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You are afraid of Death.

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When you are Not afraid of death is when you begin to live.

Try and release all the “thoughts” you have about your food, shelter and clothing, and that fear you feel is the fear of death. You may be saying, I am not afraid to die it would be better than the life I am living now. However, in reality Fear is why you work and do not Become who you really came here to Become. If you had no job, no food, no shelter would you still Not be afraid to die?


Because of fear you can not SEE that Your food, shelter and clothing, along with your breath are all provided by “Your Father who is in Heaven” or if Jesus’ was to tells us today he may say; “Everything for this journey is provided for by your higher consciousness which is in and around you, looking after your every need.”

Fear blocks this “Spiritual Site” and therefore must be overcome before you can SEE with the eyes Jesus is telling us about.

When Jesus tells us, ” Those who have eyes to SEE and who have ears to HEAR.” He is telling us about “Spiritual Eyes” and they can Only be obtained from the “inside-out” NOT the “outside-in.” These eyes SEE the Oneness of everything they gaze upon as it was created by “God” and without these eyes you see separation, doubt and fear.

The ego only sees fear. Jesus called the ego the devil. Jesus reminds us of the ego/devil with statements like, “Keep your house in order” or “If you knew when a thief was coming you would be ready” or “Bind the strongman.”

Jesus is telling us to give NO THOUGHT TO FEAR! or “Seek  God and the Devil will flee.”

You seek by “turning off thoughts” of fear, knowing they are not true. Examine any thought that makes you feel fearful. Now what made you afraid? You will see the further “within” you go you will see that it is the fear of death and you can SEE it’s NOT REAL. Death is not real, Jesus told us this and we need to understand this to overcome All fears and live in the “Will of God.”

“Organized religion” has Our-Spirits fearing “God” and if you fear “God” you can not Love what you Fear! It is impossible, Why? Love and Fear are opposites same Life and Death are opposites. The only way to understand Jesus when he says, “You will not partake of death” is to follow his teachings, not the “Church” teachings you belong too about his teachings, BUT JESUS’ TEACHINGS!

Jesus will guide you every step of the way if you allow him to do so. This is foolishness to the world, I know. The only way to explain this is:

CHRIST lives in you. Think of a boat, now as the boat leaves the shore you see the faces on the people in the boat and the are frightened. Frightened of what? They got on with their free will. They are just unaware that the CHRIST consciousness guided them onto this boat. The boats represents life, the shore represents death. The shore is all you have every known and as you follow a teacher like Jesus he causes you to step out of a comfort zone and when you do you will become more comfortable with who you Really are and Not who you were told you were.  Jesus helps you become comfortable on the open seas of life, he teaches you that All your fears about food, shelter and clothing where all a pack of lies to control you.

Do not believe everything you believe or do not believe everything you tell yourself.

Everything you need for this life has been bought and paid for by the “Creator” prior to your arrival to this Life of LOVE!

Love is the answer to all;  Fear brings suffering into this Life of Love.

Would you rather be happy or right? Judge NO-ONE because that judgement comes back to you because it is YOU!

Love is God, God is Love. Love is God’s function and nothing functions without the Love of God and You are that Love!




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What is meant by “Doing the Will of God?”

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This is one of the stock phrases of organized religion, doing the Will of God may have become nothing but a “religious statement” with very little meaning because it is NOT understood, But in it is the deep secret of ALL attainment.

God has the wisest plan that you can only imagine now concerning the life of each and everyOne of us. This plan is both amazing and wonderful, and if we will only come into an understanding and “fall in line” or surrender “our will”, we will SEE that our will and Gods Will is the same. Harmony and Peace become ours, and Happiness and Joy, to an almost unbelievable extent.

You may ask how can I surrender “my will” if it’s the same as “God’s Will?”

We surrender our thoughts, thoughts create fear and fear blocks the Will of God from being SEEN.

We Do Not have to plan our life. It is already planned for us perfectly.

This may be difficult or a stumbling to “beginners”, but when we become more attuned we realize that God has a wonderful plan concerning our life, and the best we can do is, as Jesus advised 2000 years ago, “GIVE NO THOUGHT TO TOMORROW, WHAT YOU WILL EAT, WHERE YOU WILL SLEEP, or WHAT YOU WILL WEAR.” He understood God’s plan and lived it, just as you can!

This takes practice and that is why I used the word “beginners.” Obviously there can be No harmony until we do. Our life is perfect and planned by “our Father.” It can become a perfect expression only as we allow God’s plan to manifest.


We have not to perfect our life: we have only to allow God’s perfect plan to be carried out, in every action of our life. Suffering is of the mind, when the mind suffers the body suffers and if the body is suffering it is NOT THE WILL OF GOD. Suffering is the Ego for the religious it is the Devil.

You have been taught to be a human doing, become a human being. It takes patients and more patients. You live in Heaven. Jesus told us the Kingdom of Heaven is “within and around you.” He is telling you; Do not look with these eyes, look with your spirit filled eyes. This is not done by projecting the world you see but by SEEING with the eyes of God. Projecting requires thought, and Ego/Devil thought is an enemy to God. SEE do Not judge what you see just SEE only LOVE!

Be with it and be in it. Give EVERYTHING TO EVERYTHING, Why? Because IT IS YOU!!



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Riding The Storm Out.

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Nothing has ever happened to you. It has always happened “through” you. “God” is in complete control. “She” or “He”  will never let anything that will harm you last for eternally. Eternal Punishment after death is a lie that has been perpetrated on “spirits’ since the beginning of creation. Why? Fear is the only means of controlling YOU.

YOU, as you read this can only be “controled” by fear.

Imagine for a moment that you fear nothing, NOTHING at all!

 Not a lack of food, shelter, clothing, love, money or any other “thing.” How would you act? What would you do? Where would you go? What would you become? This is all possible, easy no, simple YES! Go “within” quiet “your” mind listen for your “Divine Source” to lead you. Ask, look and it will ALL be given to you.

      Fear NOTHING. Live free of fear. You can, You know….. Why? Because YOU DID NOT CREATE YOU. The One who “made” you made you in love AND has given you this world as a playground. Do you think that I am lying to you? When one lies there has to be a motive or the lie is useless. Lies are fear. Fear is the attempt to control.  Why do you, yourself lie? FEAR! Thats all.

OK, try this: Think for a moment. Are you breathing now? Silly question you ask? Who gives you breath? Why? Answer that question and you CAN NEVER FEAR AGAIN.



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The Lingering Illusion (revised 4-8-10)

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Definition of an “Idol.”

 An “Idol” is a person, place or thing that we put ahead of “God” or “Love.”

 We did/do this because we did/do not understand the true nature of reality. Jesus does not call this world an “Illusion” but he does tell us “Be in the world and Not of it”

Look not outside yourself for happiness. For it will fail, and you will be upset each time an Idol falls.

Love, God or Heaven can not be found where it is not, and looking for it outside of you is impossible. Each idol will fail to bring you what you intend for that idol; Only because it is Not what you are really seeking. You are not seeking the perfect job, house, car, relationship or money. You Are LOOKING FOR LOVE the LOVE that brings Peace beyond All earthly “forms.”

You can have everything “out here” when you see it all “in there.” Look Not outside yourself. All your pain comes simply from a futile search for what you want, insisting WHERE it must be found (outside of you). What if it IS NOT THERE? Would you prefer to be right or happy?

Be glad that you are being told TODAY where true Peace and Happiness abides! NO longer LOOK anywhere else, you will fail in your search and each time the job, your relationships, money, house, car Etc… does not bring the desired result you have suffered without true cause.

It is given you to know the truth, and Not look for it outside yourself. No one who comes here to “earth” in a “body” but must still have hope, some lingering illusion or some “dream” that there is something OUTSIDE of him or herself that will bring Happiness.

So we wander aimlessly about in search of “SOMETHING” that can never be found. The lingering illusion will keep you seeking until death for something that never was to be found outside of you.

Take heart and rejoice EVERYTHING that you want can and will be found “within” you. This is not easy but it is very simple. When you find it “within” you then you will SEE IT WITHOUT and it will bring the desired result,Why?

Because it will have been given to you by your “Creator”, “God”, “Love”, “The Divine Source” and you will understand that you have always had access to ALL THINGS!!



more to follow……


Inward and Often brings Peace to All.

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“Travel “within” often, bringing back souvenirs; Souvenirs of Love and Peace and many will want to travel to where You have been.”

“Step out of your comfort-zone and you will see that All things become comfortable Again”