Holy Spirit = your “Higher Consciousness”

The Answer lies within the Kingdom of God. The second coming of Jesus Is the resurrection of Christ within the Kingdom of God, and that Kingdom Is within YOU!

~The Holy Spirit will remind You if you will listen that this is your life, your eternity, and Your Self~
This is a deep teaching of Jesus, reserved for when you have accepted the Truth of FORGIVENESS.
You understand FORGIVENESS now except the devil makes you think FORGIVENESS is not fair. “Another” does you wrong, so why should you FORGIVE “them”, “they” should FORGIVE “you!” FORGIVENESS will allow you to by-pass the devil on the way to your Father.
Anyone reading this, anyone, religious or not, if you will understand that ‘all judgment is self judgment’ it will be easier to practice the teachings of Jesus. Jesus would say, the scales will fall away from your Eyes and you will be Blind no more when you do not judge another, as another!

Pastors are needed more than ever at this ‘time’ in the world. I Know this has often been said…

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