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REASON will bring with it WISDOM beloved <3

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Reason was snatched from yOur awareness by yOur blind belief in the “holy-bible.”

When we do not use reason we are LOST. Reason tells you the “great flood” to wipe out “Gods mistake” is a deception by those who do not want you to know the Truth that sets your free.


When we do not use reason we are LOST. Reason tells you that an after death “hell-fire” for non-believers in a king’s 400 year old religious manifesto is a deception.

When we do not use reason we are LOST. Reason tells you that to blindly believe ANYTHING fearful about God without spiritual proof is a deception. Lastly;

When we do not use reason we are LOST. Reason tells you; Faith without works is NONSENSE!

Let reason gently guide you away from the fear of God into the loving arms of your Heavenly Father.

Brother, the brainwashing we were under has kept us LOST in the Dark Age of spiritual slavery. To transcend the Dark Age is to seek until you find. Jesus is telling you if you are a practicing disciple; that “YOU will KNOW the Truth and the Truth will set you free.”

Your beliefs are like your thoughts, they too are MEANINGLESS.

FORGIVENESS 70X7 releases the burden of guilt perpetrated on you by your judgment of Gods PERFECT Creation.

You are HOME, fear Is the stranger here my Brothers and Sisters ❤

The cost of being a disciple of the Master

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The cost of being a disciple

As you prepare to become a disciple of Jesus Christ and no longer just a believer. Begin to understand that Jesus teaches of “another world”, one not of this world. 

To believers of the “holy-bible” the teachings of Jesus are as foolish today as when they were first taught over 2000 years ago; and this is the reason why so few are saved.

Jesus Is a Master of the “inner world”, the world of Creation; the kingdom of God. This gives Him control of His “outer world”, the world of illusion;  the kingdom of EGO.

Lord Jesus tells you,  if you Will Practice Unconditional FORGIVENESS and grow to love those you hate, Christ will make Himself known to you. This “awareness” of the second coming is salvation. 

To achieve salvation, and what you must be willing to go through is what is being spoken of in the book of Luke chapter 14 starting at verse 25; from the kings religious manifesto of 1611.

Know that when you start there is no going back. It would be like a dog returning to its own vomit.  You cannot achieve the salvation of Jesus Christ unless you are ready to give up this world completely and all of its temptations. Money being at the top of the list.

Its not easy. But worth every step.

FORGIVENESS will have you arrive safely at your destination because you never go anywhere except in your consciousness.

You are in heaven now beloved, but because we were brainwashed to fear God and attack our enemies,  we don’t experience Christ,  His second coming, or heaven.  We stay spiritually trapped in a hell of our own making.

Do you understand that All believers past and present were brainwashed by the “holy-bible”?

In closing,  if you are a Sunday church going Christian ask yourself right now as you read this; what is my reason for going? If your reason for going is the fear of hellfire or GOD, you have been spiritually brainwashed by your beliefs.

This “brainwashing” is overcome by Loving,  and no longer hating you enemies.

I do love YOU; ~The dark night of the Soul~

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❤  I do love YOU  ❤

~The dark night of the Soul~ What was Lord Jesus’ dark night of the soul ? It was His transformation to ‘God’ BY His Father for “Us”. 

This is a very deep teaching for the disciples of Christ, for what you’re about to read to your trained ego, is insanity. 

*The trained ego is the false self. The self that in this dream was not able to pick its name, where it was born, or its family, and it is even given a Number. We were taught to memorize our number. Every person on the planet who is “civilized” lol, has a number. Its your “slave” number.

*You accept the Atonement of Jesus Christ as your Lord AND Saviour, by putting ALL your needs, worries, past, future, health, finances…. EVERYTHING in His Hands, the cross was the last useless journey that He made for YOU.

Accept His Atonement, His “undoing” of your false blind beliefs about God Our Father by relinquishing ALL YOUR FEARS! 

You are HERE NOW to allow a transformation process to occur within the kingdom of God, to come out of your cocoon (fear) and to become the butterfly (Love) you were created As. All fear is is your attachment to your slave name or slave story, and not attaching to the Name of your Lord which is Only Love . 

All organized religions are superstitious delusions taken by the slave to feel safe from the wrath of the “Master-god”, and which are based entirely on the fear of God. Thus are All organized religions cruel to the Children of God who “know not what they do” and do not know Who and What they are.

Lord Jesus teaches you to be in the world but not of the world; Because YOU ARE NOT OF THIS WORLD you are only dreaming that you are. Everything is Divinely Orchestrated for your Divine Awakening or “release” back to the ‘Garden of God’, if you will be Willing to surrender All your FEARS and let Jesus’ Holy Spirit within Guide you beyond all fear and back to the Truth Within YOU. 

The fear of God is the zenith of insanity. You need not believe Anything any longer should you choose to do so. All beliefs are began from the enslaved ego due to the fear of God. I AM here to help YOU 

If you “make a living” or derive “your life” from King James’ book of religion, and see no way out, Jesus Christ is only a prayer away, but you can NEVER DOUBT that He is in CONTROL and that YOU ARE LOVED beyond what the slave can comprehend.

If you have questions Please ask  I AM not here to deceive you. My “life” would be laid down or “taken” before I c/would cause you any more undue fear and stress. Who am “I”, I AM YOU! 

In closing, in the ‘dream of separation from God’ I am a father, husband, grandfather, son, Brother and friend to all. I AM at a ‘point in time’ where I have come to realize everything that I have ever feared in ‘life’ was a lie of the devil, the trained ego, the powerless slave mind. 

When you no longer wish to be deceived by the fear of God, you will not be.

Lord Jesus Awaits  He comes bearing spiritual gifts that are N.O.T.W.
He is the Deathless Saviour sent by Our Heavenly Father for YOU  ❤

Allow for the Renewing of your mind. I will come and teach at your hall, church, mosque, synagogue, den, or home all you need to do is call upon the Lord Your God

forgive the typos 

Your thoughts, and the Saviour’s the warning

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Your thoughts, “your will” blocks the awareness of your Fathers thoughts or “God’s Will” for you. You think on purpose because you fear God, and you believe thinking saves you from the wrath of God, when in reality your thoughts keep you from Seeing Miracles or the “Hand of God” in your life.

Miracles are adjustments the Holy Spirit makes as you surrender your thoughts. The thoughts that you are aware of at Any given time are meaningless. God’s will superceeds yours only because your will is insane. You will death and see it through because of your belief in death. If you, When you realize that there is only one consciousness at play here, and it is yours, it’s a game changer! You judge “others” as insane because you are afraid of what God created for YOU and YOU alone! Believe it or not God created what you see, but what you see is determined by your state of mind. If your state of mind is in fear then it is your will to see scary events; if you are one with your Father, then your will becomes His Will and you experience happy loving events!

Quieting the mind in prayer and meditation is only “boring” until Jesus Christ reveals to you that He Is Risen within the kingdom of God that IS within YOU

Christ is Unknown by you because you have never sought Him in the stillness of the kingdom, only in the fear of this world

Fear veils the mind of Christ by rendering Him unnoticed! I understand the fear of quieting your mind in the search for the remembrance of your Father, You Loving Heavenly Father I must add. BUT yOur Father is not some tyrannical monster who kills His Children

Jesus Christ gave one warning, and it was; “Do Not Harm the Children of God”. Do you Honestly ‘believe’ “His Father” would suffocate by drowning, His created Children??? Your ‘biblical beliefs’ have blinded you to the knowledge of a Creator SO LOVING, that when Christ reveals Him to you, you will in that instant realize the grave mistake of believing in “hell-fire” or “a great killing flood”. You will also realize in that instant the insanity of believing that your Savior is crucified, He is Risen Beloved

You need not try to fix anything, ever. Your goal should be to !*!PRACTICE!*! the religion of Jesus Christ which is FORGIVENESS 70X7.

Jesus Christs teachings are outlined in the bible. When your mind is renewed via FORGIVENESS, the bible is not a scary book with rules to live by, with a killer god outlined within its pages. You will see the bible as a distortion of some truth, but you no longer blindly believe everything inside.

Brother and Sister, I ask >YOU< Yes >YOU<, are you really in need of “Any Book of religion” when you can Experience Jesus Christ directly

In closing, when Nicodemus began to realize he was hearing the truth, he sought after the Risen Christ and dropped the belief in the ten commandments! What you are reading is Not “religious”, the only religion taught by Jesus is the value of FORGIVENESS as it revels the Love of God to YOU!

Beliefs LIMIT your understanding because they, all beliefs, are NOT TRUE!! Beliefs keep the blind believing and the believers blinded by their beliefs. We Must go beyond belief my eternal Brothers and Sisters. Insane you say, no more insane than believing God allows you to destroy yourself. Reason will show you if you will LOOK and SEE, that the children of man who march off to war are the ones who “come home” suffering, Not their enemies as they so insanely believed. You must Love Your enemies to See you have No Enemies in reality…

See the insanity of allowing children to do the dirty work of yOur devil, and FORGIVE your enemies, LOVE your “enemies”, FORGET what “they did to you” so you can look past the hurt and onto the healing of your fearful mind.


Merry Christmas Beloved!!


Undoing of false-beliefs (the how to and why)

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The Atonement is the “undoing”, and the why is to “stop All yOur suffering”. The method of relieving all your suffering is FORGIVENESS 70X7. The reason it works is because FORGIVENESS !*!PRACTICED!*! changes yOur mind. A changed mind is allowed to See differently than a mind that judges “others”. The true nature of reality will only dawn on a FORGIVING mind, a mind that is not in fear. A fearful mind is an insane mind. A fearful mind does not operate correctly, its like a PC with a virus, the hard drive is good, but the program has been affected with chaotic messages.  

This is Not kJ church. I am not a bible believer. IAM a follower of the teachings of the Nazarene Master, refered to as Jesus Christ in the 17 century king of England’s manifesto entitled “the holy bible”. I use Christian Judaic language in these discourses because most are familiar with the words. The words take on a different meaning as consciousness is made more aware of truth through FORGIVENESS of yourself and the “others”. That being said; belief is Not a requirement to obtain Salvation from this hell which you believe to be real. God did not create fear so it is not real; and fear is hell.

For those believers who do not !*!PRACTICE!*! FORGIVENESS 70X7 the religion of the Nazarene Master, what you are reading here is utter foolishness. This is why you must know the truth that sets you free, beliefs are insane concepts that the ego, yOur devil, sets up to save you from NOTHING!! Beliefs LIMIT your mind, your consciousness, because they are based on fear, not reality. The Egyptians knew this all to well and that is the reason for the Pharos’ “invention” of hell-fire. The concept of hell-fire has worked since the inception of time to control the sons and daughters of man. Your mind is operating in fear of Love. Fear has you “believing” all the fears the world puts forth, and Love shows you the insanity behind the fear. You are afraid of Love because you are afraid of God.

Everyone hates that which they fear, consciously or unconsciously. Know this Beloved: “If you believe God is vengeful in any way, you are spiritually enslaved by the fear of God”.  This enslavement is due to yOur false blind beliefs about the reality for which you currently find yourself. You Must allow yourself to overcome All fear of yOur Father to KNow Him. This world has not been thrust upon you. Here is a news flash; “You volunteered for this hell”. But don’t panic 🙂 , there is a way out, and the way out, is inward!!! You will need to be patient because of your belief that you are far, far from home.

It has always been your choice to judge or FORGIVE the “others” you see around you. The Teacher is ultimately within you. So, when you finish reading this then what? You can choose to continue on your own, or seek Ye first the kingdom of God within, and have all things added unto YOU!, either way *YOU ARE SAFE*! FORGIVENESS 70X7 shows you your Salvation through the Vision of Christ within, believers carry on believing in sin, sickness and disease all the way to the grave. Belief is the ego’s remedy in dealing with the fear of God, and FORGIVENESS allows yOur Holy Spirit within to show you the insanity of believing in fear; and the Love yOur Heavenly Father has for all His Created called; the Children of God!

In closing, seekers are the Ones who have transcended the need to form beliefs, they have over come the need for “false-beliefs” to save them from self suffering caused by their LIMITING beliefs.

Mental illness and addiction is a form of false belief brought about by fear.

Stay with this for a few moments longer, it will help YOU to awaken from fear into Love! Mental illness stems from future or past thoughts, neither of which are real now. Addiction is another false belief that leads to insanity.


If you believe you are an addict and tell your self “I am addicted” then you will suffer until you see it’s always been fearful thoughts that are  the cause of your self-abuse; called, “addiction or mental illness”. Addiction “takes away” the fear but Only temporary, in the same way that gambling, religion, money, drugs Etc… do. When the “addict” learns/Sees that his/her fears are baseless, and the addiction was do to a false fear, then they are cured by the power of Christ from within Themselves! The mind must be stilled to understand the insanity of this dream, this world, this perpetual hell!!

Salvation is to know only Love is real! Salvation is to Know you are Safe! Salvation is to Know there is a Savior that is within yOur consciousness that is ready, willing and able to reveal Himself to you when you have prepared a place within by yOur willingness to !*!PRACTICE FORGIVENESS 70X7!*!

The insane seek for false remedy’s in the world to heal them from sicknesses such as drugs, addiction, money, and false-religions, Never Knowing that what they are “LOOKING FOR” has been LOOKING FOR THEM ALL THE TIME!! STOP trying to “Add all things” until you “FIRST seek the kingdom Within YOU”.



“Consciousness is not what you think, Its what you are” or

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“Consciousness is not what we think, It’s what we are”

Everything that is happening in your life right now, “good OR bad’ is for your Inner Growth (the Only kind if growth there is). Bad things require Forgiveness 70X7 just as the good things do to See the truth behind the “event”. No event is “eternally bad” and the reason is; “God Is GOOD!” The “badness” comes from your fearful egotistical mind of judgment. Judgment blinds your mind which in turn blinds your eyes to the true nature of reality. Whats bad for one can be good for the other and visa versa.

I too have my struggles as a follower of Jesus Christ just as all followers do until Salvation has dawned completely on the fearless mind of the Child of God. We ‘think’, why is this happening to me? It is not! Its happening through you. You are all you see, you are one with Everything. This is why you Have No Enemies although you “believe” and falsely that you do. All Events are for you to FORGIVE 70X7, good OR bad, so you can See.

Forgiveness opens your eyes to Miracles. If you doubt a Miracle that’s a grievance, and that blocks the Miracle. The Miracle renews the mind, which it turn allows the eyes to See a New Vision, one that Jesus calls Heaven. You must desire this “RENEWING” above All else; and Forgiveness will take you there. Surrender the ego often (70X7) to the Holy Spirit. ASK FOR INNER HELP, and It will Be!

Follow me a moment won’t you 🙂 …….*Imagine* for a moment that you are in a dream of death. And the harder you try to wake up or climb out the more you stay stuck and sink, like in quicksand. At night when you sleep and dream, you see “others” moving about acting in ways that you sometimes accept and sometimes you do not…BUT, and HOWEVER, when you awaken in the morning you realize that it was “Just A Dream”, and that all the figures that seemed to move about were Only, yes, *YOU! It’s the same as this, your “day-dream”. Jesus was never trying to convince anyone to “BELIEVE” Him, He is showing you a way out of hell and onto the truth; without belief. He knows as you will come to understand, that All belief is a not knowing of the truth, you belive because you do not know. Beliefs help to deal with yOur personal fear of God and the fear of death, or “after-life”.

Beliefs were taught to you. You accepted them blindly out of fear. When we believe God made a hell-fire and we can escape His wrath if we believe He made a hell-fire, WE BELIEVE IT, so we can feel safe. It’s insane yes, but insanity to the insane is natural.

A Little more: If we were all placed on an island at birth. And from the beginning we were taught “do not touch the water or you will die!” And the water surrounded the island, everyday we looked out at the fearful water, “BELIEVING” that if we touched it or stepped into it we would die; we would never ever, ever get close to the water. Further, if we were told that we can only drink coconut water on Sunday, that it was a special drink of the god’s, and if you drank it any day except on Sunday you would surely die, you would never ever, ever drink coconut water except on Sunday, insane you say? Thats exactly what your blind beliefs have done to you on this island that has been called earth.

Beliefs LIMIT your understanding of the true nature of reality.

“God has said”???, in most holy books, that He made a hell-fire for non believers of “the book”. “The book” tells you of a place after death that is reserved for the good ones, And that the bad ones who do not believe and follow “the book” will be cast aside by God into an eternal judgment and everlasting torment, and this you have believed??? Most people you know still believe in a holy holocaust or a spiritual refining called “the great flood” of God. This is not a reverent belief My Brothers and Sisters, it’s an insane concept perpetrated on the fearful children of man, that they “blindly believe”.

Like the island analogy, what you have been taught is not real, it’s not the truth. You can never die. Death is an illusion of the devil, yOur ego. The intellect made it up out of the fear of God. The only reason you believe the island to be real is because you are afraid of yOur Father!! This requires not belief, but FORGIVENESS 70X7 to have the Truth revealed through YOU. If your mind believes fearful thoughts to be the truth, you will never try to see for yourself if the water will kill you. The courage to; “Seek Ye FIRST the kingdom of God” comes from within YOU! And then; “All things will be added”; BUT after you are fearless, and Not until you Know God Is Love!

The only way to heal your spirit, mind and body is to understand the true nature of reality, And the true nature of reality is that you are Invincible, because You are Love! The knowledge of your invincibility is your birthright. But you Must “return to yOur Fathers house” so He can show you, yOur mis-Taken identity.

Books and teachers, real or false, are only guide posts to the truth that is within YOU Beloved!

In closing, religions are methods. If your religion feels you with fear, it is not going to work to Guide you beyond fear to Love. Fear is the religion of world rulers, Love is the method or “religion” of God Himself!!




limiting beliefs

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Beliefs limit you, thus beliefs delay your awakening. What is awakening? Why do we want to be awakened? Awakening is Salvation. Salvation means to Be-Saved from the effects of this world, or this dream of sin and then death. On the path to awakening one must go through the process of letting go of fear, All Fear. The only way to “let go of fear” is to know that All your fears are False! If God did not create it, it does not exist.

What you are afraid of and have ever been afraid of in the past has never had the effects that you anticipated. The reason is simple: Your thoughts are Meaningless. Of course to come to this realization you must know that you are invulnerable, this invulnerability is acquired by PRACTICING FORGIVENESS 70X7. Forgiveness does not judge and this non-judgment changes your mind, your thoughts; as your thoughts are changed what your eyes see is changed. This renewing of the mind gives you the Vision of Heaven, the Vision of the kingdom of God that IS WITHIN you!

Happiness is not easy to obtain and it is even more difficult to explain. The reason is your intellectual mind processes and judges everything by what it has been taught, more importantly what it “believes to be truth”. If you believe God is Evil, and kills His created Children or allows them to suffer and die, your beliefs are false and you can never know your Father because you are afraid of Him.

You MUST Realize that your beliefs are deceiving YOU! Until then, you march to death by your false beliefs about your loving Heavenly Father! What God created is eternal and He created you no matter what you currently believe.

God Is Love!

Christian believer

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Christ is the Gift yOur Father gave Jesus, for you at creation. Jesus remembered this Gift and awoke to it, as you will when you *PRACTICE FORGIVENESS*, and do away with yOur judgment of “others” as Jesus Christ teaches His followers to ‘do’.

As you go within and seek this Gift of Atonement, Jesus, through Christ will make Himself known to YOU! You will never know this Atonement or this “undoing of yOur false beliefs” as long as you blindly believe king James’ 1611  book of religion. The king James bible is only a “small hurdle” to the followers of Jesus Christ.

Think: If Barack Obama or George W. Bush ordained a version of a “holy bible’ would you blindly believe EVERYTHING in it??? You cannot know the Love of a Creator who kills or allows His children to drown in a 40 day flood, because they were not worthy of His Love. I ask you Brother and Sister reading this….if AN EARTHLY FATHER DROWNED HIS DAUGHTER IN A BATH TUB AND KILLED HER, WOULD YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO LOVE HIM WITHOUT FIRST FORGIVING HIM OF HIS CRIMES. No, just as you Must FORGIVE God of your false king James induced insane beliefs about Love! Love cannot KILL! No matter what you “believe”.

You have been severely mis-Taken by your blind beliefs in holy books published by the rulers of this world. The fear of God induces death. The Love of God gives you eternal life and the knowledge of It!

Jesus Christ is awake to you now. You Must seek Him where He can be found, and His awareness Is made real to you in your consciousness. However, to know this truth that sets you free, you must First seek the kingdom of God that is within you. The kingdom of God is at hand. This is the message of the Nazarene Master!!

You will never become a disciple by sitting the bench (pew) and watching the game. You Must PRACTICE FORGIVENESS before you will realize the futility of king James style church. I understand the fear of realizing that God Is Love, and you need do nothing you have ever done! God does not Need yOur “fearful worship” you need His JOY!! See your mistake of personal judgment, blind belief and go the other way.

You MUST seek the kingdom of the Father that IS within YOU, until then you are just a believer in king James’ manifesto. You are free from hell-fire and do not know it. Hell-fire does not exist except in a mind afraid of its Creator. There Is No DEATH only LIFE. Fear keeps you locked in a mental prison that Only FORGIVENESS can unlock.

When your mind has been renewed by Christ and His Atonement, you will See the kingdom of God that has Always been in View to YOU!! Hence: “For those with the Eyes to See, SEE! Those with the Ears to Hear, HEAR!!” This is very fearful to believers who are afraid of “Their Father”. 70X7 type FORGIVENESS lifts this fear of God.

In closing, I want to make this perfectly clear: If you lie to a child by inducing fear within them, they will believe the message until they have been shown it was false. If you tell a child, “God is mad at you, here is a book that you must believe so that He will lift His anger against you, AND if you do not believe EVERYTHING in it He will send you to hell after you die”. The child will believe you never seeking the Truth that IS WITHIN THEM!!

Seek Beloved! SEEK!! Your Christ Awaits!!!

Judgment of a method/religion prior to its practice is Anti-sanity! They told Jesus Christ He was insane and a madman because they did not PRACTICE His Method, they, the *Religious Believers of His day JUDGED Him as Anti-God and they tried and found Him guilty of blasphemy. The believers of His day are like many believers today, to fearful of God to Seek His kingdom within themselves!

(Call 619`715`4489, if you are in need of a Teacher of God in your Church, Mosque, Temple Synagogue or your personal prison. You are so very much Loved by yOur Father Beloved!!)



be gentle with yourself

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As you forgive you are forgiven. Forgive the ‘ones’ that hurt you. As you have the willingness to forgive, you are inviting change. Change is “forgiveness manifested into” Bliss!

Remember, Jesus Christ would not teach a king James version of church. Look at it this way; king James’ version keeps you in hell, where as “Jesus Christ’s version” releases you from hell. This world is not your home, nor are “its rulers” your rulers unless you allow them to be, and its rules are not the laws that constitute the kingdom of Heaven!

Be willing then to question everything, every belief you have about God and Who “He” is, Never forgetting “You only belive because you DO NOT KNOW!”

When Christ makes Himself known to you you will become a “Knower”! Believers and Knowers experience different realities at this level of consciousness. Believers believe in a God they do not know and fear. Knowers Know a God they could Never fear and Only Love!

Again, if you are reading this blog for the first time this is not king James bible church and I AM not a “believer”. I, “David Winter”, have come into the understanding and the realization that death is an illusion, God Is LOVE, and Jesus Christ is Risen  

Slowly, fearlessly, and intently read this:

Jesus Christ is risen

“Teachers” of king James style church, which is the fear of God, do not know anything about the Salvation of Jesus Christ, NOW!! They teach a religion that is based on the fear of God. Jesus teaches a religion that is based on the Love of God!

If you have the Eyes to See, SEE! Do not be intimidated by parents, teachers, pastors, preachers, Or the modern-day Sanhedrin, step out in YOUR Own Faith and Seek God where he can be found, and that is within YOU!

How can a believer Know Christ now when they believe He died, went to Heaven, AND, AND, AND……It was a “GOOD DAY”??? Brother, awaken from your self-induced insanity brought about by the blind belief, perpetrated by the fearful belief, that you gotta die to know God In Christ!

I too understand the fear, the “radical shock” that comes from dimly understanding that I was mis-lead. I TOO BELIEVED the KJV was God breathed, God ordained. I TOO BELIEVED it was a Good day when they tortured, and later killed my saviour    !

Enough…you can awaken to the realization that Jesus Christ is risen

Your reality can expand to See that all sickness is fear, you can not die and Jesus is here now ready to receive His disciples. BUT you can not judge fools like me who teach you this.

Jesus Christ is risen, seek Him where He teaches you to seek Him

Begin to meditate, meditation is mind quiet time, you are “stilling” the egotistical judgmental chatter that this world has taught you. This allows you to Listen and Hear, (“those who have the ears to Hear, Hear”) the Holy Spirit that is within the kingdom of God.

This is not church.

FORGIVENESS 70X7 *PRACTICED* is the religion of Jesus Christ


Got Christ Beloved? Money or the knowledge of Jesus Christ? Money follows God, BUT God will never follow money!!

Most spend 40-50 hours seeking money, because they do not know their Heavenly Father. Now imagine if those same people spent 40-50 seeking God the Father?

I challenge YOU, Jesus Christ Challenges YOU, to spend 5 hours this week in search of the kingdom of God that Jesus Christ tells you IS WITHIN YOU.

Believe me? LOL, of course not. That is why you still believe money will bring you the happiness you have sought since you arrived at this virtual hell, were everyone you love will get sick and die, and God is powerless to do anything about it, I mean after all, He did drown His children in a 40 day flood because He screwed up and they, “His Created Children” went haywire right??? And that you do believe!! And worse, you believe you have no control BUT if you belive that NONSENSE, pay your taxes, attack your enemies, then when you die you can go to Heaven???  

Had enough yet Beloved?

A Master, J.C.!

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Reverence toward J.C. is not required by Him for Him to be known by you, BUT to show reverence toward Jesus, is to BE aware of His reality in yOur consciousness 🙂  

Are there ‘other Masters’ with other methods of attaining what Jesus calls, “The kingdom of God”? Yes, however we are not concerning ourselves with other religions that have worked for the others. We as followers of Jesus Christ are following His religion which is FORGIVENESS 70X7.

Understand My Brother and Sister, knowledge is obscured by both movement and will, (Hence: You must “BE-STILL” to Know). For this reason Guides and Instructors must limit themselves to the very minimum needed for the discharge of their mission. Everything living is complex. Are their “Masters” with Superhuman “powers” Who watch and help ‘us’? And if so where do they live, and how do I arrive at this type of understanding?

If we try to explain this “understanding” using technical language, we will be confused by existing doctrines, and for the egotistical judgmental mind this is a dead-end, a roadblock! Brother,  judgment of Anything Or Anyone KEEPS YOU BLIND! So, it would be better to examine facts in a new spirit, trying to forget all your preconceived ideas and terms.

The fact is YOU ARE NOT IN ANY DANGER!! You never have been and never will be!! (UR safe!!!!!!!!!!!)

The reason Believers are scared, or sick is because they Judge the Father as evil. Of course the ego does not let them know this outright, BUT the “belief” in hell-fire, death and the 40 days of killing everyone, including children, has believers believing their God is a monster. Followers of Jesus Christ know that those beliefs are insane, and the reason Is Jesus Christ has made Himself known to them during their reverent time in the Silence of Meditation.

When was the last time you knew a Any-One, believer or Non-believer, sick or well, happy or sad, who Quieted his or her mind to listen for Jesus Christ?

Followers “Do this” because Wisdom is found in the kingdom of God that Is Within them! Knowledge is not to learn and file somewhere in the brain notions which will vanish when the brain cells die. Knowledge is to Open the Eyes and Ears to the kigdom of Heaven that Is now and always has been At-Hand!

“Seek and YOU Will find” J.C.

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