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Life is but a Dream

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Imagine for a moment that we are dreaming. (Because ‘we’ really are, life is but a Dream)

 Lord Jesus tells us that when we awaken from our self-induced fear of God dream, we will be Happy and no longer ‘scared’ by ANYTHING.

“Fear Not!” The Master, 2000 years ago.

This is what is on my mind………..

What if?; you will continue to dream this, the same dream, over and over, until you awaken from the fear of God; and His “hell-fire?”

It’s all a self-induced trick beloved….your entire life… are ‘doing thus’ unto yourself, unknown by YOU!

Better yet, what if?; you can awaken from your dream of “hell-fire, sin and death” right this minute, if you would only lay down your judgment of God, by no longer blindly believing that He created a hell-fire for “NON-BELIEVERS.”

It’s 2015, we got Google, they did not in 1611!
Do you REALLY still believe that you are safe from God and His after death place of eternal punishment called hell-fire because you, and your family before you, believed every “jot and tittle” in the kings holy bible?

Brother, we were deceived by FEAR! Fear Nothing any longer!

When Christ shows YOU (and He Will!), that your family’s generational blind-belief in “hell-fire” has been a 400 year old demonic trick by a tyrannical worldly king; we Must begin to question every “jot and tittle” in the kings religious manifesto of 1611.

Fear is the only REASON for blind, unchallenged beliefs.
But “REASON” was taken out of the equation when we blindly believed without ANY REASON whatsoever that God created “hell-fire” as a place to put His mistakes??

It’s “TIME” we awaken by the power of FORGIVENESS, and repent from our blind-beliefs in the Vengeful God of hell-fire!

Hello Pastor, you will not lose your church or your ‘livelihood’ by seeking for the Risen Christ within the kingdom of God. All your fears are baseless misrepresentations of our Creative Source brought about by your limited beliefs associated with the “holy-bible.”

I have expressed previously that the words that are posted here are not one man’s opinion, but the experience of one man who has ‘attempted’ everyday to PRACTICE Unconditional FORGIVENESS as taught by the Lord Jesus Christ. The past 10 or so years have not been easy by ANY stretch of the imagination, BUT, my Brothers and Sisters
worth every FORGIVING thought!

In closing, if >! YOU! <  Will PRACTICE Unconditional FORGIVENESS, by a willingness to FORGIVE, thus LOVE your enemies, both foreign and domestic; you will understand the complete INSANITY of blindly believing in an after death place of eternal torment called “hell-fire.”

When you have awakened to the complete nonsense and insanity of a God Who made hell-fire, you Will begin your journey back into the Kingdom of Heaven Created for you before “time” began in your sleeping mind.

enough for today….


I do love YOU; ~The dark night of the Soul~

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❤  I do love YOU  ❤

~The dark night of the Soul~ What was Lord Jesus’ dark night of the soul ? It was His transformation to ‘God’ BY His Father for “Us”. 

This is a very deep teaching for the disciples of Christ, for what you’re about to read to your trained ego, is insanity. 

*The trained ego is the false self. The self that in this dream was not able to pick its name, where it was born, or its family, and it is even given a Number. We were taught to memorize our number. Every person on the planet who is “civilized” lol, has a number. Its your “slave” number.

*You accept the Atonement of Jesus Christ as your Lord AND Saviour, by putting ALL your needs, worries, past, future, health, finances…. EVERYTHING in His Hands, the cross was the last useless journey that He made for YOU.

Accept His Atonement, His “undoing” of your false blind beliefs about God Our Father by relinquishing ALL YOUR FEARS! 

You are HERE NOW to allow a transformation process to occur within the kingdom of God, to come out of your cocoon (fear) and to become the butterfly (Love) you were created As. All fear is is your attachment to your slave name or slave story, and not attaching to the Name of your Lord which is Only Love . 

All organized religions are superstitious delusions taken by the slave to feel safe from the wrath of the “Master-god”, and which are based entirely on the fear of God. Thus are All organized religions cruel to the Children of God who “know not what they do” and do not know Who and What they are.

Lord Jesus teaches you to be in the world but not of the world; Because YOU ARE NOT OF THIS WORLD you are only dreaming that you are. Everything is Divinely Orchestrated for your Divine Awakening or “release” back to the ‘Garden of God’, if you will be Willing to surrender All your FEARS and let Jesus’ Holy Spirit within Guide you beyond all fear and back to the Truth Within YOU. 

The fear of God is the zenith of insanity. You need not believe Anything any longer should you choose to do so. All beliefs are began from the enslaved ego due to the fear of God. I AM here to help YOU 

If you “make a living” or derive “your life” from King James’ book of religion, and see no way out, Jesus Christ is only a prayer away, but you can NEVER DOUBT that He is in CONTROL and that YOU ARE LOVED beyond what the slave can comprehend.

If you have questions Please ask  I AM not here to deceive you. My “life” would be laid down or “taken” before I c/would cause you any more undue fear and stress. Who am “I”, I AM YOU! 

In closing, in the ‘dream of separation from God’ I am a father, husband, grandfather, son, Brother and friend to all. I AM at a ‘point in time’ where I have come to realize everything that I have ever feared in ‘life’ was a lie of the devil, the trained ego, the powerless slave mind. 

When you no longer wish to be deceived by the fear of God, you will not be.

Lord Jesus Awaits  He comes bearing spiritual gifts that are N.O.T.W.
He is the Deathless Saviour sent by Our Heavenly Father for YOU  ❤

Allow for the Renewing of your mind. I will come and teach at your hall, church, mosque, synagogue, den, or home all you need to do is call upon the Lord Your God

forgive the typos 

Your thoughts, and the Saviour’s the warning

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Your thoughts, “your will” blocks the awareness of your Fathers thoughts or “God’s Will” for you. You think on purpose because you fear God, and you believe thinking saves you from the wrath of God, when in reality your thoughts keep you from Seeing Miracles or the “Hand of God” in your life.

Miracles are adjustments the Holy Spirit makes as you surrender your thoughts. The thoughts that you are aware of at Any given time are meaningless. God’s will superceeds yours only because your will is insane. You will death and see it through because of your belief in death. If you, When you realize that there is only one consciousness at play here, and it is yours, it’s a game changer! You judge “others” as insane because you are afraid of what God created for YOU and YOU alone! Believe it or not God created what you see, but what you see is determined by your state of mind. If your state of mind is in fear then it is your will to see scary events; if you are one with your Father, then your will becomes His Will and you experience happy loving events!

Quieting the mind in prayer and meditation is only “boring” until Jesus Christ reveals to you that He Is Risen within the kingdom of God that IS within YOU

Christ is Unknown by you because you have never sought Him in the stillness of the kingdom, only in the fear of this world

Fear veils the mind of Christ by rendering Him unnoticed! I understand the fear of quieting your mind in the search for the remembrance of your Father, You Loving Heavenly Father I must add. BUT yOur Father is not some tyrannical monster who kills His Children

Jesus Christ gave one warning, and it was; “Do Not Harm the Children of God”. Do you Honestly ‘believe’ “His Father” would suffocate by drowning, His created Children??? Your ‘biblical beliefs’ have blinded you to the knowledge of a Creator SO LOVING, that when Christ reveals Him to you, you will in that instant realize the grave mistake of believing in “hell-fire” or “a great killing flood”. You will also realize in that instant the insanity of believing that your Savior is crucified, He is Risen Beloved

You need not try to fix anything, ever. Your goal should be to !*!PRACTICE!*! the religion of Jesus Christ which is FORGIVENESS 70X7.

Jesus Christs teachings are outlined in the bible. When your mind is renewed via FORGIVENESS, the bible is not a scary book with rules to live by, with a killer god outlined within its pages. You will see the bible as a distortion of some truth, but you no longer blindly believe everything inside.

Brother and Sister, I ask >YOU< Yes >YOU<, are you really in need of “Any Book of religion” when you can Experience Jesus Christ directly

In closing, when Nicodemus began to realize he was hearing the truth, he sought after the Risen Christ and dropped the belief in the ten commandments! What you are reading is Not “religious”, the only religion taught by Jesus is the value of FORGIVENESS as it revels the Love of God to YOU!

Beliefs LIMIT your understanding because they, all beliefs, are NOT TRUE!! Beliefs keep the blind believing and the believers blinded by their beliefs. We Must go beyond belief my eternal Brothers and Sisters. Insane you say, no more insane than believing God allows you to destroy yourself. Reason will show you if you will LOOK and SEE, that the children of man who march off to war are the ones who “come home” suffering, Not their enemies as they so insanely believed. You must Love Your enemies to See you have No Enemies in reality…

See the insanity of allowing children to do the dirty work of yOur devil, and FORGIVE your enemies, LOVE your “enemies”, FORGET what “they did to you” so you can look past the hurt and onto the healing of your fearful mind.


Merry Christmas Beloved!!


“Consciousness is not what you think, Its what you are” or

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“Consciousness is not what we think, It’s what we are”

Everything that is happening in your life right now, “good OR bad’ is for your Inner Growth (the Only kind if growth there is). Bad things require Forgiveness 70X7 just as the good things do to See the truth behind the “event”. No event is “eternally bad” and the reason is; “God Is GOOD!” The “badness” comes from your fearful egotistical mind of judgment. Judgment blinds your mind which in turn blinds your eyes to the true nature of reality. Whats bad for one can be good for the other and visa versa.

I too have my struggles as a follower of Jesus Christ just as all followers do until Salvation has dawned completely on the fearless mind of the Child of God. We ‘think’, why is this happening to me? It is not! Its happening through you. You are all you see, you are one with Everything. This is why you Have No Enemies although you “believe” and falsely that you do. All Events are for you to FORGIVE 70X7, good OR bad, so you can See.

Forgiveness opens your eyes to Miracles. If you doubt a Miracle that’s a grievance, and that blocks the Miracle. The Miracle renews the mind, which it turn allows the eyes to See a New Vision, one that Jesus calls Heaven. You must desire this “RENEWING” above All else; and Forgiveness will take you there. Surrender the ego often (70X7) to the Holy Spirit. ASK FOR INNER HELP, and It will Be!

Follow me a moment won’t you 🙂 …….*Imagine* for a moment that you are in a dream of death. And the harder you try to wake up or climb out the more you stay stuck and sink, like in quicksand. At night when you sleep and dream, you see “others” moving about acting in ways that you sometimes accept and sometimes you do not…BUT, and HOWEVER, when you awaken in the morning you realize that it was “Just A Dream”, and that all the figures that seemed to move about were Only, yes, *YOU! It’s the same as this, your “day-dream”. Jesus was never trying to convince anyone to “BELIEVE” Him, He is showing you a way out of hell and onto the truth; without belief. He knows as you will come to understand, that All belief is a not knowing of the truth, you belive because you do not know. Beliefs help to deal with yOur personal fear of God and the fear of death, or “after-life”.

Beliefs were taught to you. You accepted them blindly out of fear. When we believe God made a hell-fire and we can escape His wrath if we believe He made a hell-fire, WE BELIEVE IT, so we can feel safe. It’s insane yes, but insanity to the insane is natural.

A Little more: If we were all placed on an island at birth. And from the beginning we were taught “do not touch the water or you will die!” And the water surrounded the island, everyday we looked out at the fearful water, “BELIEVING” that if we touched it or stepped into it we would die; we would never ever, ever get close to the water. Further, if we were told that we can only drink coconut water on Sunday, that it was a special drink of the god’s, and if you drank it any day except on Sunday you would surely die, you would never ever, ever drink coconut water except on Sunday, insane you say? Thats exactly what your blind beliefs have done to you on this island that has been called earth.

Beliefs LIMIT your understanding of the true nature of reality.

“God has said”???, in most holy books, that He made a hell-fire for non believers of “the book”. “The book” tells you of a place after death that is reserved for the good ones, And that the bad ones who do not believe and follow “the book” will be cast aside by God into an eternal judgment and everlasting torment, and this you have believed??? Most people you know still believe in a holy holocaust or a spiritual refining called “the great flood” of God. This is not a reverent belief My Brothers and Sisters, it’s an insane concept perpetrated on the fearful children of man, that they “blindly believe”.

Like the island analogy, what you have been taught is not real, it’s not the truth. You can never die. Death is an illusion of the devil, yOur ego. The intellect made it up out of the fear of God. The only reason you believe the island to be real is because you are afraid of yOur Father!! This requires not belief, but FORGIVENESS 70X7 to have the Truth revealed through YOU. If your mind believes fearful thoughts to be the truth, you will never try to see for yourself if the water will kill you. The courage to; “Seek Ye FIRST the kingdom of God” comes from within YOU! And then; “All things will be added”; BUT after you are fearless, and Not until you Know God Is Love!

The only way to heal your spirit, mind and body is to understand the true nature of reality, And the true nature of reality is that you are Invincible, because You are Love! The knowledge of your invincibility is your birthright. But you Must “return to yOur Fathers house” so He can show you, yOur mis-Taken identity.

Books and teachers, real or false, are only guide posts to the truth that is within YOU Beloved!

In closing, religions are methods. If your religion feels you with fear, it is not going to work to Guide you beyond fear to Love. Fear is the religion of world rulers, Love is the method or “religion” of God Himself!!




If Jesus was here now and you could See and Hear Him,

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He might say it this way Beloved:

“You need do nothing to experience my atonement that is within you. Within you is the kingdom of God. You do not die, and God does not kill! God is your Father in that you are His Idea, and an Idea does not leave Its Source. The Holy Spirit is your Guide out of the “dream of time”, and IAM One with your Holy Spirit. To the world of “believers’ what I teach is madness. Death is an illusion just as all of your suffering has been.

All suffering is self-induced out of fear that your Father will not deliver on His promise to save you from your self-induced time capsule that prevents you from experiencing eternity. Eternity is beyond time. You live in that world as must as you live in this one, BUT you are only aware of the kingdom of hell, and not of the kingdom of Heaven that is within YOU!”

Lets go futher inward shall ‘we’

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My time on WordPress will be coming to an end. We will see each other at a place in time that is more suitable for your awakening.

To read about religions is one thing but to *PRACTICE* the methods that you read about is something completely different.

The reason most modern-day religions based on “holy books” like the king James version do not work to obtain Salvation is due in large part to yOur not *PRACTICING* the method laid out by the Master or Saviour. In the kings version the method laid out by Jesus Christ is FORGIVENESS 70X7.  But that is obscured by the “old testament”, the Talmud, for which Jesus Christ told them 2000 years ago was useless in the attainment of Salvation. The “believers” of His day like today are stuck in the fear of God. Fear is the vail which blinds the eyes. The eyes are blinded by a mind that is afraid to See the Father’s kingdom manifested.

You believe in ‘others’ to help you or hurt you. The Truth is, the others, all of them, even the Ones you call enemies, are yOur Brothers, here to help you See that the Father is All Loving, All giving, All the time. “Holy books” are the cause of Judgment in the world you see. If the others believe as you do they are your Brothers and if they believe something different they are your enemies. You do not yet see the insanity of your false judgmental beliefs.

Can king James church help you towards Salvation? Only insofar as you relinquish All judgment of the “other organized religions” and FORGIVE them for not “believing” as you do. The reason you belive is because you do not know the truth. It’s the same with other sects, other religions or other methods of attainment. Belief is for those who judge wrongly the methods others use to “find God”.

What you are reading is rejected outright by your fearful ego, the devil. It does not matter your current beliefs Unless you want the “Peace that surpasses ALL your current understanding!” What you are reading is foolishness to believers who belive and falsely that the grave begins “another life”, one without the pitfalls you currently experience, the pitfalls I speak of are sickness, disease, lack, loneliness and then death. These are all made up by the devil your ego. You belive in science, history, and medicine to heal you. The entire time not even aware that you are the dreamer behind the dream where you BELIEVE God is in Heaven and unreachable by you, Jesus died, and life is a dismal farce that ends in your death!

What do you want? You judge that which is written never knowing that the truth lies within waiting to be awakened now. You suffer the death of “loved ones” never knowing that All suffering is self-induced by the devil. God made not suffering. Your beliefs are the cause of all your suffering, because of Judgement!

*Love your enemies, FORGIVE 70X7 your enemies, and your children will not come home from overseas wars without arms and without legs, they will not come home scared beyond recognition, and they will not come home with post traumatic stress brought about by the fear of war and killing. You were taught wrong Beloved! You believed in wrong “doctrine” Beloved! And you teach wrongly every time you belive you are right and the “others” are wrong.

GO within. I am here to help. If you continue down the wide road of destructional beliefs you can and will never experience the peace that surpasses all your current understanding as it relates to Salvation, Heaven and the Atonement. You stay blind by listening to blind teachers who believe that the king James version is the Light unto Salvation. The Light is within. The Light will never be found in a book, “holy” or not.

The Light will only be Experienced by *PRACTICING-FORGIVENESS-70X7* the True Religion of Jesus Christ the Savior of the World.



Life would be a giant waste of time and a dismal farce if we ended up in the grave

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Everyone wants “control” of your mind. The reason is simple: If “they” control your mind they control you. You are not at the mercy of events outside your conscious control, the problem lies in the fact that you are not aware that nothing is outside your conscious control. You dream a dream, thus you do not know the dreamer is you.

When you “sleep and dream” at night, you do not realize until you awaken in the morning that all the people who moved about in your dream were “only YOU”! …….. It’s the same when you awaken from the grand illusion of sin, death and “hell-fire”. The dreamer (your-ego/or “devil”) made up this dream to forget God. You wanted to forget God because you were afraid and did not know why. As you formed “beliefs” and they were passed from generation to generation you “believed your beliefs” kept you safe from God.

Your beliefs kept you safe from Nothing Beloved! You believe because you do not know the truth that sets you free, and you do not know the truth that sets you free because of your lack of faith in God. God does not require that you work a J.O.B. (just above broke)! BUT! To know this without suffering requires total FORGIVENESS of what you have been taught, told and “learned” from the past. The past is NO MORE Beloved, BUT, because your thoughts are “past and future”, you see only the past repeated and wonder why. To end the repetition of past thinking requires the faith in God to Forgive Him for your scary beliefs like hell-fire. To believe in hell-fire is insane, and when you come into the awareness of your Heavenly Father within you will realize the level of your insanity. Until then you suffer needlessly.

When you come into the Self-Realization of yOur Heavenly Father within, you See that drowning Children is not His Bag!!! Fear your Father no more Beloved because of your past insane beliefs about Him, and your world will be transformed into the kingdom of Heaven through your FORGIVENESS 70X7! When all fear has been eliminated from your thought process, you See nothing bad has ever happened to you, nor will anything bad happen to you again!

You have been the cause of all your suffering not God the Father! Beloved, never again blindly believe a book a worldly king publishes that teaches “hell-fire” is the destination for non believers of his book. Never blindly believe again Beloved any book is “God breathed” that has yOur Heavenly Father allowing a “holocaustic drowning” of His Created Children. Those are insane fearful blind beliefs that you can know are nonsensical if you will *PRACTICE FORGIVENESS 70X7* as taught by Jesus Christ, Who is in the kingdom of God, and that kingdom Is within every Child God Created!! 

Jesus Christ teaches that FORGIVENESS 70X7 gives you everything you want and He is correcto mundo! Christ is a Spirit that you will experience within if you will follow His teachings. You are And always have been within the kingdom of God. To experience the true nature of your reality you Must trust God again! You Must FORGIVE God, God does not need your FORGIVENESS, YOU DO!! FORGIVENESS 70X7 of everything you see and experience will expand the awareness of your consciousness to understand that fear is of the devil and not of the Father!

In closing, “David Winter” is a personality that this world has formed around him. This world is ultimately not real. So, police officer, grocery store manager, father, husband, brother, Grand-father or “teacher of God”, are all titles that will someday be let go of in favor of the truth that sets him free. We use the name we were given to maneuver around in this dream. Titles come as we form beliefs about ourselves, CEO or drug addict, saint or sinner, the title does not matter, what matters is that you “transcend the title” to yOur own true nature. To transcend, you must be willing to change, change is scary for the child of man, but as you FORGIVE you BE-come the Child of God as your were Created to BE!

more to follow…. ?’s