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A Post to “Jump-Start” the Inner-Mind!

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We are told all of our lives that what we want is “outside” of us. We are told that if we “work-hard” and get a large bank account, an expensive car, a huge home, and the perfect spouse we will then obtain Joy, Peace and Happiness.

These “things” do come to us  in time, however if we have not received them properly or we have received them prematurely then they will vanish just as fast as they have come. I quote Jesus often because He is the Master of the “Inner-Mind.” He tells us first we must find or seek for the Kingdom “within” and we will SEE this Kingdom represented in our lives “without.” He say’s you can not have “all things added” until you first find the Kingdom.

“God” did not hide the Kingdom from us No; Never! We were just not told to look “within” as the Master teaches us. When we begin to follow the teachings of Jesus and not some organizations interpretation about the teachings of Jesus our lives become transformed.

Inspiration is from “within” and Silence is not only necessary but a must to understand the teachings of a Master like Jesus the Christ. The senses must be stilled, the muscles relaxed, an inner calmness cultivated. When you have attained this then you are ready for the development of your true purpose. You are Now able to “LISTEN TO GOD WHO IS WITHIN YOU AND AMONG YOU!”

This has nothing to do with clairvoyance or fortune-telling. Inspiration is the art of receiving and makes all things possible in your life. Make it Your business to understand the Invisible Forces that command the Universe so they no longer command you. If you do this Jesus tells us we can obtain the Kingdom that “God” has made for us. You will become a Superman or Superwoman if every time you breath you remember that you are One with the Creator of ALL things. “He” wants to give you the Kingdom but you must “go back home.” Your real home is “within” you.  Whatever you demand by the power of “Intention” it shall be yours. Or as Jesus reminds us, “Whatsoever You desire; Believe that it is yours and it shall be Yours.”

Mind Quiet Time or Meditation is a must to live a life free of fear, doubt, worry, guilt, depression and so on. These are all qualities of an “untrained mind” or a “mind without proper training.”

Your thoughts are your will; “God’s” will is found in the “thoughtless state of Being” or “The Silence.” When you merge your will with “God’s” will you see that Your perfect will was “God’s” will all along!

Again; When you merge your will with “God’s” will you see that Your perfect will was “God’s” will all along!

Kriya Yoga taught by a modern-day Master like Yogiraj SatGurnath Siddhanath is the fastest way of obtaining this state of Bliss and Harmony in your world “within” and when the world “within” is in Joy your world “without” will also be in Joy.

If this helps you please pass it along to others who can also be helped by the word expressed here.

Questions? Please ask I am here for You!



more to follow…..