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Love Yourself First; “Be-Cause”; YOU are LOVE!

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“Be-the-Cause” you SEE in everything; And you will See that your thoughts have been the cause of everything you have experienced in the world.

The earth and everything in it is nothing more than the projection of the thoughts you have about yourself. That is why it is so easy to change your reality about yourself.

What I talk about in this blog sometimes sounds like Non-sense, mUmBo-JuMbO or as the bible calls this consciousness, “Foolishness.” PLEASE understand this; What was being taught by men like Jesus, Buddha and Mohammad was and is a shift in consciousness so unexplainable it can only be experienced. “Going Within” is where you find this “Heaven”, “Nirvana” or “New-Life” and then when it is SEEN “within” you can SEE “experience it” in the world.

“Seek You the Kingdom of God first and ALL things will be given to YOU!” Jesus 2000 years ago

Why do the religious leaders KILL these type of people and later pretend to  love them? Saul of Tarsus is a prime example, it is that they are operating in the ego or Devil mind that Jesus teaches us about. They will not “do the work” that is required of them to find the truth that Jesus is telling us about. It’s the “blind leading and following the blind.”

Jesus LIVES and You can KNOW this; Not just “believe” this.

If you have any questions please ask me.

Are you done suffering ? Suffering is an option; Its Not manditory in the “Kingdom of God.”

Go “within” and you will SEE and KNOW you have NOTHING to FEAR!




more to follow. . .