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Your/my Judgement is failing you/me.

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“Those who remember always that they know nothing, and who have become willing to learn everything, will learn it. But whenever they trust themselves, they will not learn. They have destroyed their motivation for learning by thinking that they already know. Do not think you understand anything until you pass the test of perfect peace, for peace and understanding go together and can never be found alone. Each brings the other with it, for it is the law of God they not be separate. They are cause and effect, each to the other, so where one is absent the other can not be.” acim

If we want peace we must abandon the teacher of attack, (ego/’devil’). The Teacher of peace will never abandon you, (Love/’Holy Spirit’). We begin with forgiveness of ourselves and then everyone who comes into our world. I say ‘our world’ because your world is different from mine. You do not know most of the people in my world and I do not know most of the people in your world. Your consciousness begins to shift with forgiveness, causing peace of mind and understanding. Why are we taught by Christ, Buddha, and others that we do not die? Because they understood/understand the true nature of reality. Death is not a truism. Many things or ideas you believe are not true. We Only form beliefs because we do not know. The ego hates to think is does not know anything and causes fear to result in anger and judgement. Surrender the ego and seek the truth in love and forgiveness and your world will open up to the ‘Kingdom of God’, one that you could never be separate from and could never be without. God is Love and only Love, we do not trust God so we listen to the ego. There is another Voice within you that you can choose to listen to and this Voice will tell you of the Love that your Creator has been waiting to show you.

Can you imagine what it means to have no cares, no worries, no anxieties, but merely to be perfectly calm and quiet all the time? Yet that is what time is for; to learn just that and nothing more!

Leave room in your mind for the Teacher from Heaven and you will See and Hear,  as Jesus told us over 2000 years ago, “Heaven is within you and among you.”

Do not be hard on yourself. Love You, Be GOOD To You. FEAR NOTHING!! You have been badly taught by a teacher that had come to still and destroy your true nature. You can know why this took place. God gave you everything in your creation, even the ability to ‘believe’ that which is not true. Think about the “Holy” books for a moment. Many have different ‘beliefs’ from the same book… why? Judgement and listening to the ego. There are over 36,000 different denominations of Christianity from one book! How do you know what you believe is true? We say ‘I have truth your church or you do not.’ Christ say’s, “The Truth will make you free”,  are your free, now? Or are you waiting to die to become free?

My Brothers and Sisters wake from your dream of sin and death to the reality of Life and Love!

Love your Brother,

more to follow. . .

Living the The Simple Life in “God’s Love” 8/14/09

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     This is the end result of “God’s” creation, that being in “His Love.” However to find this simple life that we all have been told about by Jesus, some of us must travel down the ego’s path of religion, which leads to judgement and eventually to death. Only when we realize that there is no death do we come into the possession of what Jesus tells his followers that”we will not partake of death.”  At this point we realize our error of judgement and rebuke causing us to look deeper within to find meaning to life.

     This is when we see hell as situations here on earth for most of us. Hell is weeping and gnashing of teeth as described in the bible. When someone is killed (or perceived to have been killed) or hell is when a child becomes sick for no explainable reason and dies, this is hell and this is not of “God.” In the Kingdom of “God” you see death as a transformation not an end and this transformation can not be understood inside the thought of the ego. Hell was created by the ego trying to forget “God” out of fear of “Him.” When we begin to call upon the “father within” that Jesus tells us so much about we get away from what is seen as hell and we see it for what it is and Hell is a LIE!!

     If we think for one second that one person can kill another person and; “God” has allowed the ego this much power in “His” kingdom we need to access our thought about who “God” is and where “He” is. If “God” is love and killing is not allowed in the kingdom of “God” then if we still witness and hear about killing we must still be outside the Kingdom of Heaven.

     In “God’s” Kingdom we only see and experience LOVE!. To understand “God’s” kingdom and experience this love we must “re-program” our thoughts and replace them with the thoughts of “God.” In “God” thoughts there is no division or judgement of others or there ideas. Why do we not judge anymore where we used to be judges? Simply because we have been shown by the “father within” that our judgement lacks ALL the facts and to judge we need all the facts and to have all the facts and to be able to judge is to be “God.” Since no one but Jesus has ever claimed to have these facts and Jesus tells us “do not judge” then as true followers we learn that All judgement and rebuke is in  error and we are deceiving ourselves into thinking that we are following Christ as he taught us to follow.

Jesus tells us if they are not against me (us) they are with me (us). Muslims, Christians and all other religions need to begin to love our brothers and sisters. Tell them when you see them “I Love YOU” do not be ashamed to express this love in public. This is the love of “God” that Jesus tells we must have before entry into the kingdom is granted unto us.

     Everyone, even those who say to themselves, “there is no god” and who some would call non believers, all have within them a belief system or a way of determining belief or (truth) that we need to look at and ask ourselves; How was my belief system or my way of determining truth established. I am talking here about the belief system that the ego has established to fit in or live in this world of ego’s/devil’s. I am not talking about the truth system that awaits everyone when we quit judging and rebuking others without All the facts and listen to the “father within.”

     Most of our current belief system’s were first established by Mom and Dad. “God” love um! Looking back they were doing the best they could with what they were told was truth. They had been programed by there parents before them and so on.

     So, I think we are now beginning to understand how the ideas in religion have become so decisive and judgemental. So much so that a new religion or a new branch of that religion already established is forming almost weekly. Why so many religions? Because we are ALL WRONG! Me, wrong, never! My brother is wrong but NOT ME! This is of the devi or the ego.

“God” is the only right “One”, not his creation who is judgemental and unloving .

     How does it feel to be wrong? It feels GREAT when you understand that being wrong gets you on the path back to “God.” But it does not feel good to the ego. The ego will kill, steal and destroy to prove that “He” is right and “God” is wrong. 

    Every religion will eventually find their way into the kingdom that Jesus speaks about at some point. However, none faster than any other.  The only way into the Kingdom is Jesus and his teachings, Not other religious opinions about Jesus and his teachings, ONLY HIS TEACHINGS. We must follow his teaching’s and not only talk about and discuss his teaching’s but actually follow Christ where he asks us to go. It is Not easy to question ourselves and our formed beliefs, but when we do, “God” then can show us the way the Son has told us about.

     Jesus tells us, “Do Not Judge.” If your religion practices judgement or rebuke we need to rethink our religion. Jesus tells us, “Fear Not.” If you are afraid of anything even death you need to rethink your religion. If your religion puts men over women you need to rethink your religion, this was not what Jesus taught. If women do not hold or can not hold the same status as men in your religion we need to rethink our religion. Jesus taught a message that was ALL inclusive and put No-One above another except the “Father Within.”

     In closing many things are attributed to have being taught by Jesus but they do not come from and were not taught by him but by other men who were not in the spirit of Christ. Check you teacher, know your teacher, and when you come to realize that your teacher is the “Holy Spirit” sent by “God the Father” you will know that you too are in the Kingdom that Jesus died to tell you about.


Love and Light,