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We are All the same! We are One with everything. We will begin to SEE the Oneness thru Forgiveness.

Forgiveness allows our minds to be freed from the chains of improper thought or fear thoughts.

Forgiveness, Being of “God”, eliminates fear, allowing you to SEE the reality of Heaven that “God” created. Forgiveness is the seed of love. Plant the seed of forgiveness in your heart and you will experience a life most will find unbelievable. Jesus was hard to believe; And that is why he was crucified. He told people, you do not die! He went on to say, you reside in heaven, YOU Are In Heaven, Now! His forgiveness allowed him to know “God” without any fear. He saw “God” and “God’s” creation in everyOne he saw. He then knew that he was One with everything and everyOne. He knew he was One with the ones who persecuted and eventually killed him. When he told the world, YOU! “Forgive them they do not know what they are doing, he was not only talking to the ones who were killing him, he was also speaking to the ones watching this insanity take place.

When you understand to take the life of someone else (regardless of what you ‘think’ about them) is the same as telling “God”, “You goofed God, we have to kill this One.” When you understand that taking the life of another or judgeing another is insanity. You will understand the Power of FORGIVENESS.

Forgiveness allows you to See clearly and that you DID Not See clearly prior to forgiveness entering into your heart; And you judged “God’s” creation wrongly before forgiveness was accepted.

There are two worlds here and now! Yes, two’; The one Jesus was pointing to and was teaching us to SEE and the one you see now. Jesus does not teach the denial of death, sickness, dis-ease, or your enemy’s. Jesus teaches us that when you practice what he taught, and fear is eliminated in your life, you SEE that death and everything that follows it was Never REAL!

Reality dawns upon a forgiving mind. Reality is Heaven Now. An unforgiving and judgemental mind is shown a reality that does not exist except in the mind that ‘thought’ it did.

“When fear is eliminated, Heaven comes to take its place!”

Love your brother,


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How do we SEE?

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How can we SEE the Heaven Jesus tells us about?

How can we Know that we do not die?

     We do not understand the true nature of reality because we “think” we know it all and anyOne who does not agree with our “beliefs” is wrong. This comes from the ego or”Devil” as Jesus refers to that fearful part of our thought process.  

     We are ALL ONE and this is only known when we practice what Jesus taught and not just judge and talk about the teachings of a man like Jesus.

  • Love YOUR Lord Your God, not someOne elses. Not some “God” out of a “Holy” book that someone else told you was the “truth” You will know the truth you will no longer “believe” anything!
  • Give No thought for tomorrow. This is difficult at first because we do not “know God” and to give No thought for tomorrow we must trust a “God” we do not know.
  • Love everyone as yourself, This requires Forgiveness and No Judgement no matter what “you think”

Judge No One!

Forgive everyOne!

Death is of the Devil/ego, Life is of “God”

Your “Father who is in Heaven” knows what you have need of and will/does supply everything; However we can not see this with out Faith and Trust in “God.” With a little faith you will see that “thinking” about tomorrow is kin to and is a lack of faith in “God” and without faith it is impossible to See the Heaven Jesus spoke about.

ALL Roads lead to “God” because you have never left, nor can you be separated from your Creator, (you only’think’ you can be). Seek where Jesus told you to look and you too will See that You do not die and Heaven is NOW!

You will never partake of death nor have you ever. Jesus is speaking of a consciousness that is not of this world. The world is an illusion created by your ego. Jesus doesn’t call this world an illusion. But he does say; “Be in the world but not of it.”

Love and Peace,

Your Brother

More to follow. . .