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Fear is “thought”, Love is Being …

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When you begin to not fear a god you can not see; You SEE a “God” You could never fear!

This is the Vision of “God”

When you SEE without fear you SEE Truth. Truth can not be seen when fear is present. Love/Truth can not co-exist with Fear/Belief.

We “believe” because we do not Know.

Example: If you ask a scientist about gravity. Do you believe in gravity? She might say I do not need to believe I know gravity exists. Ask a parent; Do you believe you love your child? He might say I do not need to believe I love my child,  I know I love my child!

When we Know we no longer have a need to form “beliefs.” 

Love can not co-exist with fear. It is impossible to love someone who you fear. You will at times either love them of fear them but never at the same time will you experience love and fear, its impossible.

If we fear “God” we can not love “God” this too is impossible.

If we are in a religious organization that we would fear “God” to leave , or we would fear “The Wrath of God” if we left,  this is an organization we should RUN FROM!

We can never SEE “God” if we have fear thoughts toward that we are seeking.  The Truth is not seen in fear. Love gives Vision. Forgiveness is the key that unlocks fear from our mind. When you Know that Forgiveness is Always justified. And you only hurt your Self through unforgiveness, you surrender unforgiving thoughts. Unforgiveness is like you drinking poison and expecting it to harm the One you are refusing to forgive.

Forgiveness Heals Your Mind!

Understanding is not necessary to SEE the truth. Go within and SEEK “God”, ask “God”: Who AM I? Why AM I here?

Would Jesus be a Christian if he were here today?

What church would he join, Baptist, Born Again, Evangelical, Methodist, Catholic, LDS, Protestant, perhaps he would be a JW or a Calvinist?

 Do these churches teach that we die? Do these churches teach a Heaven after death?


 He taught us that we Don’t die and Heaven is NOW!



In closing; Your thoughts will mirror what you see. You will Understand as Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammad and others understood; Heaven, Nirvana, or The New Life, is NOW! And you do not have to die and the reason is;  

You were never born like you “thought.”

Be easy on you, Love You, and Forgive You!

Peace with Love to You,

Your Brother

More to follow. . .