No one ever “believes” they have been “brainwashed”, because to ‘believe’ means that you do not know. We only believe because we do not know, and you believe that you Have NOT been brainwashed. When you Know you will no longer believe, and the “truth will have set you free.”

I am David.

I have dedicated my existence to eliminating fear in my life and to help you eliminate fear in your world. Fear is the opposite of love. When you are afraid everything seems to be a struggle. Suffering and struggles are All self-created by your beliefs. When you no longer believe anything you will no longer suffer.

Why do you suffer? What do you do to help control your personal suffering? Keep in mind that ALL suffering is Not real.

In organized religions we “believe” so we do not experience “hell-fire” after we die. The problem is what you believe. It’s all for control of your mind and the vehicle for control is fear. All religions that have a hell-fire, have fear as the controlling emotion. “Bible-ists” are not Christian and Christians do not believe the Bible. “Bible believers” are souls that have been controlled via fear of hell-fire. Hell-fire was used by the Egyptians thousands of years before King James used it.

“Believers of war” as a viable option is a deception of political powers, and have used fear as their motive.  War is nothing more than a belief by the unknowers that they are in “danger.” Brother, Sister you are Not and never have been in danger. God is love and only loving. You will See this love as you eliminate All your false, fear related, beliefs.

Alcohol ends suffering temporarily, when the alcohol wears off you are back to suffering. Meth ends suffering temporarily, when the meth wears off you are back to suffering. Gambling ends suffering temporarily, when the money runs out you are back to suffering. ________ ends suffering temporarily, when the _________ wears off you are back to suffering.

To end this cycle of suffering you must “take No thought” about the future. You can read much more that I have written about suffering here on this blog.

Email with questions and I will help you recover from your fear induced hell.



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