~We’re Back~ 🙂

OK, Jesus, through your Holy Spirit, WILL retrain your mind, if you are Willing, to remember your Father/”God.”

When you remember God you will remember your true Self and Not who you believed yourself to be; (a body born to suffer and then to die).

Plain and simply put: You are a fearless spirit without any cares who ‘thinks’ it is trapped within a body and far far away from home.

“WAKE-UP” by PRACTICING the teachings of Jesus. I am just like you. I was a church going christian who had even published a christian magazine entitled “The Paper LION.” As I begin to seek Christ like never before I began to see that which I know as the Holy Spirit was out in front of me.

To understand Any of the teachings of Jesus you must PRACTICE them. It is their practical application that makes them real to us.

FORGIVE 70×7, do not JUDGE ever, and give up planing for tomorrow! God has Everything under control. You are very much Unaware of this because of your personal fears about your Father!

Fear kept me, and it is keeping you from trusting God for everything. God dependency is you trusting God and not green paper strips and metal discs…
Look and Understand that all your fears and worries never come to pass NEVER, EVER!! You do not fear death of yourself or others really, because DEEP WITHIN you you really Know that your Father Does LOVE you. Death of “others” is a temporary illusion the ego your devil made up to keep your true nature from being Known to YOU!

Miracles are naturally occurring all around you and you are very much unaware of this because the mind is dark with fear.The reason is because of your belief in death. I know I know, this all sounds insane to the ‘thinking’ intellectual mind of the ego. No death! LOL, But it is the TRUTH!!!

 “The truth of God sounds like foolishness to the Ones who do not Practice the teachings of Jesus.”

To understand “NO DEATH” you must !*!PRACTICE!*! the teachings of Jesus. As you !*!PRACTICE!*! the teachings of Jesus you will KNOW that you are “doing thus unto yourself!”

When you “GIVE-UP”, and let God Love YOU, instead of being like a small child who is afraid of the dark, you will See the dark NEVER EXISTED within you!!!

Quiet your ‘thinking mind’ and you will See that Your world Will become more and more Peaceful!

You have Nothing to fear you only thought you did! Contact your Holy Spirit within. Go into your prayer closet, SEEK, ASK, FIND!!

You are here to EXPERIENCE HEAVEN!!



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