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This ‘world’, ‘yOur world’ is a JUDGMENT on yourSelf!!!

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Relationships are to make YOU happy. If you are unhappy in a relationship be it with a boss, spouse, child, in-laws or the outlaws; you can blame your unhappiness on guilt brought about through  judgement, but not on “them.”

 You see, they are just the recipient of your judgement on yourself without you BE-ing aware of this ‘self Judgment’.  Unconscious guilt is Self judgement taken out on an”other.”

Remember, an “other” is you “looking in” at yourself.  When you look out (unconsciously) it is a projection of your thoughts that is your guide. So, when we look in before looking out it allows for your Holy Spirit, or Higher-Consciousness to perceive the Perfection of “God” and not your judgement on It!

* Always Remember and become aware of the fact that it Is the Mind that sees and Not the eyes, the eyes reflect what the mind ‘believes’ will be there to see. To “RENEW” the mind requires that you FORGIVE 70X7, and a Renewed MInd Sees what was blinded before by Judgment and ‘blind belief.’

Your “new sight” will come first in glimpses. Your Source, God, Allah or “The Almighty” wills that you awaken slowly so as not to cause you undue stress and more fear.

I understand this is a lot and I want you to ‘get it.’ If you have been reading this blog for some time then you will see the ‘awareness’, awakening or renewing that my conscious mind has gone through as a result of PRACTICING the Teaching of Jesus Christ and not just by “talking about them.” What you are reading is the Truth and you can Know this Truth if you Practice FORGIVENESS 70X7!!

You will Know the Truth and the Truth Will set you free. Believing is the ego’s way of coming to grips with the fear of the world you made.

Everything you believe is Not The Truth, and you only Believe because you do not Know the truth that Wills to set your Mind Free ❤

This will help in your ultimate release from the world of fear, sin and death, which God did Not Create, but that you made up.

 So, looking “within” is a form of and the beginning of Forgiveness by the Holy Spirit in what is Sees’ “with-out”. Looking out is judgement by the devil, your ego in what it sees’, if you First do not seek the kingdom of God within YOU!! 

Understand this: Every moment in ‘time’ Your Holy Spirit is Seeing the Perfection of God in and all around you; you are not Self-aware of this Vision, Yet!! You will be ready to See through this Vision when you abandon your devil the ego for the LOVE of God! This does Not take Time it Takes Acceptance!

“Acceptance” simply translated is; “Conscious FORGIVENESS 70X7, in place of your UN-conscious Judgements!” 

*side*note* for fun 🙂 Lets look at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. How could Dr. King do what He did? Remember, His was a non-violent approach to injustice that many were blind to, (and are still blind to this day). He had to “Be in a state of Forgiveness” of mind to accept the judgement He did receive, and the Fearlessness came from “within Him”, not from without. No one you Know, right now, in your world would do what Dr. King did. The reason is because He had to be, “One with His Father in Heaven” to do what He did. He took on hell itself, but He had the power of God within Him and KNEW IT!!! Dr. King could have been anything He wanted to BE,  but in the end He chose to be a Savior for the kingdom of God. You can TOO!

Jesus was not teaching about hell after death, or an after death hell, NO! He knew death was a sham of our own ego. He was telling YOU to Awaken to the Perfection that IS YOU, The Kingdom of God ❤

This is NOt Church or religion that Jesus Christ teaches but The Salvation of the human man/woman 🙂


I am available to help you, your church, mosque, temple or organization See and Experience the teachings of Jesus Christ unto Salvation or Enlightenment!!

You have always had the power “WITHIN YOU” but you “believed” otherwise! < email me 🙂

You are So very Safe Beloved!  Sincerely,

David Winter