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Forgive your Brother and Sister

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In your Koran, Or In your Bible, Or In your Torah, it’s tells of a story of a man who was named Adam by your “God”.  He, you are taught was the ‘first man’ and that a “sleep came upon him.” But it never say’s that he woke up! Could it be that the “first man” is still sleeping? Would God have kept him sleeping in order that he could not hurt himself, and that he would awaken when it was his time?

I want to talk about this theory and show you that the concept everyOne has of a Loving God is correct and you can know that God is Love and God is not the God of hell, you are! You are running your own judgmental hell everyday out of a fear of your enemy, your Brother’s/Sisters’s and “your Father.” But how could this be?

Lets start from the begining…………..not that…..this one.

God created you, your Brother’s and Sister’s, and everything else you see. God is Love! Anything you are afraid of is not love and was taught to you, and is a lie. Fear of any kind is the Grand illusion of your life. This fear is perpetrated by your ego the devil. How did you get this ego? You Thought!! Yes, your private thoughts, separate from God’s Thoughts, gave you an ego. It is not real, so you can, and will, relax, when you “Wake-Up.”

Ok, back to your holy book now. Your book also tells you that God placed Adam in a “Garden”, a beautiful garden, and in the middle He placed, yes you guessed it a TREE! But what did your God tell you about this tree? “Do not partake of this tree because on that day you will die.”

Why would your God give you something or put it under your nose and not let you partake? The reason is, He gave you everything even the ability to have your “own thoughts” even though you did not need them and they would only keep you sleeping.

Are you done suffering? Do you want to be ‘saved’? Not from a hell after death but from your ‘self-created hell now? From All your worries and fears? It’s not difficult, you only need practice the teachings of a man like Jesus.

First, you will start to awaken by Not judging what God created! How could the “Lord of Heaven” not be glad if you appreciate “His” masterpiece? What could He do but offer thanks, to you who love His Son/Daughter as he does? Would He not make known to you His Love, if you but share His praise of what He loves? Your God cherishes creation as the perfect Father that he is. This brother and sister is His perfect gift to you!

The gratitude of God Himself is freely offered to everyOne who shares His purpose. FORGIVE your Brothers and Sisters for not “believing” like you do, it’s only fear that causes you to believe in anything anyway. Forgive your brother/sister and you cannot separate yourself from them nor from their Father.

You and your brother/sister are the same, as God Himself is ONE and not divided in His Will for you! Be determined to See and Hear the Kingdom of Heaven your holy books teach you about! It is Here and Now! But to See you must FORGIVE and NOT JUDGE what God Created as perfect!

Religion and “long-held religious beliefs” as we know them today will only last as long as there is fear in the world. Fear makes division and division causes judgment and war. When fear is gone and it Will be; God Willed that this be so with the First Coming of Christ, you will no longer believe in anything! You will know the Truth that’s sets men and women free!

The Truth is within you now! Look and you will find it! God Wills that you Be free, He Created you Free! Remember religious books and religions are only as good as your ego the devil will let them be. Read from them, learn from them, practice what’s in them, and then Go Further than them!! God gave you much more than a book, He gave you His Creation, He gave You HimSelf!!

The Peace of the World lies in your Forgiving thoughts, God made it that way!

“DREAM, do not plan!”

It’s Only YOU! Love That ONE, Then when you give what you got, you will get what you have given, and that MY Brothers and Sisters is EVERYTHING!!!


Enough for today. . .


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Go on instinct, Live on instinct, Be instinctive in your actions!

Webby say’s: “Instinct  is the inherent inclination of a living organism toward a particular behavior.”

Your created behavior is LOVE! The only reason you do not act on your “instinctive created behavior” is because you do not Trust “God,” this is due to an insane fear caused by thoughts! When you trust God you will trust yourSelf. The part of you that has no trust in God is your ego the devil. Fear is the opposite of Love! You were Created fearlessly, but were trained to be afraid.

I was like you. I was a very fearful man. I was taught like most of you, that if you do not work hard and save money you can not have a good life. If you do not work you are lazy. God only helps those who help themselves. Heaven is a place that if you live a good life and accept Jesus as your saviour, you can go to Heaven when you die. If you do not believe this, then you will go to hell when you die. How could I trust a God who could or would send people to hell?

I made it a personal mission to practice the teachings of Jesus. Not as the church taught, but as Christ Himself taught. I began to “give no thought for tomorrow” and to forgive everyOne no matter what I thought they had done to me. After all Jesus forgave His killers while they were killing Him! As I did this, a new world began to open up before my eyes. I began to See that I was Created and I did not create myself; And I was SEEING that  my Creator was in Fact taking care of me!

You are fearful and not acting instinctively when peace is not with you. If you are not peace filled and you are not peace filled every time you are worrying about future events to come, bills, health, money, job, children, spouse, car or house or rent or mortgage payments, you are not in the Will of God but your own will the ego’s will.

Your thoughts are NOT Needed! You Do Not need to plan! Trust God and See!

You are Only here to learn God is your friend and not your enemy! If you are an ego then God will appear to be your enemy. If you are “childlike” and look to God your “Father” for EVERYTHING you too will See as Christ taught, “You have no needs you only ‘think’ you do.”

Allow yourSelf to Wake little child and accept any sense of failure as only a learning opportunity and allow your Higher Consciousness to be your Guide.

Lastly, guilt is a lie of your ego the devil. Let It Go! 

“DREAMS come true!”                                                   (plans do not)

Enough for today. . .

Offering yourSelf to “God” and ONLY GOD!

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We “offer ourSelf to God” through spirit, “The Word”, or thought. All other offerings in the churches, in the temples, in the mosques are pseudo religion. Organized religions in the world today create an irrational zeal (judgement) by the followers of these “religious beliefs.” And this is used by the worlds leaders to exploit (to divide then conquer) these well-meaning followers. Exploitation without representation!  

Do you think Jesus lived a noncontroversial life? Then why was he crucified?Truth creates controversy, because it shocks people, it shatters their illusions, their concepts, their beliefs of their selves.

“But remember one thing. To live a life of compromise is worse than death. And to live a life of truth, even if it is for a single moment, is far more valuable than to live eternally in lies. To die for truth (as Jesus did) is far more valuable than to live in lies.” OSHO

People feel angry when Truth is presented to them. This is because the Truth is scary, Truth is change, change is learning, it is different, it is not of your friend the ego, but of God, and Love is the enemy of your ego! When the Truth is presented to the devil it gets angry and wants to take revenge on whom ever is presenting information in opposition to long-held beliefs. This is what happened to Jesus, Jesus was fighting the Judaic heritage. He knew that the people were being mis-taken, mis-lead and mis-taught by the religious leaders of the day and this teaching was not bringing them “Salvation” but spiritual imprisonment!

Are You saved from the false beliefs and false teachings of the religious leaders of today?

Two thousand five hundred years ago, Aesop told this story: It was a bright sunny morning in a mountain village. An old man and his grandson were going to the market in the large town in the valley to sell a donkey. The donkey was beautifully groomed and brushed and they set off happily down the steep path. In a while they passed some people lounging by the side of the path.

“Look at that silly pair!” said one of the onlookers. “There they go, scrambling and stumbling down the path, when they could be riding comfortably on the back of that sure-footed beast.”
The old man heard this and thought it was right. So he and the boy mounted the donkey, and thus continued their descent. Soon they passed another group of people gossiping by the wayside. “Look at the lazy pair, breaking the back of that poor donkey!”

The old man thought they were right, and since he was the heavier, he decided to walk while the boy rode. In a little while they heard more comments. “Look at that disrespectful child — he rides while the old man walks!”

The old man thought they were right, and it was only proper that he should ride while the boy walked. Sure enough, they soon heard this: “What a mean old man, riding at his ease while the poor child has to try to keep up on foot!”

By this time the old man and the boy were becoming increasingly bewildered. When they finally heard the criticism that the donkey would be all worn out and no one would want to buy him after the long walk to the market, they sat down, dejected, by the side of the road.

After the donkey had been allowed to rest for a while, they continued the journey, but in a completely different manner. Thus it was, late that afternoon, that the old man and the boy were seen gasping breathlessly into the marketplace. Slung on a pole between them, hung by his tied feet, was the donkey!
As Aesop said: “You can’t please everyone. If you try, you lose yourself.”

I am here to help those who really want to be helped. My teachings, like Jesus’ were not and are not for everyOne. If you want to free yourself, your mind from this world of bondage you can. Love has made this possible. You are what you see, you are just not aware of this fact! You can become aware of who you are when you are willing to let go of everything you have ever been taught. As I will remind you this is scary only because you (the concept you hold of you) is not ready to fully trust God to provide everything you need. I can assure you as Christ did over 2000 years ago, “Your Higher Consciousness knows what you have need of ever before you ask.”

What do you want? I want you to see that if all your dreams came true right now, the money, the house, the car, the relationship, the health, the job, life would, at the end of the day still be meaningless… you would still not be satisfied spiritually and this would create fear, and depression would soon follow because of your belief in sin and death.

Understand that you are in HEAVEN! God made HEAVEN and what God made is eternal! Your mind is causing you all the trouble that you seem to be experiencing. God has not asked you to make plans for future events to come. You did not create yourself, You were Created by LOVE! Love is your natural inheritance. All the “things” you want, you are entitled to, God created them for your enjoyment! You can See them as you Realize that you already have them! The Word or Thought of God Creates, not your brain or your brawn!

I know, I know this sounds like a buncha’  B_ _ _-_ _ _ t! Or as the Holy Books say “foolishness” it is not, it is the Truth! You are free to do whatever you want to do when ever you want to do it. It is only fear that keeps you from realizing your Dreams. Surrender the mind of fear, and let your true nature, the Mind of Creative Love flow within You!

It’s only You! Quit judging ‘others’ and Forgive Yourself along with everOne else you see. Your thoughts are manifesting your perceived reality. It is a ‘dream’ of sin and death and not Truth! Quiet your fearful mind chatter and allow the Forgiving Word of God to enter unto the altar of the most high space within you and All Your DREAMS will come True!

We are So Very much Loved!!!

Enough for today. . .


Undoing of false beliefs=”The Atonement”

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” The Atonement” is the undoing of “false beliefs”. What are false beliefs? False beliefs are beliefs that you have formed as a result of not knowing the truth within you.  These are beliefs that you have formed by reading books, (Holy and other wise), what mom and dad told you was the truth and what you have seen on TV. Many more examples can be named as who we believed who did not tell us the truth, they did this without knowing what they told us was not true, they were well intending Pastors, Priests, Politicians, relatives, friends etc… The blind continuing to lead the blind.

I am going to write again about the Truth you can Know if you practice what Christ taught and not just memorize scripture, go to Church, and try to be good. You are GOOD! You have just forgotten who you are and why you are where you are.

If you let your mind harbor attack thoughts against others, yield to judgment or make plans for future events to come, your mind is sick (fearful) and you are not aware of the sickness within the “Holy Temple of God.” How can we heal this Holy Temple of the Living God? You can practice, right where you are Now, to Forgive (Love), have a willingness to Forgive everyOne no matter what your judgment of them is. Just as Jesus did not judge His killers, if you call yourself a disciple of Christ you must not judge anyOne ever, either!

The essential thing is learning that, ‘you do not know!’ Knowledge is power, and all power is of God. God is the Source of everything. “God the Father” is the energy of Love that gives you the power to create. I do not want to get side tracked and this is why this blog is short posts; However, I want you to experience something today! I want you to See some Truth. I am going to use words and I hope you can See what I am describing is Truth. You Never have to form “beliefs” with the Truth. As I have stated many times before;  “The Truth is Known, not believed.”

Think for a moment about everything that you “own”,,, your pants,,, telephone,,,car,,,food,,,where you call home,,,shoes,,, and anything else that comes to mind. Now notice that you did Not make Any Of these Items With You OWN HANDS! Can you imagine for example how much that pair of shoes you are wearing would cost if you had to plant the fibers, harvest the fibers, color the fibers/cotton/plastic, make the form etc.., and everything that goes into making one pair of shoes, it would cost you thousands of dollars for one pair of shoes, or one cell telephone! Now think of Everything else! They came  into your possession via Your Thoughts! Understand Now the Power of God within YOU! Understand the Power God gave YOU at creation! Have you ever been aware that your thoughts are manifesting your reality?  Learning has been accomplished before its effects are manifest.

Your current learning gives the present no meaning at all. This is because your past is what you, (or someOne else) have taught yourself. LET IT ALL GO! “Dream, don’t plan!” Your Mind with God can move mountians!!

When your peace is threatened or disturbed in any way, say to yourself: “I do not understand what this or anything means. And so I do not know how to respond to it. I will not use my own past learning to Guide me now.”        This my Brothers and Sisters allows for your Holy Spirit to ‘step in’ and Guide you and take “His” rightful place in your awareness.

I understand that at first this is fearful, very fearful at times, because you have not yet learned to trust a God whom you think made a ‘hell’ for some of your Brothers and Sisters. Remember: “God’s enemy is your ego!” The concept you now hold of your learned, taught and fearful self is the enemy of God.

In closing, those who remember always that they know nothing, and who have become willing to learn everything, will learn it! If you want peace abandon the teacher of attack, your ego/’the devil’.

This Truth will set you free! You are The One Created by God and So is EveryOne else you See no matter what you have been taught about them!

Forgive ‘them’, Love ‘them’, Do not Judge ‘them’ and you too will See as Christ Saw, that Them is YOU!

Enough for today. . .

Nico? Where are you?

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How often do you think about ‘God’ during the day? As we see that very few are thinking about God or Source we see the reason for all the turmoil in the world.  This turmoil in daily life is caused by the judgment of others.  This blog is to help you understand the importance of Self-realization or Salvation.

Are you done suffering? Do you think God made suffering? Could Love make something suffer?

Why do we ‘spank’ or hurt children to make them conform to what we believe?  I am asking these questions to have you look at the insanity that we call sanity.  Punishment does not change the heart, love changes the heart. When the heart is changed no one wants to hurt anyone else for any reason. We spank our children because we are angry. Anger promotes anger. Love promotes love. The next time you get angry at someone, stop for a moment and first forgive them and then teach them, not with force but with loving words.  We only spank, hit or hurt children because we can. If you tried to spank someone bigger than you for the same offense that your child committed, you world not, because they may spank you back.  

Understand that children are not yours; they come through you, from God. You have children to learn lesions in forgiveness, to learn lesions that you cannot learn any other way, from any other form.  What you give you receive.  Imagine that everyone you see is” your child” and it’s your responsibility to heal there misconceptions of this world; Not get them to believe like you! What kind of world do you want to See? Give that and only that.

We must first recognize the Spirit that resides within us. Then we begin to see that all fear causes anger and all anger is fear turned inward; because we do not like this feeling we attack the ones we think gave us this anger. As you see that you are not a body but a spirit, you see that the reason for all you’re suffering is thinking that you are a body.  Many at this point will say it’s insane to think that we are not bodies. I understand this way of thinking and if you think you are a body you will act like a body. If you think like a spirit you will act like a spirit. God is Spirit. You are like your creator. Form is manifested and seen out of fear of the unknown. When you are no longer ‘fear-full’ you will fill your temple with love and See love everywhere you look.  “Be the change you want to see in your world” Gandhi told his followers.  “You are the good Samaritan” Jesus told His followers.  You be the change, do not try to get others to change, it’s your perception of them that’s ‘off’ not them, they are as perfect as the day they entered your reality.

So recognizing the spirit within is the first step to Salvation or Enlightenment.  The “Christ consciousness” that Jesus taught us about and lived His life with is the consciousness that you are looking for. Many are only looking in the world for this. It cannot be found in this world because what you see outside is a direct result of the beliefs you hold inside.  For example: If you believe that all dogs are mean you will fear all dogs. Plain and simple; even if this is Not the Truth! Or if you watch a TV program, news program, or read a book and you believe it is the truth, it becomes true to you even if it is not the Truth.

Beliefs; all of _our beliefs are not true. Beliefs are formed out of fear of the Truth! The carpenters’ son from Galilee told us over 2000 years ago, “Truth will set you free.” 

Why form beliefs from a book or from what someone told you when you can Know the Truth instead?  The blind continue to lead the blind and the blind Know not that they do not SEE! Remember Nicodemus, we need some Nicodemus’s that are not afraid to question the Source of their beliefs.


 Nico’ had to step out of his comfort zone and go to Jesus and ask, “What is this that you teach and where did you find this information?”

Enough for today. . .

Love YOU!

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The Superconsciousness is the Christ consciousness. This consciousness is what you are experiencing when you become “one with your Father” as Christ was one with Everything. This ‘consciousness’ can not be experienced seperately. When you judge ‘someone else’ as wrong, you are judging the Whole of Creation without knowing it. Your perception is caused by your beliefs even if your beliefs are not true. If you think for example that your Holy book is the one God chose for all humanity, and He chose your belief of that same Holy book as the “truth” for all humanity, then this is judgement. It’s ‘your belief’ formed out of ‘your judgement’. How then can “you Know the Truth that will set you free?” Are you free? Do you get upset when others do not ‘believe’ as you do? Freedom is peace and understanding and this is followed by a feeling of Eternal Love and a knowing that nothing can ever go wrong again! When Christ taught about Salvation He was not teaching about a preperation for an after death experience. His own words state,”you do not die and the Kingdom of God/Heaven is Now!” As we practice the teachings of Christ we See that; we see death because we believe in death. As I stated before, your beliefs and your judgements are causing the world you see. Christ knows this and so He tells you; “Judge not or you will be judged.” When you judge another as wrong you can not See the Rightousness that God created them with. You are seeing your own judgement of yourself manifested before your eyes. Forgive so you can see clearly. As you eliminate fear through non-judgement, you will See your dreams coming true. Your dreams are here now and will only be seen with Forgiveness. Your beliefs have mis-lead you and that is ok, you were only mis-taken, surrender your judgement, and give what you want to recieve. Peace will come as you surrender the inner conflict, and the inner conflict will go as you surrender the judgement of others. “Be loving towards yourself, then you will be able to love others too.” Osho


Enough for today. . .


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How come I have not realized that all my dreams are coming true? Why do I see the same things everyday? How come I do not See the “Heaven” that is supposed to be true, here and now, Or the Heaven that is Presumed to be true or real without conclusive evidence. Where is the evidence of this Heaven, and on top of that, listen to this one, He even tells me that, “I can not die and will Know this if I…

practice what He teaches me.”

Perhaps we can shed a little love light on this shadow, doubtful thinking. The Light of Love that is YOU! If you ask a quantum physicist; “What am I?” He would say something like, you are an energy vibration that is mostly empty space. WHAT?? yes, lol.

I said the above so that we can begin to change, (if you want Eternal Peace) the concept you now hold of yourself, and this concept is this: That we are a body, that makes us do things we do not want to do sometimes, sometimes we get what we want, and then, when ‘iT’ is ready it dies. This has to be fearful.

I received an email from a friend who ask me to post about “self-control.” At the outset I want to say that real self control is letting go of all the conflicting thoughts that you have within you now. That being said, here goes the post about self-control:

Addiction, OCD, loss of self control is only the ego/’devil’ playing tricks on you. The cause of these tricks is fear. You look for something ‘outside you’ to eliminate the fear, (drugs, obsessive doings, gambling etc…) You fear the future will be like the past and so it seems to be. When we deny the ego, by quieting our thoughts (meditation/prayer) we then are allowing Love/’God’ to replace them. “Seek God and the Devil will flee.” Whenever we say, “I am”, we are or whenever you say, “I am”, “You are!” For example instead of saying, “I am an addict with no self control”, replace that thought with, and begin to say, “I am not an addict and I will decide to have control over my thoughts!”


As you begin to let the thoughts you do not like, you do not want and the thoughts that bother you go (prayer/meditation, and all you need is a Willingness to be sane); You are at this point asking God to replace the fearful, unloving thoughts and mental images of the devil, with The loving, fearless thoughts and positive images from God “Himself”; And this my Brothers and Sisters is the cure to all addictions you seem to be struggling with!

It’s that simple to regain the self-control you never really lost! Forgive yourself, feel guilty No More, you were only mis-taken, you are the Dear Child of Creation Itself! Without You, God can not have expression in this world! God Created You for It! God will not let you “self-suffer” longer than you want to. His messegers are sent to you everyday, do not judge the next Brother or Sister who comes into form in your reality. That form is your Saviour, (disguised by your judgement of their “different”-race-religion-sex-status-behaviour, etc…) You can remove the judgemental disguise with FORGIVENESS…….Forgiveness and Non-judgement of what you think you see will allow You to See what was Created for You to See!!

Enough for today. . .

“Ride the Bike!”

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I have enjoyed my time on facebook. Future thoughts, future thinking causes depression. The future will never Be now. Now will always Be Now and Now is always perfect! You will See the perfection of your creation as you let go of future thinking, future planning or future suffering. Past thinking, past thoughts cause guilt and suffering. “God” is not in your past thoughts or in your future thinking although “He” was and will be. God is only Now.
When you think, and your thoughts are in the future or in the past they are not real and these thoughts are caused by fear. Fear of death or fear that God will not supply all your needs or that God will punish you for some past behaviour. You can Know that All your fears are insane if you will practice forgiveness of others and giving no thought for tomorrow. At first its seems insane to trust a God you can not see with the future events of your life, however you can be assured everything will be ok by realizing that all your suffering has come from you and not from God.

What you are looking for in this life is the “Real You!” The you you think is you is only a concept taken from the Real You. The real you is consciousness or consciousness experiencing Itself. This can only be known when fear is eliminated! Fear is a lie of the “devil”/ego. Fear was not Created by God and is not real. God created everything and everything He Created is very good. You are very good, your ego has you “believing” that God wants to kill you or let you die and then judge you. God Knows Everything. Your ego knows nothing. Fear causes insane behaviour. It is insane to hurt anyone else because everyone else is You! When you Know this you are Free!!

I want to say to all of ‘us’ who are seekers of Truth: After you have read the book, read the instructions and put the bike together, you do not need to keep going back to the instructions, the instructions will not ‘teach’ you how to ride the bike; You have to be fearless and RIDE THE BIKE!! We tell our children do not be afraid, RIDE the Bike! “But… but you took the training wheels off and I am afraid~” I am holding the back of the seat I will not let you fall Dear Child of Mine! Ride, RIDE the Bike!!

Forget all your questions, forget all your judgements, forget all your doubts, what do you want in this life? You want Peace and Freedom! No more feeling like “I have to” work, I have to pay bills, I have to suffer, I have to…..ect. That peace and freedom is looking for you. The separated self you think is you can and will never have the peace and freedom Jesus teaches us about, without Riding the BIKE!! How can you ride the bike you ask? Seek or look for the Truth (within) by: **FORGIVING EveryONE!
**Do Not Judge anyOne (others) by the ‘beliefs’ you hold!
**LOve, do not kill or send others to kill your enemies!
**Love your Lord Your God, within You!
and lastly, most importantly, *Trust God*, *Trust Your Creator to provide All your needs*, by “giving No thought for tomorrow!” You have “NO NEEDS NOW” you only “think you do” and this is where all suffering begins and must end! Quiet the long-held concepts of yourself.

You are attempting to understand “Heaven” or Enlightenment through separateness thinking, “me or mine” we can not understand the true nature of reality by looking at the separate parts and judging them. remember this prayer, “I pray that you become One as I am One with my Father who is in Heaven?” Where is your Father? In Heaven! You are in Heaven and just can not See because of Judgement. You judge “others” and do not see it is You whom you are Judging!! This sounds insane to a world that has all but forgotten about God and His Love for them!

More: You can not see your own face. Think about this for a moment, you can not see your own face, but you can see others faces. EveryOne you are looking at is a manifestation of your thoughts and the reason you judge them and do not forgive them is that you are fearful and do not Know why! It Is All YOU!

When you transcend this reality by ‘Riding the Bike’ or practicing the teachings of Christ, you will understand that Nothing has been done to you by ‘your enemy’ it has all been You.

‘They’ killed Jesus because he sounded insane and they would NOT practice what he taught!

How many of the “organized” Christian religions today, “Ride the Bike”? They All have the instructions, they All have great teachers, they All have wonderful intentions and they are all loving souls.

Enough for today. . .

“Life starts where fear ends”

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As you become more aware of your thought process you can rid yourself of your past and therefore of future insanity. As you meditate, you will be a witness to your thoughts, as you witness your thoughts you will notice a gap, that gap is the pure mind, when you see this you realize you are not the mind at all but you are a watcher. Self realization occurs when you realize you are not controlled by your thoughts and when you are not controlled by your thoughts (ego) you allow for a surprise, for the first time you become unconditioned by your beliefs, you are a sane free human being. Put another way. See your life as a movie being played out in front of you. It’s just a movie. As you watch a movie feelings are created but they are not real. It’s just a movie. Allow the actors to play their part as “God” intended them to be, as God wrote the script, not the way you think they should act or what you think should be happening. Suffering comes from your judgement of trying to change the movie script written by God. It’s just a movie. As you allow your life to unfold without judgement you will notice God knows what “She” is doing and you will See suffering as insanity.

Fear of the unknown causes us to do insane things. Realize that the unknown is only unknown to the ego/”devil”, not to God. God Created you and has Everything under control. Relax your mind and you See the insanity of trying to plan for future events to come. With this relaxing of your mind comes the awareness that all things are in Divine order. This Divine order you can be a witness to if you Forgive your Brothers and Sisters for what ‘they’ never did to you. You have only judged them out of fear and this fear comes from not understanding the true nature of reality.

This is not a question of having to learn a lot, it is a question of having to unlearn a lot. We have invested so much time and effort in our old friend misery, and this is the reason for a fear that was not created by God. This entire blog, the teachings here are to get you to see that you have a purpose here and now, in this life-“time”, you are not an accident, Source has intended a plan for you and intends on Seeing it through you.

Nobody can ever say anything about you, what they are saying is about themselves. You are always trying to satisfy ‘other people’ stop this insanity. Become independent about the opinions of others toward you. You are always trying to be respectable, trying to gain the approval of others so your ego does not get hurt. This is insane. Rather than being disturbed by others look inside for the real You! When we are ‘self-conscious’ we are not really conscious at all. When you realize who you are you will See that the opinions of others does not matter at all. As you become you and not the ego part you are trying to play, you will be Free! Let Go, Let God!

Come Home Holy Child of God; You have been gone long enough!

Enough for today. . .