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Happiness! The Natural State of Your Mind.

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“Complete abstraction is the natural condition of the mind.”

But, part of your mind is doing something, out of fear, that is unnatural. It does not look on everything as One. It see but fragments of the whole. The purpose of All Seeing is to show you what you want to See; All Hearing but brings to your mind the sounds it wants to Hear.

It seems to be to us that it is the body that we feel limits our freedom, makes us suffer, and at last puts out our life.

Believe this no longer!

The mind is what causes this to seem to be true. The mind is sick indeed that thinks the body can be sick, and this, the mind that needs renewing, not the body. The body was made by the mind. If the body can get sick and die, is this of “God”? God is LOVE! Everything God Created is eternal. Look beyond the body! See the body of “another” as a projection of a fearful thought, generated by a mind that knows not itSelf.

Heal this thought thru FORGIVENESS!

All Suffering comes from not understanding the “True Nature of Reality.”

EveryOne you look upon is a Son or Daughter of God/LOVE! Judge them not from your beliefs. Suspend Judgement of God’s Creation and you too will SEE a Loving and Gentle world, not made by your thoughts, but Created for you, by God!

Now is your time to awaken from the mind asleep. You will awaken thru FORGIVENESS and Non-Judgement. Love whom you call your enemy’s, Love yourSelf and give No thought about future events to come.

You are Healed, You are Home. You have let fear go and replaced it with LOVE!

Love Your Brother,

More to follow. . .