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July 28, 2009 What good is having someone who can walk on water if you don’t follow in his footsteps?

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Mankind for the most part lives in the world without; few have found this world “within” that the great spiritual teachers have risk there very lives to tell us about. And yet it is the world “within” that controls the world without.  The world “within” is therefore creative and everything which we find in our world without has been created by our “thoughts” in the world “within.” So All power is from “within” and is absolutely under your control.

     Jesus tells us that we to can master our thoughts and thus do greater than he did during his shortened life span. You will at first think that this is a radical new idea or “foolishness.” Most people try and change the “out there” or “effects” by working with the “effects” and not the CAUSE!  All we do when we attempt to change the out there is to bring more distress upon our selves. To remove distress we must find the cause and the cause can only be found “within.” 

Why do we “get sick?”  Why does the body become and enter “dis-ease?” How could Jesus heal people who had been sick so long? When your mind is not “at-ease” your body will very soon follow. It was harder for Jesus to do heeling’s in his home town because the people had less belief of Jesus due to the fact that he grew up around them and they new him as Jesus the carpenter or Mary and Joesphs’ boy. What they failed to realize is that Jesus had gone “within” and contacted “God” and he was now willing to risk his life so that you and I could know about the Kingdom of God that Jesus located deep “within” himself. Jesus asked “Do you want to be whole or do you want to be healed?” He new that the heeling’s took place as a result of there faith to believe that they are whole.

Suffering is a direct result of improper thoughts. We suffer because we “believe” that we need something that we do not posses at this time. We say if I just had “that” I would be happy and everything would be OK. We can all end suffering here and now if we just live in this moment and are thankful for everything that we have here and now.

No man can follow Christ and go astray. 

~William H.P. Faunce