowing” your prayers were always answered but you could not see them answered, where as now you can! Now as a result of your salvation you see “God’s hand” in All things, from a flat tire to a lottery win. The “father” loves us more than we love ourselves or more than we love anyone or anything.

God is NOW! The more you walk with God the easier it is to run from fear.

The Narrow Path is where spirituality meets religion and guides it to truth. In religion, we are seeking something like God, knowledge or safety, (as for the largest religions anyway), such as Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. The God that everyone is looking for is a God of Love. However, this God we all seek can not been seen with the five senses as we have come to know them.

I will try and explain. The five senses keep us from experiencing God the way “we want”, because God is “SEEN in TRUTH”, not one of our five senses, God is “HEARD in SILENCE” not one of the five senses and God is “FELT with LOVE” another, that is not one of the five. This is the way God reveals himself. We always have to remember God is spirit as well as flesh. Spirit is God’s essence and as flesh, within us. Religions are steeping stones or signposts to truth for people and nothing more. When we look at religions they all have a “book” that they follow. A “book” that was written for men by men. We can not experience God in a “book” and therefore books can only be guideposts as to how other men saw God.

If you had “NO BOOK” would you be able to experience and see God in your “earthly lifetime?”

The answer is an emphatic YES!!! 

I am now thinking that most of “the books” that have been written and put together for religious purposes have hindered the salvation of men from the world because the teachers as in Jesus’ day are missing the boat. The ego has them at the shore and they do not even get off the dock, let alone in the boat of salvation itself; Which is “Truth and Understanding.” 

We all have to go before God the Father and ask is my “book” the right “book”. And if my “book” is not the right “book” does anyone have the right “book.” We all think “my book” is the good one and yours is wicked. Is this true for you? Are you right and if people do not believe as you do are they “lost?” We have to ask who wrote my “book”, God or a King? God or a prophet? God or a man?

God is known best and can be found by All men, in the Silence, Love and the Truth he gives when we seek “the Father.” Truth” is known, not just believed as “Love” is felt, and not just spoken about. The “Silence” is the voice of God that we all have sought.




UNtruths Hold Salvation Hostage!!!

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Lies or false truths are the glue that hold fear together and in the kingdom you only see others like yourself. I will try and explain to you the reasons why lies and fear are so destructive to our spiritual growth and the consequences of these demons.

By only seeing people of the kingdom means that your love of God has grown to a point that you see God in everyone. And if you see God in everyone then everyone is God to you. You treat them (other people) as yourself. You feel almost one with them as Jesus prayed we would; and he did get to that point during his lifetime. He says we can do greater than he if we seek the “Father” in spirit and truth, he wants to give us the kingdom.

One way to seek the spirit is to close your mind off to all the world. This is done through prayer and meditation. I call this “praying without asking” a type of “silent prayer” designed to seek the “Father” a type of “silent mind space” where you are one with everything!

The carpenter from Galilee was a man who acquired “God or Christ” status not visa versa. He is telling us how we ALL can do the same as he did.

NOTE: Please leave comments and questions if you have them about becoming Christlike during this lifetime. If this can be realized by men of today imagine the lives that could be changed if every Christian alone just did what Jesus tells them to do.

HELLFIRE starts to loose its sting and take on a whole new meaning when you come to know the true Christ. This is a man who endured the cross for you and I not so we would not see hellfire after death, but so that we could see God, during this life! NOW!

Death is in a different paradigm. Jesus told us so with statements like these, “a place we could not follow him too.” OR “Where I go you can not follow” he told his apostles. Because they, his apostles, as well as us, would still be here in this paradigm, “earth” among the living. We would be in the “Kingdom of God” and he would be elsewhere. Jesus uses words like “hellfire” to wake you up to your thoughts, to rid the “mind/garden” of the “devil and his angels” and those being thoughts of fear that keep you from experiencing “Heaven on earth.” He tells us send those thoughts to hell so they do not return to keep you in bondage. He is not talking about a physical location after death. Jesus never taught that he was going to die come back and rule/reign the world. Some man in his ego wrote this and it was attributed to the carpenter of Galilee. Its just not true, a lie. The “second coming” that Christians “believe” is really when you understand what Jesus did andwhat it means to us All. No man before or after in recorded history has obtained salvation to the degree that Jesus obtained it. The salvation that Jesus is offering is the ability to change “water into wine”, true followers of Jesus have the opportunityof a lifetime. Jesus is telling us TO seek. Seek he says do not admire me I am telling you how to get and have what I have got and obtained, do not marvel at the miracles. The kingdom he is describing is here and Now! When we obtain the ability to change water to wine our reality “shifts” and it no longer has devils, an ego or any fears. You have become one with your maker as intended from the beginning of “time.”

 In closing I want to point out that if you still think that ole’ Aunt Betty is roasting in hellfire somewhere because she became a Buddhist at 70 after a mushroom trip, I suggest that you question Who, What, Where, When and How you came to believe this LIE!

In his love,


“Everlasting Punishment”

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 Jesus says, “depart from me, ye cursed, into everylasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” 

The agents of Satan: anger, lust, greed, selfishness, and all the other enemies of godliness are also the same enemies that keep us from knowing the “Father.”

Is God a merciless Judge who condemns His own creation/souls to “everlasting fire?” Short answer is: NEVER!

The references in these verses to “everylasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels”- or a place of “everylasting punishment”- have created fear in the minds of millions, of the Devine God as a merciless Judge who would condemn His created children to a damnation for all eternity in the torturous sufferings of hell, without the possibility of relief. Jesus never meant that there is a special place where souls go after death to agonize in an eternity of imprisonment and punishment for the mixed transgressions and/or  “sins” of a life consisting from or just a few dozen years.

Such a concept is totally ILLOGICAL!

Even an earthly judge has sense enough to sentence a criminal according to the nature and degree of his/her crimes.

Man may continue to misuse his free will to hurt or harm himself and others but the earth and its ways are very much different to God and his ways.

I ask you. “How could a man who at death loses his body and becomes an invisible soul be burned in a fire created by material brimstone?”  “Have you received a spiritual phone call or telegram from God about what will happen, that you are so certain He will burn us in hellfire?”

Blasphemy you say?

“What about your unhappiness over that wicked son or daughter of yours?” “Would you heat up a large stove, bind and gag your child when they have fallon asleep and shove them into a large oven?”

Whoever heard of a “Father” burning his own son? FOREVER!

Murderer. Of course you would not do such a thing. “Think” about what I am trying to tell you. You are human and far from the perfection of God, and can not bear the cruel thought of roasting your son alive. Where did you aquire your instinct of love if not from your heavenly “Father?”   “How, then, can you think of your supremely loving Heavenly Father as one who burns His own children/creation in eternal hellfire and brimstone?”

 Short answer: It’s man-made for fearful control.We must have read it in a book or been told this is true by another human being.

Fear is CONTROL.

Who wants to control you? Man or God?

In His Loving thoughts,


The Kingdom of God is “Within” You!

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“When man is settled in that inner kingdom of divine consciousness, the awakened intutive perception of the soul pierces the veils of matter, life energy, and consciousness and uncovers the God-essence in the heart of all things.”  Paramahansa Yogananda

No one can experience this divine inner kingdom that Jesus tells us about unless we are ready to “seek” and find for ourselves the “Father” that Jesus speaks about. The core of Jesus’ message is and was: “God’s Kingdom.”

The records that have been passed down through time (remember that many records have been distroyed, altered and lost) indicate that Jesus from the very outset of his public ministry is attempting to get everyone to go within and become one with the father as he had become one with the father.

“Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God.” Saying, “seek ye first the kingdomof God” or “Strive to enter at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.” 

God’s kingdom is not found by “observation” nor by the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch– but by interiorizing your consciousness to understand the Divine Reality that is “within” us all. Concentrate within you and you will find the Father-consciousness concealed behind your material consciousness. It excites me to write about something that I heard very little about or even how to find the “father” as I attended church. It is my thought at this time, that it is by design that we are not taught or shown how to become one with the father in church. This would empower the people as it did in Jesus’ day and that is not what the religious insitutions of today or of Jesus’ day wanted; And so they  KILLED HIM!

 There is very powerful transformation that takes place inside when true salvation/enlightenment occurs. When it takes place inside the outside changes as well. Jesus wilted a fig tree to show us many things and one being that you can do whatever you believe you can do.

  This life is not stranger than you think, its stranger than You can think.

Can you see how people in power and control in Jesus’ time and today would not want this to be common knowledge? Many people think of heaven as a physical location, a point of space far beyond the stars, a place attained after physical death. Jesus did not teach this!  He tells us to “go within find the kingdom and all else will be added.”

Have you ever made contact with the “Father?”  We do this through meditation or quieting the mind of “chatter”.  Mind chatter is caused by many things. We sometimes think we are thinking when actuality it is just mind chatter, we are not “thinking” at all. We are being lead by the ego/devil down a line of thought that is our of fear. Fear is the opposite of love or God. We begin to quiet the mind of chatter by first noticing that we are not thinking at all but that our minds are just in a chatter mode, this takes practice but if you really want salvation from pain and suffering on all levels it will be required that you stop all the chatter. The “father” does not push his way in he will stand at the door knocking waiting for you to answer. Try this: Be still and know that the “father” is there.