Holy Spirit = your “Higher Consciousness”

~The Holy Spirit will remind You if you will listen that this is your life, your eternity, and Your Self~
This is a deep teaching of Jesus, reserved for when you have accepted the Truth of UNCONDITIONAL (70X7) FORGIVENESS being His method of mind renewal.
You understand FORGIVENESS now except the devil or EGO makes you think FORGIVENESS is not fair. Another does you wrong, so why should you FORGIVE them, they should FORGIVE you!
FORGIVENESS will allow you to by-pass the devil on the way to your Father.
Unconditional forgiveness is the mental medicine for judgment.

Anyone reading this, religious or not, if you will understand that ‘all judgment is self judgment’ it will be easier to practice the teachings of Jesus. St. Paul would say;  “the scales will fall away from your Eyes and you will be Blind no more when you do not judge another, as another!”

Pastors are needed more than ever at this time in the world. I Know this has often been said throughout time but it is still true.

Pastor, when you go and teach everyday, let your light so Shine that they Know that Christ is Alive within You Now. Without Judgment and in Full FORGIVENESS of what your Father God Created perfectly as You!

We cannot inter into the Kingdom of Heaven if we as Christians even remotely believe that it is OK to harm an “enemy.” A Christian has NO ENEMIES. This is what makes him/her a true follower of the risen Jesus Christ.  

It does Not matter what you ‘believe’ personally, Christ is within EveryOne you See. If you are not Seeing the Christ in EveryOne it is being blocked by your personal beliefs and personal judgments. The difference between the Saved and the UNSaved is the Acknowledgement of the Christ Within; where your Father placed Christ at Your Creation!!

Your getting It!! I love You! ♥

When you let go of the ego or “devil”, you are allowing the Holy Spirit to take over Thought, and your life changes. Letting go of the devil is not easy for the ones who judge. FORGIVENESS sends the ego packing never to be seen again. You cannot guide yourself to Salvation, you must PRACTICE UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS 70X7, and let your Holy Spirit Guide you to the Promised Land! This is Your Promised Land, your “Samaria” It was created for You and YOU ALONE! The Only way to KNOW THIS is through Love not fear. Fear keeps your eyes blind because it plans, it thinks, it judges and it Never FORGIVES!

“Love Expands, Creates, Gives; Fear, contracts, makes, takes.”

Here is an Example of fear: Some powerful governments around the world use force to take the resources and riches from other, smaller, less powerful nations. Love understands this as an Insane thought of the devil. War and killing are OK to the ego. War is absolutely INSANE to God! The Holy Spirit is God’s answer to this worlds EGO. The concept you now hold of yourself needs to be reinterpreted to you by your Holy Spirit. The concept you currently hold of yourself is powerless. Peace is the devils greatest enemy because according to its interpretation of reality, war is the guarantee of its survival. The ego becomes strong in strife.

Eternity and Peace are as closely related as are time and war. You who did not create Truth can still be set free by It! Truth is beyond your ability to destroy with belief, but entirely within your ability to accept. The devil fades away and is undone as you Hear And LISTEN the Holy Spirit’s call to Peace and Safety.

Eternity is Now within your Experience.

Enough for today ♥

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  2. david1963 Says:

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    The Answer lies within the Kingdom of God. The second coming of Jesus Is the resurrection of Christ within the Kingdom of God, and that Kingdom Is within YOU!

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