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~ *Forgiveness *Non-Judgment *Give no thought for tomorrow ~

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~ *Forgiveness *Non-Judgment *Give no thought for tomorrow ~

If you let your mind harbor attack thoughts, yield to judgment or make plans for uncertainties to come, you have again put your trust in yourself and not in Christ. Christ is within you, waiting to be Known to You! 

Give over every plan you have made for your Salvation in exchange for God’s plan. Salvation is the complete undoing of false-beliefs. Some false beliefs are that death is real and that money can bring you eternal happiness. 

What is Salvation from the world or what is being “Saved”? Lets look at what it is not. It is not an after death saving, and this we Know from the Words of Jesus when He tells you; “The Kingdom of God is Now, and you will not partake of death if you PRACTICE my teachings.”

So, we are not saved from something after death. It does not save you from a hell or a “lake of fire” after death. The lake of fire is after death. It is important to understand at this point that the lake of fire did not first raise it’s ugly frightening head in the bibles book of revelation, No. The lake of fire was first used to control the minds of the masses in ancient Egypt around 1500 BC! This must be understood so you can allow the Holy Spirit to Guide you past this fearful, diabolical, False-Belief!! 

Review, If the “Kingdom of God” is now, then the lake of fire has to be seen as Insane, before you can move forward into The Kingdom that Jesus tells us about. False, fearful beliefs hold the mind in fear and a mind in fear is the opposite of a mind in love. 

This fearful “lake of fire” tactic was used by King James in his version of Christianity! Remember the bigger or larger the lie the more apt the people are to “believe” it. If Anything causes you fear IT IS NOT OF YOUR LOVING GOD!! All fear is a lie.

Understand when you have allowed the Holy Spirit to eliminate all fear from your mind you will See the Kingdom of God Jesus teaches you about, however, not until then.
It is not your job to eliminate this fear, you caused the need for the Holy Spirit so let the Holy Spirit do what the Holy Spirit was Created to do for you, you will then Know the True from the false.

You cannot See the Risen Christ if you ‘believe’ He is DEAD! Belief is the most powerful tool in your Creation.

Knowing is = to belief. If your beliefs are false, you will not Know!

“ask, Believe and receive!” Jesus 2000 years ago

Ask yourself:
How did you come to your current beliefs?
Why do you believe what you believe? and,
How do you Know what you are believing is the Truth?

These questions Must be answered before you will understand; 

“The Peace that surpasses All your understanding”

Peace comes to a Quiet mind in search of the Father!

Got The Father?

Enough for today. . . ♥

relax “no man Knows the time”

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Think of a wild horse as your ego. Now think of the Teachings of Jesus as the Horse Whisperer. When Judgmental and UN-Forgiving thoughts come as they will in the beginning, think of them as your horse bucking and thrashing. As you allow for Christ to Whisper, via your Holy Spirit to you, the wild thoughts are calmed. This will go on for some time until, “no man Knows the time”, a dawning of pure bliss and joy rests on you. You will experience the Oneness of Creation. This is the time, using this analogy you are released into the Promised Land of Heaven Itself!

Leave the cares of this world to Christ. His burden (message) is easy. He asks that you be “in the world and not of it.” This world is not your home. There is ‘Another’ just beyond fear waiting for you!

Many have asked me, and continue to ask, David do you not believe in the Holy Bible any-longer?

Here is the answer: As I Practiced the Teachings of Jesus, *Forgiveness, *Non-Judgment, and *Giving no thought for tomorrow, I became Aware of a World beyond this one and right here as well, a place Jesus described as Heavenly. This allowed me to “be in the world and not of it.” Scripture is then Known to be True or false. Beliefs were formed because I did not Know. I could never have Known without the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit Guides you past all the “fear” you read, into the Truth. There is No Truth in Fear!! Fear is the opposite of Love. God is love and He did not Create a world; He came to “steal, kill and destroy.” That is an Insane god. The devil comes to “steal, kill and destroy”, not God the Father.

I “believe” in nothing any-longer. I either Know or I do not. Fear is a direct result of All beliefs.

“When you KNOW that the Kingdom of God is Now, and death is a lie of the devil, you no longer ‘believe’ in a hell after a death!”

Hell is an Insane Judgment against God the Father. When Jesus speaks of hell with weeping and gnashing of teeth, He is speaking of this world, not the World Created for you by God!

The confusion comes from your personal beliefs about the book of Revelation and confusing them with the teachings of Christ-Jesus!
Jesus Knew there was No “lake of Fire!” This came from an Egyptian myth perpetrated on the people some 1500 years before Christ.

The bible and all “holy books” are only as helpful as the reader will allow them to be. Reading from a “fearful” consciousness, where God the Father allows One of His Sons to suffer and die on a cross for the rest is Insanity!!
King James HAD a Problem with PRACTICING Followers of Jesus! But to See the Insanity and the wickedness perpetrated by King James, One must PRACTICE the Teachings of Jesus!

“Seek and you will find!” Jesus, my Brothers and Sisters Does not deceive YOU! You will See the Risen Christ!! To See, all fear has to be eliminated by Knowing. The Father did not invent or create fear, you did! You have all power in Heaven and earth residing within you now in the form of Christ!

Fear-Not!! Fear Nothing!!

Fear is direct control over the minds of the Sons and Daughters of God!! God sends His messengers, we Judge, then kill them! WE! Stop the Insanity of Judgment and UN-Forgiveness.

All sickness and death begin with, yes you guessed it, FEAR!

If this helps at all LIKE IT!! LOL

Be Faithful to God the Father and not a holy book! Understand fear, feel fear, experience fear and then Know God did not Create that Feeling, the devil did!


Dear Father, ♥

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Dear Father, ♥

As I enter my 50th year here, I am able to See that all of my pain has been self-inflicted. I am able to see now that the mind makes the body sick and not the other way around. I am remembering that I am the Light of my World, and that Forgiveness with Non-Judgment allow me to see this.

Please tell Jesus Hello from me and let Dr. King know that I will be home soon! I am writing t…o tell you that not many among us practice the teachings of Jesus. They are so confused that they have thousands of different religions that require belief instead of Knowledge. I was taught belief as soon as I arrived here. Most every-One here understands that this is not their home, and they have become depressed and are finding ways to escape rather than Wake-Up. Dad this place is insane. No One really understands the power of belief you gave ‘Us’ at Creation.

As I began to remember You as a result of my intense suffering, the Holy Spirit kept reminding me of my true purpose here. The devil, which has been referred to here as the ego, kept me in fear and I was unable to hear the Comforter that You sent along with me on my journey back to You!

I am teaching others that they are the Light unto their worlds through the power of Christ, like Jesus taught.
Dad they taught me, and had me believing that Christ was DEAD!! Yes, they had me believing this because of a book they call the bible that an egotistical King provided to control the population of the true followers of Christ! There is truth in this book; However, no One really practices Forgiveness so they do not Know Truth from fiction. They just believe what they are told and told what to believe!

Here is one of the most insane beliefs your Created Children have Father, they believe that You allowed our Brother Jesus to suffer and die so that we would not suffer and die, and get this, “After Death!” Yes, they “believe” Evey-One has to Die!! I know, I know Jesus did not teach this but since so many do not follow the teachings of the “Risen Christ” they are UN-Aware of their True nature of reality!

If they only Knew You Dad! The few that do remember You, like Jesus, Dr. King and Gandhi, they Kill! I don’t know how much longer I can stay here. I will continue to teach Non-Judgment like Brother Martin, Forgiveness like Brother Gandhi and “giving no thought for tomorrow” like my Elder Brother, Teacher and Master Jesus! Very few are willing to quiet their minds long enough to listen for You Father. They are so fearful and judgmental that when the truth is presented to them, rather than seek for the Knowledge within, they go back to that book I referred to earlier in this letter that they call “The Holy Bible!”

It distorts the truth by making every-One believe everything in it, fearful or not. It makes you look like some kind of monster at times, Father, and I am saddened by this. Jesus told them to “give no thought for tomorrow” and in the back of this book, a poor fearful soul they call John who never Knew Your Son Jesus talks about a “lake of fire” that has been myth for centuries here, this lake of fire was used to control the masses, by fear, in ancient Egypt around 1500 BC! There is another fellow they call Paul, they even call him an Apostle of Christ, he never Knew Your Son Jesus either! He tells Your Children to “mind their masters” and has many other insane commandments that have Absolutely Nothing to do with Your Created Heaven!

Father, I have stepped back and allowed Christ to lead the way, and this has brought me Much Joy!♥

Thank You, Love Your Son,

Enough for today. . .

ADDICTION is the same as FEAR.

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ADDICTION is the same as FEAR.

If I was to say, “I am an addict”, and believe this, it’s the same as saying, “I am afraid.”

If I say, “Hello, I am David and I am an alcoholic”, it’s the same as saying, “Hello, I am David and alcohol takes away my fear.”

It does not matter the “addiction”, it’s all based in fear, conscious or unconscious fear. An example of unconscious fear that results in self abuse could be when you were a young child, you did not know if your parents were going to be happy or act insanely. So as an adult when everything is going Great in your life now, you are just waiting for the chips to fall. This causes unconscious fear, and drugs (legal or illegal), pornography, gambling, religion, alcohol, work, or even sports, takes your mind “away”, but only temporarily.

Conscious fear that is the cause of self abuse could be, bills, a failing relationship, job loss, the economy, a death, and a host of other fearful triggers.

“Addiction is self-abuse and self-abuse is Fear”

Remember whatever you say, “I AM” to, you will eventually become. If you go beyond your fear, and say, “I am not an alcoholic”, you will become a non-drinker. If you say, ” I am not afraid/an addict”, and you understand why you were afraid/or addicted, you will no longer be that. An addict is a fearful Brother or Sister who does not know why.

Fear is the cause of all insanity in your world. Moses told the Pharaoh, “The Great I AM sent me.” Moses new the power of the, “I AM!”
The cause of all fear/addiction can be Cured by going within and seeking the Christ within You! You have the power to change anything, anytime you want!

Your mind operates in Love or fear. To stop the fearful thoughts that cause insane behavior you must be willing to PRACTICE the teachings of Jesus. This PRACTICING will bring you past your fear/addiction!

*Non-Judgment of others, past present and future!

*Forgiveness of others, past, present or future! and,

*giving No thought for tomorrow!

Psst…..hey, all your suffering, ALL OF IT, is Self-induced fear. STOP trying to control tomorrow, you can’t control this moment….why……………………..God Is!

You are Not alone in this……………..Christ is within you, but unknown to You as yet……your Holy Spirit will Guide you as you allow. Surrender your fearful thoughts when you first recognize them.

O’ yea, and God made it so eventually you would depend on Love and not fear, the Only choice or “free-will” you have is When!

“Meditate on what you want, not what you don’t want…..then your suffering will end”

You are One with everything you see, Forgive It, to See IT!!

Enough for today. . . ♥

a belief is a conviction…………

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“A belief is a convict-ion, A convict is a wrong doer, and a wrongdoer, is an UN-saved or UN-enlightened Son or Daughter of God.”

Salvation is Enlightenment. When you are “Saved or Enlightened” the world as you knew it is changed from one of fear and death to One of Love and Life.

I am teaching what Jesus taught and as He taught. Jesus Had no fear of His father nor should you. Fear blocks Knowledge, just as beliefs limit God.

Follow this experiment, it won’t hurt long, I promise:
If you are reading this and your belief is Muslim or Christian, Imagine BURNING Your Koran or your Bible.

How do you feel? FORGIVE me please ♥ , it’s only an “inner experiment.” Experience the feeling that you feel when your mind even thinks about burning YOUR Holy Book…….”THAT” my Brothers and Sisters is what “belief” does, it causes “fear and unconscious guilt”, and will do so until the body dies, or until you let go of belief! Knowing is the opposite of belief.
Your holy book is just as important as your lawnmower instructions when you Know how to “Mow the Lawn!”

“You shall Know the Truth and the Truth Will set You free!”

Further, if you believe that Jesus died on the cross. How could you ever See Him?, NOW!!
If Jesus is dead???, then you have to believe the next lie which is, A Heaven after Death??? In The Saviors own words, from Your holy book he states; “The Kingdom of God is Now!” and “If you will PRACTICE what I teach you, you will not DIE!” He goes further and tells you all suffering is from your “lower consciousness”, He called this lower consciousness the devil, “The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy!”

Jesus did not teach from of book of beliefs. Jesus taught KNOWING through Experience!! You’ll will KNOW! And will believe nothing!!!

Beliefs limit God, they are a limit on what Christ can do for/through You. If you believe Jesus is dead, He’s in Heaven, and the only way to See Him is via Death, you are believing falsely. Jesus’ Own Words tell you that death is a LIE!! He did not overcome death for Himself, no, He overcame it for You and me!

The “catch” is, you must PRACTICE what Jesus taught, and not believe everything in ANY holy book, ordained by a King or not!! When Paul tells his followers, “Slaves mind your masters.” That is one of the most “telling lies” of King James’ version. God Created NO SLAVES, therefore there are NO SLAVES in Heaven!!

You are in Heaven, just UN-Aware of IT!!!!!

You will never understand the Enlightened Christ within you fully, until All fear is GONE, and GONE Completely with your beliefs left in the past!

This takes “time.” Time is different for everyOne ‘here.’ Some time, fly’s by, some time, it’s slow as molasses. Use your time to seek the Living Christ within. Jesus is the Risen Christ!

If you don’t Judge, Forgive and stop thinking about tomorrow, you are making the best use of “time.” Very few use time to seek God and Christ.
I know you must plan for the church bazaar or next project, it’s like this, “Before Salvation church project, After Salvation church project.” Born Again Consciousness……

Allow your Holy Spirit more access!! CONSCIOUSLY ask, “Holy Spirit are you with me?” When you are “SAVED” You KNOW Christ Now, and you are protected from death, by protected is meant, “It will never occur!” You see death because you believe Jesus is dead or somewhere you do not have access to Him.

If you ask a follower of the teachings of Christ to prove “IT”, Salvation, you are the same as the Pharisees when they asked, “Where is this Kingdom of God, when will it come.” They only way to Know is to Follow Christ! Your proof will come as you change your beliefs about Jesus dieing on the cross, your “belief” that He is dead and in Heaven, keeps you from Experiencing or Seeing the Risen Christ! If you don’t practice His teachings it’s not good or bad, it just is.

In closing, when you accepted Christ as your Savior, He began communication with you. You can’t hear if you don’t listen. We were never taught to listen, only to obey. We were told that if we believed, and we are good, that when we die, we will see Jesus in Heaven. Not So!!

Dismiss death, Heaven is Now, and Christ Has Risen!!

“For those who have eyes to See, will See”

Is it making Any sense at all to You, Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, Sheik, Bishop, Teacher, “Religious Rulers?”

Do You Love ♥ Your Enemies? They Love YOU!!
((You Can’t Know this Truth if you Judge 🙂 ))

(Mark 10: 26-27)

Enough for today. . . ♥

Experience vs belief……

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I would love to take you on a short mental journey.

Imagine that you are in control of everything that happens in your life, that which you call good and that which you think is bad……………. now imagine that if you fear “God”, you can not Know this!

Every-One is You!

Please understand that I am attempting to explain an experience that many, myself included have had, without the use of dr…ugs or an ‘outside’ influence. Drugs numb the conscious state, and although fear may be eliminated for a time with the use of drugs, the blissful state of fearlessness does not continue. “Drug induced bliss” does not compare to the conscious state of Heaven, Jesus helps you attain!

Time has you believing in a beginning and an ending of everything. This is not true in eternity. Eternity ends the need for time, thus past and future are gone, replaced by the everlasting Now, that Jesus taught as Heaven! This is a direct result of fearlessness. Eternity takes the consciousness beyond past and future to the Created Oneness of existence.

You teach your world, and you teach your world all the time. If what you believe is fearful and wrong then your world will appear fearful and chaotic, because You taught it fear and chaos. You my Brother and Lil’ Sister are unaware of this creative power given to you at creation, because you exchanged it for fear. You give away your power with the “belief” in anything fearful.

Please note: King James was at a point in time where followers of Christ ruled the world! The deception of King James was not even known to him when he took a, “if ya can’t beat um join um attitude” with his version of “Christianity.” And made every-One submit to “his version” or be killed!!

Followers of Christ are akin to anarchists, in that following a worldly political structure you are unable to experience a mind free of fear. Therefore, world leaders and world policies, do not affect the follower of Christ and “their way of thinking.”

To attain Christ consciousness or to experience the “Second Coming of Christ”, One must See that All fear is entirely a self-induced illusion! In other words, You will Know God is ONLY Love and never fear. “This Truth will set you free!”

What “other” reason is there for this life than to experience the Second Coming of Christ? Honestly, you who call your self “Christians” and anyone else reading this; WHAT Other reason could this experience (life) possibly be useful for Except to RECEIVE CHRIST??

Christ wants you to Know you are Everything to GOD! Christ wants you to Know that you are everything you see and not just a pile of ashes that will one day be gone…….

As you explore quantum physics, an “out-there’ science, it will begin to prove the “in-here” science that Jesus taught us to find. Jesus taught the science of pure manifestation! He taught that you have control over Everything, health, relationships, money, even the weather; Everything!; when you submit to God’s Loving plan of Oneness through FORGIVENESS, and not the devil’s plan of judgment and UN-forgiveness you will SEE HEAVEN!

If you Knew that ALL your problems are of your own making, would you change your long-held beliefs; and
Would you not go through fear to find the Love of God?

Know Christ? ♥

I’d Love to speak at “Your” Church…………….. 🙂

* did God create us to be destined as worm food *

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~What Jesus taught and is chronicled in the New Testament of the Bible very few people understand. They just read what He said and quote it; and because it is written in the biblical Scripture, and ordained by King James they believe it blindly, with little effort to realize the wisdom therein through personal experience.
As people distort what Jesus taught to fit their purpose by intellectual analysis alone however well-intentioned, they miss the Enlightened wisdom behind the teachings of the greatest man who ever lived. The teachings of Jesus have to be understood by communing with Christ, NOW!, not through fear and by personal rationalization.~

Why do I believe what I believe……………….I am not intending to ask you this question, but that you ask this question of yourself. Be not content with another “belief” my Brother. Set your intentions on Knowing the Truth that will set you free!

You are here to do Great Works…..Remember the Followers of the Teachings of Jesus and what they accomplished during their life times, (try do not judge these names 🙂 ). Dr. King, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Mohammad Ali, John Lennon, Oprah, just to name a few……

I AM coming to the end of my time on Facebook. Many of you, “my Friends”, have sent me messages of encouragement and I am grateful to your understanding. I have offered to you an intuitive explanation of the teachings of Christ. I understand the fear you have of letting go of long-held generational family beliefs as it relates to the bible.

You who are afraid of God and still believe God killed Jesus, will someday overcome this false-fear and your false-beliefs, through the realization of the teachings of Christ-Jesus. This will only happen when you are ready. You will be ready when you see this life as a dead-end road, no matter how long you travel on it, death will always await you at its end. As you now believe, EveryOne you love, including yourself will someday die. This need not be my Brother!

Jesus did not teach to foster doctrinal divisions, His teachings now misunderstood, have come to beliefs and not Understandings. It does not matter what you call yourself, Catholic, Mormon, Muslim, Evangelical Christian, J.W., Hindi, Baptist, Lutheran, 7th Day Adventist, and a host of other “BELIEFS” brought on by dogmatic teachers who read the bible and other holy scripture hoping for your believing mind, again, however well-intentioned they may be, if they do not Know the Truth and they are only believing something without its understanding. It’s “The blind continuing to lead the blind”, 2000 years After the Resurrection of Christ!

It has always been my intention to pass along the good news through explanation by Revelation. You too will have personal revelation if you seek the Truth and not just believe the writings of men. You seek by practicing the Teachings of Christ Jesus……………

He Never Taught Death!! No matter what you were told to believe. ” I have Come so that You may Have LIFE and LIFE more abundantly!”

He Never taught an after death Hell!! No matter what you were told to believe. “The Kingdom of God is NOW!!”

He Never taught BELIEF!! No matter what you were told to believe. “You will Know the Truth…”

Fear Not God any-longer my Brother. Death is not your friend, and this life is not overcome by death, but it is overcome by the “Light of the world within You.” God Created Nothing that dies!! You can KNOW this Truth!

*Forgive EVERYONE!! 7×70

*Judge NO-One Ever!!

*Give No thought for Tomorrow!! (practice this until you realize its significance my Beloved)

♥ Love will turn you around. ♥ Love is of God. ♥ God IS Love!


*Jesus, the Example of a Kingdom Ruler

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*Jesus, the Example of a Kingdom Ruler

A Ruler is One who sets the example. He shows us in the Good Samaritan story an example of what a good ruler looks like… (Luke 10: 25-37)
He is using the religious people as the example of what not to follow. The religious people in the example are the Ones who do not understand how the kingdom functions. “You will reap what you sow.” The good Samaritan understood that what He gives He receives. The kingdom of God has good Samaritans and religious people among it. The Only difference between the two is, the good Samaritans recognize the kingdom of God and the religious do not.

Religious leaders who have not yet experienced what, “Giving No thought for tomorrow” does in the kingdom of God, see no reason to help a homeless man for example, because it is not yet understood that, ” there for the Grace of God go I.” You are the homeless man outside the kingdom, the grace of God is on you, you are not Aware of it because you are not giving this grace away. You judge the homeless man, as homeless, not understanding the Oneness of the kingdom. I am better, safer, not lost like He is, “thank God”, is the judgment of the religious.

God has made it impossible for anyOne to hurt you, and ‘He’ has “only allowed you to believe” that you can suffer. In the illusion-nary world, made up of thoughts of fear where God killed His own Son, you feel guilty by belief and nothing else! You made yourself scared by believing God is insane enough to Create something that could turn on Itself. Fear induces unconscious guilt due to lack of Knowledge about the Kingdom of God. You blame God without Knowing it.

If you are to end your suffering you must See the insanity of believing a religious doctrine that induces guilt, and a belief in fear. Get past all this, simply by practicing the teachings of Christ Jesus. Become the Good Samaritan instead of the religious ruler. It’s Your Kingdom my Beloved!

Jesus is a radical teacher, He does not teach reincarnation for example because He understands the ego or devil would have you wanting to know about past lives and not concentrate on “the business at hand.” You must allow yourself to go past All “fearful beliefs” to understand the Consciousness that He is leading you towards.

Everything is Consciousness, consciousness is in the manifested and the UN-manifested. If you are afraid of something, anything, realize God did not make fear, so fear is Not Real!!

* Forgive It
* Don’t judge It
* And don’t think about It, if It is about tomorrow……

You must understand that the teachings of Jesus are as Radical now as they were 2000 years ago. They only seem radical until you practice them, and then “All Heaven Breaks Loose!!”

Practice, You have a Helper Within!

Be the Jesus Example in Your Samaria!!

♥ Love the UN-loveable , ♥ Forgive the UN-Forgivable, ♥ do not judge the UN-judge-able, ♥ there is No tomorrow in The Kingdom of Heaven,(let that go too)!!

You Can not Be Judged my Beloved!!

I AM Fearlessly One with You!!

hello….is there anybody in there……..

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Thank ‘God’ for Facebook! God? Well, OK, thank God for the Bible! God? The Koran! God? Hell! God? It’s man, you silly willies! Man made Facebook, the Bible, hell and the Koran. Man, Not God! Do you believe me??? That pesky word again, yes! BELIEF….It’ll get ya every time if you let it………..

Let go of Everything you ever believed today. Don’t be scared. God did not make anything bad, Man Did!! Yes, LOL Man!!

C’mon Man! We been fed a load of beliefs! OK, I am not trying to scare you but….answer this…..who wrote the first book of your holey book? If it’s the Koran your “Adam and Eve” book is “Essence” and if it’s the Bible your “Adam and Eve” book is “Genesis” who wrote it? And why?

………………………drum roll please. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Why is everything so scary and Jesus (bible) or St. Isa (koran) tells you, “Fear Not!” Why are You afraid of God………BELIEFS! You Believe! You are a BELIEVER!! You were SCARED into Believing a Lotta’ lies with some truth mixed in. You are becoming more and more aware of the Truth.

What would happen to “Your World” if Jesus was telling the Truth and your “book” was not. I understand the fear you feel! Jesus went through it TOO!

Think about this: No Hell (ever)! HEAVEN NOW!! I know to Your ‘believing’ mind this sounds like the height of Insanity! I also Know to Your Forgiving Mind it means you come home to Sanity! Beliefs cause you to fear. Forgiveness causes you to SEE!

Church, Mosque, Temple or Synagogue is one big belief. What is Truth, how can you ever Know Truth when your beliefs, which cause you to judge others and their beliefs, get in the way of KNOWING! He never said; “You will believe the truth and it will set you free.” NO!!, He said; “YOU WILL KNOW……….”

There are No accidents in a Divine Creation! You are given every opportunity to “wake” from your fearful beliefs. Jesus Did Not, and Could Not Die!!!! OK where is HE, if St. Isa ain’t dead, show me Him! You can not See Heaven when false-beliefs are in the way of your Vision!

If I asked you, do you believe you love your mom? You would say David, that’s silly, I Know I love my mom. Children? I Know that too. Do you believe in electricity, gravity……..You don’t form beliefs when you Know, and You Will NEVER Know as Long as You Believe Untruths!

Jesus Knew the “Adam and Eve” story had a buncha’ holes in it. He did not “believe” in the Torah, NEVER! He was killed because He told them it was crap!! He used verses to throw their book back at um’. Kinda like I did when I asked you, Why are you scared of hell when the kingdom of Heaven is Now. Or if you call yourself a “Christian” why do you not practice the teachings of Christ??? Like, *Forgiveness, *Non-Judgment and this pesky little verse that always stumps The DEVIL in Ya………**”GIVE NO THOUGHT FOR TOMORROW!”

I Am not Judging YOU! I AM You! I was a “BELIEVER” too!! When the Grace of Christ dawns on a mind willing to let go of All fear, All beliefs are set aside in their place, the Knowing of Christ is Restored! Christ is the Knower within, contact this Higher Consciousness. Jesus called this Knower, His “Father.”

Got Church?

Nicodemus where art thou?

“When the iceberg of belief has melted away, you will See in its place, the infinite, Sea of Knowledge!”

Enough for today. . .

Believing is to fear, as Knowing is to Love!

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You were not made to form beliefs about You. You were Created to Know about You! Beliefs limit your creative power by limiting the Source of the creative power.

If you “believe” for example that ‘God’ does not exist and call your self an Atheist you limit Yourself because you formed a belief. If you believe for example that God does exist and call yourself Muslim you limit Yourself because you formed a belief.

Beliefs limit You because you Do Not Know and therefore you form beliefs. “You never need believe anything because within you is the Knowledge to Know Everything”, if You want! If you do not want to Know, that’s OK too!

Understand that beliefs are a form of unconscious fear that you have rationalized to try to understand the world for which you live. You can never understand anything through beliefs, however you can Know everything through Knowledge. Knowledge is gained by understanding the relationship of Love to fear!

You can not Love what you fear no matter what you believe. Your beliefs are true to you because you believe them. This is why everyone does not believe the same things you do. Judgment causes the mind to form beliefs out of fear. How can you Know the truth if you only believe you have the truth??? You can not!

Truth is Known, not believed. Anyone who try’s to get you to believe anything does not Know their Source. This is why Jesus teaches you not to believe but to Know. He does this by guiding you past your beliefs, by eliminating fear, through Non-judgment and Forgiveness. He understands the mind of fear and how it forms beliefs to protect itself. You need no protection, no beliefs, no rules to live by. You are the protector, You are your Brothers and Sisters keeper! You are only unaware of the Oneness that is YOU!!

God does not intrust “His” kingdom to a believer. The kingdom can only be seen by Knowing it exists. You can only Know it exists by living with FORGIVENESS. Forgiveness allows you to See through the Eyes of Non-judgment, “Those who have the Eyes to See will See!” You can not See the kingdom if you believe in death. You can not See the kingdom if you believe your right and others are wrong. And You can not See the kingdom if you believe God killed Jesus!

Beliefs cause a perfectly created mind to become insane. Fear causes insanity even though God did not Create the insane! You are perfect!! You have never been left or forgotten by your Creative Source. Forgive and your fear-full beliefs will become past memories of days gone by………..You will become the “Co-Creator” of your world and you will experience the Oneness that follows Forgiveness. You will no longer judge others as wrong, insane, lost, evil or wicked. You will see them as you once saw YourSelf, “as-Only-A-believer.”

Go past belief with Me today! Come into the Knowledge that you need give no thought for tomorrow. Come into the Knowledge that God is Love and Only Loving. God has Never left you comfortless, only your beliefs about God have. Go past belief with Me today! Begin a short journey of Forgiveness and Non-judgment with Me, leaving past beliefs in the past, and “WE” will See each other as One!!

DREAMS are for those who are Awake! You are Lucidly Dreaming your Kingdom, you are just not Self-Aware!………..(yet ♥).

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