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Easter is NOW!

Posted in addiction, anxiety with tags on April 15, 2017 by david1963

If Jesus Christ stood before us today in front of our church at the pulpit and asked the congregation, “Do you Love your enemies?” And, “Do you forgive everyone all the time for EVERYTHING, or as I taught Peter, 70X7?” How many of us could He grant the “Kingdom of Heaven” and “Eternal Life” to?

We have been greatly deceived about the message of Jesus Christ for over 400 years.
His message is Eternal Life, not after you die a physical death, but Now. Of course this is utter and complete insanity to those among us who could not answer the first two questions, “Yes Lord we do!”

You see, to “go to war” and to “kill your enemies” is anti Christ, and the Voice of the Holy Spirit is drowned out by wanting to seek vengeance. Vengeance Is Gods.

Unconditional Forgiveness restores the mind to sanity by removing judgment. We cannot judge. Our judgment is not good at best.

The Father gave us a Holy Spirit when our Savior ascended to Heaven. The Holy Spirit is the “Great Comforter” promised by Jesus Christ. He is here, and He is Now.

To know the truth that sets us free, we Must practice, Unconditional Forgiveness. There is no other way for the “Christian” follows of Christ Jesus to experience the Kingdom of Heaven.

As you begin to make an attempt to “love your enemies” the ego does not like it. The Holy Spirits’ home is the “Kingdom of God” or the Mind. The egos home is the body. The body is not eternal, mind is. The mind has to be stilled of all the fearful, judgmental mind chatter of the ego. This is accomplished by our willingness to Forgive, thus Love our enemies. Simple. Just not easy. We must take the Burch rod to ourselves. No one can eat our food for us.

You are not alone in the Atonement process. The Holy Spirit needs your faith in Him to heal your mind. If we feel the need to harm our enemies in any way, we will not enter Heaven in this life, or the next. All mental illness is rooted in judgment.

We are mentally ill Christians if we believe Jesus Christ taught kill thy enemies.

The reason Dr. Martin Luther King could do what he did was because he was a follower and “practicer” of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Unconditional Forgiveness takes great spiritual courage. And that courage comes from the Holy Spirit within the Kingdom of God. Luke 17

The concept of enemies is unknown in Heaven because Gods Creation is one. We are all one. One is confusing to those who see two. The reason for the paradox is our insane judgment brought about by fear.

There is no fear in perfect love. Perfect love casts out all fear. Seek your Father, and the devil flees. Forgiveness silences the ego by our willingness to listen to the Holy Spirit and His call to love.

We are spirit. God is spirit. To know God we must seek Him in spirit. Spirit is consciousness. Consciousness is the medium created by our Father to know Him. Lord Jesus Christ rules this spiritual consciousness, not with fear but with love.  He is an equal ruler. Meaning, He wants to give you the Kingdom via His Atonement.

The Atonement undoes all our “sin” or mis-thinking of the past. Showing us a world our eyes could never see. Your guilt is gone, He atoned for all our mistakes, past and future.
However, to understand the true meaning of the teachings of Jesus Christ we MUST UNCONDITIONALLY FORGIVE EVERYONE.

In closing, we are free. Jesus Christ has freed us. But knowing this is not enough. We must experience Salvation to understand the Atonement completely.

Imagine what it would be like to live with no worries, and no cares. To be peaceful and happy all day everyday. Never to be sick, and never to be afraid of the future. If we can imagine that, we are beginning to understand the substantial nature of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.