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  We are all Now living in a time where we have allowed those who control us to do whatever they want, when they want. By this is meant the masters of our minds have taken control because we failed to this point in understanding who we are and why we are “here.” Its time we began to “think” about where we have come from and what our true purpose is.
We have formed “beliefs” by not even questioning the truth in these beliefs.
For example Hell, War, Drugs and Enemies. Most have formed Not there own opinions on these subjects but their opinions/beliefs have been formed by the TV, Radio, Pastor, Mom, Dad, President Etc… It’s time we question our beliefs and how we came about “believing” them as true. You will find that 99.99% of ALL YOUR BELIEFS ARE NOT REAL! You say but David you do not know me how do you know what I believe is not true? I know this because you never formed your “own-beliefs” but your “beliefs” were TOLD TO YOU. This is how I know they are not true.
“THINK”, do not let your mind wander, proper thinking is done by quieting the mind to a point of “silence” and then listening and trusting your inner guidance. The powers that be understood with the advent of the TV that they could get people to hate others just by placing that thought in the mind of the viewers. They also understood that the human brain learns or is “programed” best in a chaotic state. For example look at CNN News we see the anchor person talking, along the bottom of the screen is a “line feed” with other information, then they split the screen and place advertisements of war, sickness and dis-ease in the corners. The mind keeps up with it all but Never Questions anything because its in a state of chaos. This is how we have come to believe events that are not true. TV makes zombies of people. TV as Tim Leary told us in 1972, is used to keep you “dumb and stupid.”
If you are reading this think for a moment, Why are we sending our children over to other lands to kill people? This is insane, this is the same insanity that was played out during Vietnam. Did we not learn a lesson and this lesson being that WAR, WAR is CREATED FOLKS!! WAR is not for protection. War, All wars are lies perpetrated by those who do not love and care about the ones being killed.
We need to Come Together again and put and end to this madness. We do this through discussion. Young people reading this wake up do not be like your parents we were lied too we taught the lies to you and you believed them. You need to create a new reality globally. This can be done through learning to operate your mind properly. All reality can be changed from within. Fear is a LIE!! All fear, anything You fear, ALL FEAR is a lie. Swine Flu, terrorists, economic collapse, health care, these all are designed to keep you in fear and not thinking properly.
 If you Do not think properly then you are brainwashed or mind controlled. 
Meditation is key to understanding the mind control that has been perpetrated on the human race every since the beginning of time as you know it. Quiet the “mind-chatter” even for just five minutes in the AM and five minutes in the PM and you too will See that you have been told what to believe and have NEVER formed your own “beliefs.”
Fear is the carrot that has been dangled in your face to get you to do the work the carrot danglers want you to perform, even if that means KILLING other people with no benefit to you at all. War and Killing are wrong and have never been right, lets learn from the past and stop the insanity and the mind control will be seen and done away with.