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Is Deepak a follower of Jesus? 8/28/09

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“Life is perfect it’s our own thoughts and judgements about people and things that bring imperfection”

     We ask this question today to determine if we should follow a man like Deepak Chopra as he leads people to a full salvation from this world as Jesus spoke about. Jesus tells us, “if they are not against me they are with me.” Deepak teaches a message of Love and Forgiveness that transcends most of our consciousnesses because our minds are full of “chatter.” This chatter causes us not to “think” with the mind of God but to “listen” to the lies of this world. We listen to someone tell us “Deepak is Not a follower of Jesus” and we believe it with out first seeking for ourselves the truth that Deepak teaches and whether or not this man is a Saint or a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

What do you see when you look at Deepak Chopra? Do you judge him as a liar because you have not obtained the peace that he has obtained through the teachings of Jesus or do you think you should “seek” a little further before casting  judgement upon Deepak? If you do this you too will discover a man who would gladly exchange his life for yours if you could only understand this concept.

     What are you looking for in your life? Are you trying to obtain Heaven “after death?”  Are you trying to  find the peace Jesus tells us about in church? This will never happen without first understanding that the church is a gathering place to seek God, Not a “sermon-center” to listen to “someone else’s opinion” about God! If you pray, read all the Holy books”,  and you seek you too will understand Jesus when he tells us the Kingdom of God is Now! Heaven is Now! Not after some “physical” death thought of by the ego. However, Jesus tells us NO-ONE can enter the Kingdom of Heaven with the heavy heart of judgement. Judgement leads to death and this death does not come upon nor can it be seen by a being living in “life consciousness” of heaven thought.

     Thoughts of judgement do not give life but death. Judgemental thoughts can not be truth because truth requires that you have All the facts, do you have all the facts about those of whom your “ego” disagrees with?  Only God has all the facts and his judgement is forgiveness. To understand the truth as Jesus teaches us we must NEVER Have Judgement in our heart toward another brother, regardless of his actions.

     When we understand that we are not promised the next moment in life and life could end even before you finish reading this blog, you begin to understand the destruction and lack of peace judgement brings.

     Judgement is reflected back at you with feelings of anger toward those whom you judge.  This is not something the ego takes lightly and will continue to deceive youabout truth and love. This is an important teaching of Jesus and if you can understand what he is telling you; You too can have complete salvation from this world of fear and death.

Jesus never judged, even up an unto the Crucifixion he was without judgement understanding that judgement leads to death and as we all know Jesus NEVER DIED and we are like him in that we have the potential to do greater than he did.

Today and forever practice Non-Judgement upon others, even those to whom your ego disagrees with and you too will feel the freedom that this “New way of thinking brings.

The only reason for the cross is so we can understand true forgiveness and Love.

Love and Light,


Love, Love, Love

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Love is remembered Not learned.

     Love is what we see when we eliminate fear and judgement of “others.” Understanding love is to understand creation and eternity, all else is false. Love is truth and the only way to become free of the guilt and shame that fear presents as real. Fear is a lie. If you fear anything you are not feeling the love of God. God does not contain fear;  Fear implies judgement and sorrow. Without fear there can be not sorrow. Sadness comes from fearing the untrue. When we see that everything that we have ever feared is not true we come to realize that it has always been love that has sustained us through the “ego’s” bad times. However looking back (and only briefly) we see that Nothing bad has ever happened to us. This is because we were deceived by “our thoughts” to think that fear and death are real. Death is not real and this can only be seen looking inward with a quiet mind in tune with the father.

If death is not real hell has no place in love and eternity.

     Who created the love in you? This creative force we call God has to be love. We are in Heaven now! Yes, however  we can only see this “Heaven” if we eliminate false beliefs. Where do false beliefs come from? God? Never! False beliefs come from having to be right and others wrong. This is not “of God”. Ask yourself why would God of love give some of “His” creation (you) the truth and deceive others who do not believe as you do? Free will ? Free will is to choose truth or lies but never to condemn. Free will is in-place because we fear God!

We have an eternity to “return home” and correct our mis-thinking. Death is an illusion of the ego THAT CAN ONLY BE UNDERSTOOD by following the teaching of men like Jesus, Buddha or Mohammad and “going within” by quieting the “mind chatter” and hearing the voice of God.

Love and Eternal Light,


Sunday August 23rd…as the writing of men, not of God.

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We should accept the Bible for what it is: often wise and inspirational, but many times filled with error and cruelty. It is an important historical relic, and the original seed from which much of ethical theory in the Western world has developed, but its words must be discussed, analyzed and evaluated on their merits — as the writing of men, not of God. It does not claim to be anything more. Davis D. Danizier

     Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.   ~   Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, in 2005 commencement address at Stanford University

Fear and Failure are lies to the core. Look deep inside and you will see God at the door. Come in Come in it’s great to see you, I have been waiting here to make all your dreams true. The world had you hypnotized by is glamour and flare, and now you are understanding that it has never been there. The ego lies and tells you it’s true that I want to hurt, kill and later burn you. My children who hear my voice know this is not so, how can I create a love and then just let it go? Why would I, love create,  in order to just annihilate? Think on you own without being told and you to will see this Great Lie of old. Fear is control and lies are the means, so go deep within and plan your dreams. When you understand that FEAR is a lie you can see the culprit and remove his disguise. Brothers and Sisters listen and hear, I too am a son of God and He is right here. Live this life and live your dreams without the fear to Fail! And you too will see that our God is a God of love and Not the god of Hell!

david winter

Living the The Simple Life in “God’s Love” 8/14/09

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     This is the end result of “God’s” creation, that being in “His Love.” However to find this simple life that we all have been told about by Jesus, some of us must travel down the ego’s path of religion, which leads to judgement and eventually to death. Only when we realize that there is no death do we come into the possession of what Jesus tells his followers that”we will not partake of death.”  At this point we realize our error of judgement and rebuke causing us to look deeper within to find meaning to life.

     This is when we see hell as situations here on earth for most of us. Hell is weeping and gnashing of teeth as described in the bible. When someone is killed (or perceived to have been killed) or hell is when a child becomes sick for no explainable reason and dies, this is hell and this is not of “God.” In the Kingdom of “God” you see death as a transformation not an end and this transformation can not be understood inside the thought of the ego. Hell was created by the ego trying to forget “God” out of fear of “Him.” When we begin to call upon the “father within” that Jesus tells us so much about we get away from what is seen as hell and we see it for what it is and Hell is a LIE!!

     If we think for one second that one person can kill another person and; “God” has allowed the ego this much power in “His” kingdom we need to access our thought about who “God” is and where “He” is. If “God” is love and killing is not allowed in the kingdom of “God” then if we still witness and hear about killing we must still be outside the Kingdom of Heaven.

     In “God’s” Kingdom we only see and experience LOVE!. To understand “God’s” kingdom and experience this love we must “re-program” our thoughts and replace them with the thoughts of “God.” In “God” thoughts there is no division or judgement of others or there ideas. Why do we not judge anymore where we used to be judges? Simply because we have been shown by the “father within” that our judgement lacks ALL the facts and to judge we need all the facts and to have all the facts and to be able to judge is to be “God.” Since no one but Jesus has ever claimed to have these facts and Jesus tells us “do not judge” then as true followers we learn that All judgement and rebuke is in  error and we are deceiving ourselves into thinking that we are following Christ as he taught us to follow.

Jesus tells us if they are not against me (us) they are with me (us). Muslims, Christians and all other religions need to begin to love our brothers and sisters. Tell them when you see them “I Love YOU” do not be ashamed to express this love in public. This is the love of “God” that Jesus tells we must have before entry into the kingdom is granted unto us.

     Everyone, even those who say to themselves, “there is no god” and who some would call non believers, all have within them a belief system or a way of determining belief or (truth) that we need to look at and ask ourselves; How was my belief system or my way of determining truth established. I am talking here about the belief system that the ego has established to fit in or live in this world of ego’s/devil’s. I am not talking about the truth system that awaits everyone when we quit judging and rebuking others without All the facts and listen to the “father within.”

     Most of our current belief system’s were first established by Mom and Dad. “God” love um! Looking back they were doing the best they could with what they were told was truth. They had been programed by there parents before them and so on.

     So, I think we are now beginning to understand how the ideas in religion have become so decisive and judgemental. So much so that a new religion or a new branch of that religion already established is forming almost weekly. Why so many religions? Because we are ALL WRONG! Me, wrong, never! My brother is wrong but NOT ME! This is of the devi or the ego.

“God” is the only right “One”, not his creation who is judgemental and unloving .

     How does it feel to be wrong? It feels GREAT when you understand that being wrong gets you on the path back to “God.” But it does not feel good to the ego. The ego will kill, steal and destroy to prove that “He” is right and “God” is wrong. 

    Every religion will eventually find their way into the kingdom that Jesus speaks about at some point. However, none faster than any other.  The only way into the Kingdom is Jesus and his teachings, Not other religious opinions about Jesus and his teachings, ONLY HIS TEACHINGS. We must follow his teaching’s and not only talk about and discuss his teaching’s but actually follow Christ where he asks us to go. It is Not easy to question ourselves and our formed beliefs, but when we do, “God” then can show us the way the Son has told us about.

     Jesus tells us, “Do Not Judge.” If your religion practices judgement or rebuke we need to rethink our religion. Jesus tells us, “Fear Not.” If you are afraid of anything even death you need to rethink your religion. If your religion puts men over women you need to rethink your religion, this was not what Jesus taught. If women do not hold or can not hold the same status as men in your religion we need to rethink our religion. Jesus taught a message that was ALL inclusive and put No-One above another except the “Father Within.”

     In closing many things are attributed to have being taught by Jesus but they do not come from and were not taught by him but by other men who were not in the spirit of Christ. Check you teacher, know your teacher, and when you come to realize that your teacher is the “Holy Spirit” sent by “God the Father” you will know that you too are in the Kingdom that Jesus died to tell you about.


Love and Light,


August 11th, 2009 “Teacher of God’s Word”

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Teachers must go through a time of “transformation” or a “period of undoing” of what has been told them by the world.  This does not have to be painful, however it usually is because we think we are loosing something as a result of “letting go” which is not true.

     The only way to truly understand “God’s” word is to have No judgement and to be Honest and trusting of “God.”  “God’s” teachers DO NOT JUDGE ever. Why? To judge is to be dishonest, when we judge we assume a position that we do not have. Lets look at judgement. Judgement implies, I am right and you are wrong. If I am right and you are wrong then I have judged you. Judgement without “self-deception” is impossible. Judgement also implies that you have been deceived in your brothers. How, then, could you have not been deceived in yourself? Judgement implies a lack of trust in “God” and trust in “God” is the foundation of everything we teach. Without judgement all things are equally acceptable, for who could judge other-wise? Without judgement we are ALL brothers and who stands apart without judgement? Judgement destroys honesty and shatters trust. No teacher of “God” can judge another and hope to learn!

     Therefore, “God’s” teachers are gentle. Harm is impossible to the teachers of “God”, because you understand that you are neither beneath no one nor superior to no one. You also understand that you are independent of the good and bad opinions of of others, knowing that “God” does not assign the task of judgement to his creation. When we judge, we are judged by the same judgement we extend to our brothers.  Judgement is the action of the ego and has No place in the Kingdom of God. Harm is the outcome of  judgement. What happens when you judge? You have a dishonest thought or the ego tells you “hey, you are right and you know it, judge them tell them they are wrong.” You are placing a verdict of guilt upon a brother without knowing the truth yourself and therefore you are also judging yourself as n0t understanding what true love is and what truth means.


     As teachers of “God” we have to be gentle. Joy is the inevitable result of gentleness. Gentleness means that fear is now impossible. The open hands of gentleness are always filled. The gentle have no pain, they cannot suffer. They are sure that they are beloved and are safe from the self attacks of judgement.

  Meditate on these words and see if they do not help “God” administer his word to you. They are Tolerance, Joy, Gentleness, Honesty, Trust, Defenselessness, Generosity, Patience, Faithfulness and Open-Mindedness.



08-08-09 “Childlike Faith”

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Why were we born? Do you know? How do you know?

     When Jesus gives us the example of childlike faith he is telling us just ask dad and he will give you the keys to the car. It is that simple however if we do not approach the “father” with childlike faith the car stays parked and no keys are presented to us,  in the same way we would not let a person who does not know how to drive get behind the wheel before they are ready. 

     Most people today are caught up in a god (out-there) that wants to punish you and wants you to some how burn forever if you do not see the 66 books that King James assembled their way? Who’s way? Mans way! God has nothing to do with the 1000’s of different interpretations of the 66 books. There are literally 1000’s of man made (ego/devil) interpretations of these 66 books that King James put together.

     If we get our nose and ego’s out of this book for a moment and put our eyes back on “GOD” we will begin to see that the ego can deceive us. We can not be in the Kingdom that Jesus speaks about if we have division of any sort and Saul of Tarsus new that if you divide you conquer. 

 Example: Jesus tells us you do not need to work at a job to have food, clothes, a house. “God” has a plan and this thinking becomes obsolete when you know “god” and why you were born. Work is an idea put forth by man (in his ego) for the control of man.  We have all been taught in error and we can only see this error if you stop doing and start “being” become a human “being” and No longer a human “doing.” And you too will see that Jesus is lighting the path to freedom from this world.

     Why was Jesus killed? How do you know? Jesus was killed because his teachings freed all the slaves, captives and any one who was in bondage. Paul the self appointed apostle that I refer too as an “insider of the Roman government” who mislead people then and continues to mislead people 2000 years later told us to believe differently.

     Who tells us slavery is OK? Jesus, NEVER!!!  Paul ALWAYS!! Why? Paul is not who he claims to be;  Remember he killed Stephen a true follower of Jesus. We would call Paul a betrayer or shyster of the people. He is a liar and a thief.

     Read what is attributed to Paul or Saul of Tarsus and tell me is this a follower of Jesus the Christ: “Whoever is a slave must make the best of it, giving respect to his master so that outsiders don’t blame God and our teaching for his behavior. Slaves with Christian masters all the more so—their masters are really their beloved brothers!”   

     How can we love our enemies and own slaves? Paul was obviously NOT A SLAVE! With the teachings of Paul you remain a slave to your master, to the government and to the world! With Jesus you become FREE from this world. Saul is teaching a worldly control and follow message just as our leaders today do about war. It is not true we are in a religious war because of the devil within us all. Why do we always have to be right and EVERYONE else who does not believe like I do wrong? INSANE! You can not see or experience Jesus until you surrender the ego. This is only DONE by being what JESUS told us to be and that is LOVERS! NOT SLAVE OWNERS! Please do not leave a message here and try and rationalize Saul’s message he is a liar and a thief and you will only understand this when you are No Longer afraid “God” will send you To HELL FOREVER for questioning why you believe the way you do. In modern day vernacular we have been “brainwashed” conversion is another word for “brainwashing” the ego will not let you see this AND it can only be seen if YOU QUIET THE EGO!! Seek the father and the devil will flee.

     I too never saw the difference between Saul and Jesus while I was in church listening and NOT THINKING for my self. Where did the Phariseesget there answers? The same place most people get there answers today, yea a book, Or today TV.

     Jesus was telling us we can walk on water and Saul is telling us if someone OWNS us and makes us do what they want us to do it is OK. UNREAL!! Thank you God for Abraham Lincoln seeing that Saul was a lair and a false messenger. Many of the slave owners in America pointed to this very verse in the bible to say,” Hey Abe your wrong slavery is OK and it is OK that  we own and control slaves (HUMAN BEINGS) Saul tells us so in the bible.”

     Saul is a snake, he is a self appointed apostle, Not a follower of Jesus. I understand this may anger the ego to learn that Saul’s teachings were diametrically opposed to the teachings of Jesus. However the truth is the only way to be free. We have to remember who Saul was and what his mission was. It was to destroy the teachings of Jesus and he has done just that for most bible believing Christians.

Think about this…. there are people who go to church every week and have done so for many years of their lives and they love  Jesus but if they do not believe as others want them to believe they are going to burn in hell as Saul said NO WAY. Are all Mormons going to hell? Are all Muslims going to hell? Are all Hindus going to hell? Are all Catholics going to hell?  Are all J.W. going to hell? Are you doing to hell? Why are you Ok and they are NOT?

Because your interpretation is correct and there is NOT!

     Saul never new Jesus. Why do most people follow Saul and not Jesus? This is a form of mind control in the same way most people believe the official 911 story or why we are in war in Iraq. It all goes back to the EGO or devil as Jesus called that part of us that is just not right but evil. If you feel that you have power over someone else or you are somehow smarter than someone else because you know a book better than they do it IS A LIE! We all have the same knowledge at our disposal. EinsteinDID NOT GET HIS INFO FROM A BOOK! Jesus was always telling the Pharisees YOU HAVE THE BOOK KNOWLEDGE but you do not know the “FATHER” to whom I speak about. The ego got in the way. Here was a 30 year old man who had located “God” the “Father” and wanted everyone to know and theydiscounted him because they would not do as he advised them to do. Jesus never said if you do not listen to me, the “Father” I speak of will send you to a hell to burn forever NO WAY.  COM ON!! WAKE UP!! You have the answers to every question you ask if you ASK, you have not because you ask not; ASK THE FATHER YOUR QUESTIONS about life, get some answers do not take Saul’s word as the “Word of GOD” it is NOT!!

     Lets look at hell for a moment. We do not even know why we were born. Where we came from, where we are going when we leave. We often judge and say that poor soul was not saved he is burning in hell. WHO TOLD YOU? The Father that Jesus speaks about; did THE FATHER TELL YOU? Of course not. God the Father is Love and love is the answer too all your life’s issues NOT RELIGION or your beliefs if they differ from some one elses beliefs. How did you come to believe that Jesus is telling the truth? How did you come to think Saul is tellling the truth? They both can not be right. Slavery is right or wrong? Not RIGHT AND WRONG!

We are eternal spiritual beings. We will not spend eternity in a virtual oven because we disappointed the creator of our souls HE MAKES NO MISTAKES not with you or some follower of the Sun in some remote part of this world. God loves us all and fear is of Man not of God your creator.

Lets all get back to being childlike and not know-it-alls and we too will have the peace and freedom that Jesus so desperately wanted us to know about.

Love and continued Light,


August 4th, 2009 “Truth”

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Jesus tells us we will come to a point in our lives where by following his teachings we will understand “truth” and this “truth” will free us from this world of fear.

     We must understand that the truth Jesus speaks of is not found in one of the 66 books his Majesty King James assembled. No, this truth is found “within” each and every living soul. Your religious beliefs have nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus and what he is talking about here. No book, sermon or man can have you understanding the “father within” or “the greater consciousness” that lies “within” us all that Jesus is pointing to.  It is individualized, a relationship that we can only come into possession of through seeking the “father within” or the “greater consciousness within”. “Church” does not scratch the surface of The Kingdom Within us all.

     This truth is Non-competitive yet it always wins. We have All been deeply deceived… Jesus tells us this in his teachings, he tells us “we all need spirit filled eyes to see and spirit filled ears to hear.”

  Until we understand that “God”, sitting on a cloud, far away from here in “heaven”, who wanted Jesus to be killed to save “His” creation IS IS LIE, we can not move forward in the Kingdom that Jesus is telling us about.
     “God did Not kill Jesus the Devil/ego did!”
     Think about the absurdity in it all. “God” is love. He does not kill, burn or torture “His” creation as a Hitler did. No “God” does not give one part or people the truth and the other part who does not agree with “you/ego” he with holds the truth from. No, No way. The devil put “God” on the cloud far away from us and the devil is mans own ego who created the hellfire business for control. Remember the devil Killed Jesus and Stephen Not “GOD!”
     For those who have ears to hear listen, seek, and follow the One Within You!
    We need to understand who Jesus was and we need to understand who Saul of Tarsus was. Would this Saul of Tarsus who changed his name to Paul and appointed himself an apostle follow the teachings of a man like Jesus? No and he did not. He killed Stephen a follower of Jesus so to say that he would follow Jesus is a lie pure and simple. Have you ever compared what Jesus taught to what Paul taught? This is part of seeking?

How much truth can we stand before we become fearful and stop seeking?

        Theologians always quote The Apostle Paul. Lets look at Paul; First, he was as much an apostle as you reading this. Second he does not even follow the teachings of Jesus, so why quote Paul or Saul of Tarsus? Why, you ask? It’s all by design to keep us from entering into the Kingdom of “God” that Jesus tells us about and tells us how to Enter. Paul/Saul tells us to pay our taxes, slaves mind your masters and mind your leaders even if you disagree with them. What does any of this have to do with the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus risked his life to tells us about? NOTHING! That’s the point.

       Listen to the “father within” you. “He” will tell you put down those 66 books for a moment. Seek other “books” that help you confirm truth. Seek so that you too can find the Kingdom that awaits all those who dare to follow the teachings of Jesus the Christ.
     The truth as you will discover contains NO FEAR. Saul of Tarsus speaks of fear throughout the book of Romans, Why? What does minding your government (right or wrong), paying your taxes or if you are a slave minding you master have to do with The Kingdom Of GOD. NOTHING!
     Saul/Paul and Jesus teach a different message entirely. Saul teaches a message of a man who knows little about what Jesus taught. Saul sounds like a man full of fear, hate and above all judgement. 180 degrees’ from the loving message of our saviour Jesus.
     Read the entire book of Romans for yourself, from a loving “God” inspired perspective and you too will come to understand that Paul killed Christians. Saul/Paul was IN and OF this world of fear, where Jesus was In but Not Of this world.
     Paul says if you do not work you do not eat. This is Not of “God” it is of “fear”, Opposite of the teachings of Jesus. Jesus tells us do not think about what you will eat “Your father who is in heaven knows what you have need of even before you need it.”

 Paul says pay your taxes, Not of “God.”
 Paul says slaves mind your masters, again Not of “God.”
     Paul takes joy and peace from all who follow his teachings. Where did he come up with this “stuff?” I will close by saying follow Jesus and his teachings not some government official dressed as a sheep who is really a wolf like Saul of Tarsus the “self proclaimed” apostle of Jesus.

Jesus and the other “Great-Lovers” taught us of this time.

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Spiritual dialog begins to happen. A spiritual dialog between you and the “father” that Jesus speaks of; Only what you now know is that the father, has a face and that face is Jesus.  Some would argue why Jesus and not Buddha? The simple answer “Jesus tells us how to get IN”, where men like Buddha and Mohammad tell us “what the kingdom is like after we enter.” And they all encourage us to follow them to the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom or Heaven. Mohammad even tells us to find God we must follow the teachings of Jesus.

     They all taught of a time when “everyone will understand” or “every knee will bow” as it is written in the KJV. We have never needed to fear because God has been behind and is behind every event in our lives. From the moment when we wake up until we go to sleep, and the time we sleep. “He” wakes us up with the sound of birds and rocks us to sleep with the sound of frogs and crickets. When was the last time you had thought about all the work that went into this place “God” made for you? We had always taken it for granted that the birds sing in the morning but Now We See IT’S GOD saying “Good Morning” Wow everyday becomes more miraculous because you now see God in all things.

     You have no more fear of the world or the people in it because you know that the God that created you created them and “He” would not let them be right and you wrong but in stead made us ALL WRONG so that when we see this we understand “His” loving grace even more due to the fact that you now understand when Jesus said,” Love your neighbor as yourself, what “He” is telling us is “God” is in all things even the things the devil in you does not want to see.

     For example, food. The devil makes you think you work for it but in reality if you look very closely it is an illusion that you work for your food. It is just not true but you can only see this from “the Inside out” not visa verse.  Jesus said “do not think about what you will eat tomorrow.” You do not need to work for food if you believe Jesus. Paul tells us if you do not work you do not eat but we know this is Not True. Many homeless and out of work people are not working all over the world and they still eat. Why?  Yes, “God.” Clothing, what you will wear tomorrow, are you working for this? Jesus tells us we do not have to anymore if we follow his  teachings. He shows us a better way of life that is beyond any other life ever dreamed of,  it is life of being born again and everything is new to you. 

      Arguing your point no longer seems important when you know “God is in control” REALLY!  When you turn everything over to “God” really turn everything over that is when you begin to see Him for the first time at work in our lives.  You will be thinking about someone and they will call, that is “God” answering your thoughts, plain and simple. Nothing is coincidence with a “Source” like ours that we can contact “within”, whom Jesus calls the “Father.” 

     The “Father” keeps The kingdom open to all whom want to enter. “God” makes it plain and simple and the devil or ego continues the lies and deceit.  The devil tells us “I am right” and “you are wrong” when again the fact is we are all wrong if we think someone else is wrong, no matter to what degree. Even in so far as calling the person an enemy, we are told we are wrong if we judge that person and do not “love them.”  This is important!  God does not let the ego/devil into the kingdom at any time, because in “God” there is no ego or devil. Therefore there is no real need for the devil or fear. When your thoughts are on God the devil has no place to sit in your kingdom and “he” soon disappears. Only returning in times of fear. We only fear because we think we are separated from “God” when in fact this can never happen.  It only appears that we are separated because we have not done what needs to be done to “contact the father within.”  This can only be done through as Jesus taught, prayer or meditation as Buddha taught.

We have to stop all the “mind chatter” and “listen” then understand and trust what we hear.

TV does not help in our spiritual quest for salvation or enlightenment, it only hurts your perception of reality. We are being “programmed” unwittingly because our subconscious mind is hypnotized by the tube.

If you have read this far and have a question or comment, Please leave it or you can contact me via email at the above right corner on the main page.

Love and Light,