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Intention 2-1-2010

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What is Intention?

Intention is inspiration in manifestation.

Whatever you intend is a thought first; And after a thought is accepted in reality it becomes material or you can “see-it”.

For an example: If you are inspired to take a vacation; Inspiration is Not a thought of the mind about a vacation, inspiration for this vacation is an “impression” upon your consciousness by our “Divine Source.” In religion this Divine Source is sometimes called God, Allah, Mother Earth and even Jesus. What religion is attempting to describe by these labels is the “Source” of all creation. This source of all creation has your highest good as its goal Always! Because we can “think” or in religion, because we have “free-will” we slow down the intention or manifestation process by trying to “figure-out” how we will take the vacation, thus adding fear, through “thought”, and slowing down the manifestation of our vacation. If and when we realize that “INSPIRATION” shows us the “Will” of our “Divine-Source”, we need only accept, and it will be shown in our reality!

So easy, Uh? Easy, yes; Simple, no. The reason it is not simple is due to our “pre-formed-beliefs” about life and how creation is manifested. True experience or testing the spirit is how we come to understand the process of creating the life we want to “experience” in our lives! We first have to suspend All preconceived “beliefs about life, heaven, hell, judgement, evil, love, fear Etc… All these “beliefs” were formed without true experiences. Thus, we formed our beliefs by what we were “told” or what we read in “Holy Books” such as the Torah, Bible or the Koran just to name three of the most popular books used for the different beliefs and “Religions.” We were told these contain the only true “Word’s of God” and so we believed it. However, because “we-believe” some-thing does Not make it a reality to everyone else only to us. This is the Ego or Devil part of us that tells us “I AM RIGHT and You are wrong and going to ??? hell maybe? It all has to do with control of the mind. This has gone on for centuries and will continue until we understand the our “Divine-Source” is LOVE!

I will now explain:

Do you believe in gravity? Yes, why? Not because you read it in a book or were told this by someone, but because you experienced this power we call gravity.


Do you believe you love your children? No, why? Because you experience this power we call “Love” through “experience.” It is the same with “Our Father who is in Heaven.” We no longer have to form a “belief” about “The Father” we experience “The Father”,

So we know “The Father” is All loving.

I hope this helps explain personal manifestation and personal Co-creation. Please if You have any question or would like me to further explain to help you live the life You want to live just leave a note here or email me and I will reply A.S.A.P.

Love to Every-ONE!


Is Deepak a follower of Jesus? 8/28/09

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“Life is perfect it’s our own thoughts and judgements about people and things that bring imperfection”

     We ask this question today to determine if we should follow a man like Deepak Chopra as he leads people to a full salvation from this world as Jesus spoke about. Jesus tells us, “if they are not against me they are with me.” Deepak teaches a message of Love and Forgiveness that transcends most of our consciousnesses because our minds are full of “chatter.” This chatter causes us not to “think” with the mind of God but to “listen” to the lies of this world. We listen to someone tell us “Deepak is Not a follower of Jesus” and we believe it with out first seeking for ourselves the truth that Deepak teaches and whether or not this man is a Saint or a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

What do you see when you look at Deepak Chopra? Do you judge him as a liar because you have not obtained the peace that he has obtained through the teachings of Jesus or do you think you should “seek” a little further before casting  judgement upon Deepak? If you do this you too will discover a man who would gladly exchange his life for yours if you could only understand this concept.

     What are you looking for in your life? Are you trying to obtain Heaven “after death?”  Are you trying to  find the peace Jesus tells us about in church? This will never happen without first understanding that the church is a gathering place to seek God, Not a “sermon-center” to listen to “someone else’s opinion” about God! If you pray, read all the Holy books”,  and you seek you too will understand Jesus when he tells us the Kingdom of God is Now! Heaven is Now! Not after some “physical” death thought of by the ego. However, Jesus tells us NO-ONE can enter the Kingdom of Heaven with the heavy heart of judgement. Judgement leads to death and this death does not come upon nor can it be seen by a being living in “life consciousness” of heaven thought.

     Thoughts of judgement do not give life but death. Judgemental thoughts can not be truth because truth requires that you have All the facts, do you have all the facts about those of whom your “ego” disagrees with?  Only God has all the facts and his judgement is forgiveness. To understand the truth as Jesus teaches us we must NEVER Have Judgement in our heart toward another brother, regardless of his actions.

     When we understand that we are not promised the next moment in life and life could end even before you finish reading this blog, you begin to understand the destruction and lack of peace judgement brings.

     Judgement is reflected back at you with feelings of anger toward those whom you judge.  This is not something the ego takes lightly and will continue to deceive youabout truth and love. This is an important teaching of Jesus and if you can understand what he is telling you; You too can have complete salvation from this world of fear and death.

Jesus never judged, even up an unto the Crucifixion he was without judgement understanding that judgement leads to death and as we all know Jesus NEVER DIED and we are like him in that we have the potential to do greater than he did.

Today and forever practice Non-Judgement upon others, even those to whom your ego disagrees with and you too will feel the freedom that this “New way of thinking brings.

The only reason for the cross is so we can understand true forgiveness and Love.

Love and Light,