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Transending your ‘trained reality’ . . .

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We will attempt to go further than we have previously gone in the ‘past.’

Everything that you see, touch, smell, taste or hear has been ‘made up’ by your ego.  Your Source Created everything as One. You however saw everything as separate and began to ‘name it’ out of fear.  Why did this ‘separation’ or ‘fall’ happen? The answer can come only through experience or revelation.

This post is an attempt to help you take full responsibility for your life and not blame your Source or “God” for everything that you ‘think’ has happened or is happening to you now.

God is Love and Only Love. Death is not a part of your God or “His” Creation.

 You made up death and see death out of a fear of death. When you no longer fear anything not even death you will understanding the teachings of a man like Jesus, who we now call Christ.  To understand Christ and See as Christ we must practice what Christ  taught.

As you take full responsibility for your life by letting God be God, you will begin to see that all your fears are unfounded and always have been. As you let God provide for your food, shelter and clothing you will See that it has always been provided for. How can you see this? First, you Must “give No thought for tomorrow.” I UNDERSTAND This is very fearful at first because you are not in the habit of Trusting God!

As you begin to Trust God your trust will be proven to you as your Sanity. Insanity came as a result of not trusting your Creator. Why do you fear anything? What is fear? Fear, as is sin, is a result of not Loving Yourself;  The Self God Created in His image and likeness.  As you trust God by forgiving your judgements of His Creation, the fear of God will leave you.

Who among you would not be afraid of a God, when you have  judged His Kingdom as unworthy?  You judge God’s Kingdom as unworthy every time you judge One of His Creations; Everytime you judge One of your Brothers or Sisters as “lost” or  “in a cult.”

Taking full responsibility means Forgiving the wrongs you think have been done to you by ‘others.’ Christ tells you FORGIVE, you have no enemy’s. You will not know this if you do not forgive.  Christ, if He was teaching you today or if you will listen, may say, “it’s a catch 22” you can not See Love and Forgiveness if you do Not practice Love and Forgiveness. 

This post is not for everyone. If you want to See as Christ Saw and Hear what Christ Heard you must practice what Christ taught. Otherwise all His teachings are Insanity to a world that has all but forgotten about God. Do not be led by blind leaders any longer. Be led by the Holy Spirit within you.  There are two worlds right here right now; One is insane, lead by the ego into darkness as a result of fear. The other is sane, lead by Christ into light as a result of love!

Take responsibility by Forgiving, not judging and Loving everyone Your God Created. This takes an inner courage that can only be found by surrendering long-held judgements of others and the things they “believe” even if it  is not what you “believe.”.

  “No one gets to the Father except through Me (Christ) and if you practice what I teach, you will Know the Truth (not have to form a belief) and the Truth will set you FREE!” Jesus 2000 years ago

Enough for today. . .


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As we begin to question long-held self beliefs about the true nature of our reality, we See that many of our beliefs “missed the mark” in that fear was the basis for our beliefs. As we question why we believe what we believe we See that there is nothing to fear in asking the “Holy Spirit within” to translate what we read in our scriptures from a fear (judging) state of mind to a Love (Forgiving) state of Mind.

As we understand the verse “Give no thought for tomorrow” to mean that “God” is taking care of all our needs. We See, we just Never Saw this before because of our of fear of God. How can we love a God who would kILL His own Son? Not just kill, torture His own Son? Or kIll and torture His own Creation?

I understand the fear that is aroused as you question these long-held beliefs. Fear turns to anger and this is why we kill. Anger is fear turned inward and then because of the way we feel we project it outward.

Whatever you “belive” becomes true to you even if it is not true! No one you see is wrong. It is only your Judgement and Unforgiveness caused by fear, which produces anger that causes your projection.

As Forgiveness dawns on a non-judgemental mind, the mind is restored to peace, and love can then come as a result of not judging what Your God Created. CHRIST can not come where there is judgement. Christ knows that what God created can not be judged by His Creation. It (God’s Creation) needs to be Forgiven (by You) and then it will be Seen!

Do you want the “Peace that surpass ALL Your understanding?” Practice this: Give no thought for tomorrow, Forgive, Do not Judge, Love everyone, even the “ones” you have been told are your enemy’s! They are not. You have nothing to fear not even Death!!! Death is a lie and if you believe it, you will see it.

Give up trying to be your own teacher. You have a Teacher within you that Christ called your Holy Spirit. If you seek “your Father who is in Heaven” and Christ told you Heaven is within you, you will experience the Truth; And that Truth my Brothers and Sisters will set you FREE!!

“I now See that God made You, so I can See Him”

Enough for today. . .

from: OSHO

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There is an ancient parable: It was a beautiful afternoon, and a tortoise went for a walk on the land. And he rested under sunlit trees and he roamed around in the bushes just for the delight of it. Then he came back to the pond. One of his friends, a fish, asked ‘Where have you been?’ And he said ‘I went for a walk on the land.’ And the fish said ‘What do you mean by “a walk on the land”? You must mean swimming.’ And the tortoise laughed and he said ‘No, it was not swimming, it was nothing like swimming. It was a walk on the solid land.’ And the fish said ‘Are you kidding or something? I have been to every place, you can swim everywhere. I have never seen a place where you cannot dive and swim. You are talking nonsense. Have you gone mad?’

You understand the difficulty of the fish? She has never been on the land, walking on the land makes no sense. If the tortoise wants to make sense of his statement he will have to say ‘I went swimming on the solid land.’ Which will be absurd. But only the word ‘swimming’ can be understood by the fish. 

A mind full of desires can only understand desire. Hence the desire for God. It is absurd, you cannot desire God. God comes to you when desire leaves. The cessation of desire is the coming of God to you. Again, I am using the word ‘coming’, which is not true. Because God is already there — you only recognize when the desire has ceased. Nothing ever comes, nothing ever goes, all is as it is. That’s what Buddha means when he says: YATHA BHUTAM — things are as they are. Nothing has gone wrong, nothing needs to be put right. Things are as they are, and they always remain as they are. The trees are green and the roses are red and the clouds float in the sky. Everything is where it has always been, the way it has always been. That is the meaning of the word ‘nature’ — YATHA BHUTAM.

But man has a capacity to dream, to desire. That capacity to dream is the problem. Then you start moving into the future, then you start planning for the future. You remain here, but your mind can move into the future. It is like a dream. You fall asleep in Poona but you can dream of Calcutta or Chicago or Washington or Moscow. You are here the whole night — in the morning you will not wake up in Moscow or Chicago, you will wake up in Poona. And then you will laugh, ‘I have been roaming too much.’ While you are dreaming of Moscow you have not reached there, you remain here.

You always remain here. Here and now is the only reality, there is no other. But desire can create a dream. And in desire you go on moving outwards. Now, what does it mean to turn inwards? Tao’s question is significant, it is very relevant. What does it mean to turn inwards? It means seeing the futility of desire, seeing the futility of dreaming, seeing the illusoriness of dreaming. In that very seeing, desire disappears. In that clarity, desire cannot exist. And when you are with no desire, you are in. Not that you have to turn in. Not that first you have to stop desiring, then you have to turn in. The cessation of desire is the turning, the transformation — what Jesus calls ‘metanoia’, the conversion. Suddenly another gestalt opens. It was there, but you were not aware of it because you were too much obsessed with the desire. The desire for money, the desire for power, the desire for prestige, does not allow your meditation to bloom. Because the whole energy goes down the drain in desires.

Once the energy is not moving anywhere… Remember, I repeat again, turning in is not moving in. When the energy is not moving at all, when there is no movement, when everything is still, when all has stopped — because seeing the futility of desire you cannot move anywhere, there is nowhere to go — stillness descends. The world stops. That’s what is meant by ‘turning in’. Suddenly you are in. You have always been there, now you are awake. The night is over, the morning has come, you are awake. This is what is meant by Buddhahood — to become aware, awake, of that which is already the case.

Remember Hakuin’s saying: From the very beginning all beings are Buddhas. From the very beginning to the very end. In the beginning, in the middle, in the end, all are Buddhas. Not for a single moment have you been anybody else. But the emperor is having a nightmare of becoming a beggar, and is tortured by the nightmare.

Source – Osho Book “This Very Body the Buddha”

What you are afraid of IS NOT REAL! REALLY!!

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What are you looking for? What will make you happy?

As soon as you surrender Completely what you want, you will receive it….WHAT?

I will explain the best way that I can in a short expose’ to show you what you thought was true is, however, we do not understand Truth. ??? Confusing I know. See, we do not understand the power we wield.

For example: If I have colon cancer; Do I want colon cancer? yes and no. If your answer was NO and only NO you would no longer experience the effects of colon cancer, why?;  Because “God” did not make it, and if God did not make it, it is not real and you made it up. Yes! We ‘get sick’ because it helps us become free or deal with the chains of this world without taking responsibility for ourselves. 

“Feel sorry for me I am sick.”  or “I am addicted to drugs it’s not my fault.” This is what we say to everyone around us without uttering a word.

You my Brother or Sister are only suffering from a lack of Love for yourself (sin) and it is Not real. Fear is what causes us to experience or ‘do’ insane behaviors. When you eliminate fear you heal and Sanity returns to your awareness. Jesus called this Salvation! You are saved from the hell you made for yourself when you eliminate fear. Hell is not a ‘after death experience.’ Christ tells us, “you do not die and Salvation is at hand.” Or, ” The Kingdom of God is Now!”

Take a moment now and think about something that you are suffering from or with. Ok, got it? Now think about what would happen if you were no longer suffering from this ‘thing.’ (if you felt fear it was only a thought and not a reality)

For example, colon cancer, addiction or loneliness; The reason I was fearful of my ‘healing’ was because of what would be required of me if I was healed. I would have to go back to a job I did not like maybe, pay bills, or more would be required of me. But now I am sick, so LEAVE ME ALONE!

Surrender all sickness. Surrender all lack. Surrender all FEAR! Surrender all addiction! When you do this you allow for a miracle to take the place of your fears.

What you are afraid of IS NOT REAL! REALLY!!

Give no thought for tomorrow or for ‘future events to come.’ You are safe! Stop doing the “sickness” by giving it no more of your thought. You ‘give no thought’ by practicing what men like Christ and Buddha taught when they walked the earth as you are now. Go within, often, quiet the ‘devil’ or ego thoughts.

Are you serious about your healing? Serious about your “recovery”? I will give you a secret “they” do not want you to know about…..Ok ready?


Fear not homelessness! Fear not, no food! Fear not, no shelter! Fear Not, No car! Never Ever Fear, No Money!

Why you ask? Perhaps??? God (your Higher Consciousness)took your money, temporarily, to Help you See Fear is a LIE!!!!

Begin to live in the quiet place God has Created for You within the hell you have made for yourself.

You are very much-loved, forgiven, protected and safe, you just never Knew it!


Enough for today. . .

The true nature of Reality!

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Ignorance or lack of knowledge in the true nature of the reality for which you find yourself, is solved by delving deeper into _our mind. We must dive deeper than the “material world” or past all the fear seen here to locate the reality for which “God” is Seen. God is here too, however, “It” is not experienced as real and so we seek in the world to find God. This just perpetuates the illusion of “sin and death” because we are relying on our five senses to find the Truth that they (the senses) block!

As we identify with the ego/”devil” learning from this deeper level is lost. You are not “your story” or your ego’s explanation of you. You are so much more and this is what this blog is about. Begin to value the “inner life” above all and you will suffer No more! The fear of death is solved when you experience your true nature of reality, directly. As you explore this inner world that Jesus teaches us about all pain will eventually come to an end.

 The “Second Coming” takes place within. It is not a matter of belief, obeying religious rules or any “code of conduct”, we do these things out of the fear of God! The second coming/Salvation is automatic when you are ready. You are required to pay attention because this Awakening only happens in your own awareness. Trying to prove Salvation to the unsaved is kin to explaining the water to fish.

You are saved, you are safe, you just do not believe IT! LOL. It’s better to cooperate by Not judging others and Forgiving them. As long as you “believe” you have the truth and others who do not believe as you do, do not know the truth; We are lost on and insane journey of Unforgiveness and Judgement in/of God’s Created Kingdom!

Go for Life! Do not fear death or prepare for death any longer! Live!

Fear causes us to do insane things with “time” to take our minds off of it. Gambling, drugs, work, money, sex, video games or anything else that takes our minds off of living becomes an anti-christ or idol and Christ who shines standing in front of you is never seen.
When you are done suffering, fear and guilt will become meaningless to you and then the real search for God begins in earnest.

Be good to you little Child of God! You have never done anything to offend your Creator!

Enough for today. . .

IT is Love!

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Peace of mind comes from allowing everything to Be as “IT” is and not trying to change IT. Learning to See IT is what this life is all about.

We process information based on our past thoughts (fears), trying to change or keep the same what went before. This is insanity when seen with fearless Vision, because the “past” is not a true reality, you only ‘think’ it is and this is where all your suffering enters into your perceived reality.

Allowing for change or Trusting that “God” will take care of you takes Faith that can be acquired by letting go of your past beliefs. Giving no thought for tomorrow and judgement takes time to learn only because these were learned habits and you were not Created with them. When we think of giving no thought for tomorrow, fear inters the mind via the ego/’devil.’ And as a result of the ego, we now move to judgement of our surroundings and this adds more of what was not Cteated, fear.

FORGIVENESS will allow you to begin to See and Trust that God has not abandoned you. Forgive Everyone and Everything, not because you are right and they are wrong, you forgive because God Created IT and your Judgement blocks your Vision of IT!

IT is Love!

Enough for today. . .

What’s on Your Mind?

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What’s on _our mind?
Trying to undo all of your past learning is not an easy process if you do not Trust _our Source/God/Love.
Why undo everything that you have learned you ask?
Because _our learning was guided by fear and not by Love.
If you ‘think’ you can die because you see death you are in fear.

You are Spirit/Consciousness not a body/form. You see form out of a fear of trying to protect it. You need not protect Anything, you only think you do. Let go and let _ o _ /_ o_ _!


Like the song say’s: “Don’t! Stop! Thinking about tomorrow, it will soon be here!”

When was the last time you did not plan for future events to come or “Gave no thought for tomorrow?” I understand this is not an easy thing to do. But to Know that you are SAFE you must test the Spirit of Love. We test the Spirit of Love by walking through Everything we fear. This is done by surrendering thoughts, All of them.

Would you let your children suffer? Neither does God/Love!
Suffering is all self-created.

Fear is the grand illusion of life! Believe it No Longer and you too will be “Born Again” and See the “Kingdom of Heaven” and also that, “Your Father knows what you have need of (tomorrow) even Before You ask.” Go within, ask to See this “World of Peace” that was Created for You and You Alone!

Follow your Teacher, Fear Nothing and you will be gently Guided to your Eternal Paradise. Fear Not!

“_our ‘thought’ is not necessary where we find _ourselves, we only ‘think’ it is!”

Quiet your mind often. Let the fear chatter, Be. Be still, You are more safe than you can ever imagine!

Enough for today. . .