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Kingdom of Heaven

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We need no method for the entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven because we never left.

Religious texts called “holy” in this world are nothing more or less than guideposts to the destination implied. The expression of love the holy texts imply is only manifested by the reader who is willing to apply the teachings.

For example the early Christian’s would never take up arms against their enemies. They put into PRACTICAL APPLICATION the NONVIOLENT TEACHINGS of Jesus Christ. They would see the Christian’s of today as greatly deceived by their willingness to go to war and send others to kill their enemies.

Nonviolence is the only way to world peace. Jesus Christ taught it, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Proved it to be true. The NONVIOLENT are not naïve, far from it. The nonviolent are God dependent for protection through understanding that Jesus Christ RESURRECTED to the Kingdom of God, the Mind of God.

Jesus Christ TOLD the Sanhedrin that their holy book had served its purpose. That they no longer needed to lug a book around for fear God would strike them dead. He TOLD them that the Kingdom of God was not found after death OR in the Torah, but that God was in fact within them. Jesus Christ could not honor mans Sabbath. He came to prove the Sabbath a farce, that EVERYDAY Is the “Sabbath.”

How long you got? The rich-fool “thought” he had one more day to play in this hell. This hell is not your reality nor your “home”, though you believe that it is.
Turn over everything that you desire to Jesus Christ and He will make certain that you receive the desires of your heart.

Be patient with the Holy Spirit within the Kingdom of God. He knows the Way Home, you do not. Listen to His Guidance. He must become more and more real to you. This awareness of the Holy Spirit is obtained through what you See He does “for you.”

ALL YOUR PROBLEMS ARE PAST! The awareness of this is the acceptance of the Atonement for yourself.

In closing, no longer be deceived by the blind belief in “tomorrow” or “yesterday”, today is all that matters, today is all there Is.
GET THIS: The “future” is 100%IMAGINED!! You are Sprit asleep dreaming a dream of attachment to money for salvation. (a “sleep fell on Adam”, never does the Torah tell us he “woke-up”)
Allow the Holy Spirit to sanctify your future through a Sanctified imagination and nothing will be wanting.
A “Sanctified Imagination” is obtained through Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is obtained through peace of mind. Peace of mind is the condition of heaven brought about by Unconditional Forgiveness of “your perceived enemies.”

Ps. (book) RADICAL SEEKER ~uncover hidden truths – eliminate needless suffering ~ Soon to be published.

Limiting an unlimited Consciousness

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Limiting an unlimited Consciousness

The EGO has placed a limit on an Unlimited Consciousness. Fear has blocked the awareness of Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love requires that you ALLOW the EGO to be re parented by Christ, Who is Unconditional Love.

The re-parenting process, or the “renewing of your mind”, “feels” painful to the EGO who has based its world on judgment and fear. When you realize all your judgments are personal in nature, you drop judgment like a hot potato; in other words, “I AM not afraid of the same things that you are, and you are not afraid of the same things I AM.” You realize ALL fears are Not founded on reason. Reason does not change from person to person, only beliefs do.

For example the belief in an after death hellfire is not only insane, but it is anti-Christ because it is not “Loving.” ‘David Winter’ does not fear hellfire any longer because reason has taught me that is does not exist in reality, only in personal belief. Reason gave me wisdom to See that Love does not harm; and if Love cannot harm, then I was deceived by my blind belief in king James’ manifesto of 1611 to believe that it did.

The reason king James did not give the “full class” in “his bible”, is because he was well aware of the power the ‘fear of God’ has over the minds of men. If a man fears its God he has been spiritually manipulated by a false belief.

Prior to reason becoming a part of my thought process due to my blind belief in the holy-bible, if someone spoke of “karma or reincarnation”, I would become afraid, because it was not “in the bible.”

When you look out upon your world and see suffering of ANY kind, REASON, if you will listen, will prove to you God did not create the suffering you see; if God did not create the suffering you see and you are “seeing it”, then My Brother, the eyes you are seeing with were Never meant to SEE!

more to follow . . .

The cost of being a disciple of the Master

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The cost of being a disciple

As you prepare to become a disciple of Jesus Christ and no longer just a believer. Begin to understand that Jesus teaches of “another world”, one not of this world. 

To believers of the “holy-bible” the teachings of Jesus are as foolish today as when they were first taught over 2000 years ago; and this is the reason why so few are saved.

Jesus Is a Master of the “inner world”, the world of Creation; the kingdom of God. This gives Him control of His “outer world”, the world of illusion;  the kingdom of EGO.

Lord Jesus tells you,  if you Will Practice Unconditional FORGIVENESS and grow to love those you hate, Christ will make Himself known to you. This “awareness” of the second coming is salvation. 

To achieve salvation, and what you must be willing to go through is what is being spoken of in the book of Luke chapter 14 starting at verse 25; from the kings religious manifesto of 1611.

Know that when you start there is no going back. It would be like a dog returning to its own vomit.  You cannot achieve the salvation of Jesus Christ unless you are ready to give up this world completely and all of its temptations. Money being at the top of the list.

Its not easy. But worth every step.

FORGIVENESS will have you arrive safely at your destination because you never go anywhere except in your consciousness.

You are in heaven now beloved, but because we were brainwashed to fear God and attack our enemies,  we don’t experience Christ,  His second coming, or heaven.  We stay spiritually trapped in a hell of our own making.

Do you understand that All believers past and present were brainwashed by the “holy-bible”?

In closing,  if you are a Sunday church going Christian ask yourself right now as you read this; what is my reason for going? If your reason for going is the fear of hellfire or GOD, you have been spiritually brainwashed by your beliefs.

This “brainwashing” is overcome by Loving,  and no longer hating you enemies.

I do love YOU; ~The dark night of the Soul~

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❤  I do love YOU  ❤

~The dark night of the Soul~ What was Lord Jesus’ dark night of the soul ? It was His transformation to ‘God’ BY His Father for “Us”. 

This is a very deep teaching for the disciples of Christ, for what you’re about to read to your trained ego, is insanity. 

*The trained ego is the false self. The self that in this dream was not able to pick its name, where it was born, or its family, and it is even given a Number. We were taught to memorize our number. Every person on the planet who is “civilized” lol, has a number. Its your “slave” number.

*You accept the Atonement of Jesus Christ as your Lord AND Saviour, by putting ALL your needs, worries, past, future, health, finances…. EVERYTHING in His Hands, the cross was the last useless journey that He made for YOU.

Accept His Atonement, His “undoing” of your false blind beliefs about God Our Father by relinquishing ALL YOUR FEARS! 

You are HERE NOW to allow a transformation process to occur within the kingdom of God, to come out of your cocoon (fear) and to become the butterfly (Love) you were created As. All fear is is your attachment to your slave name or slave story, and not attaching to the Name of your Lord which is Only Love . 

All organized religions are superstitious delusions taken by the slave to feel safe from the wrath of the “Master-god”, and which are based entirely on the fear of God. Thus are All organized religions cruel to the Children of God who “know not what they do” and do not know Who and What they are.

Lord Jesus teaches you to be in the world but not of the world; Because YOU ARE NOT OF THIS WORLD you are only dreaming that you are. Everything is Divinely Orchestrated for your Divine Awakening or “release” back to the ‘Garden of God’, if you will be Willing to surrender All your FEARS and let Jesus’ Holy Spirit within Guide you beyond all fear and back to the Truth Within YOU. 

The fear of God is the zenith of insanity. You need not believe Anything any longer should you choose to do so. All beliefs are began from the enslaved ego due to the fear of God. I AM here to help YOU 

If you “make a living” or derive “your life” from King James’ book of religion, and see no way out, Jesus Christ is only a prayer away, but you can NEVER DOUBT that He is in CONTROL and that YOU ARE LOVED beyond what the slave can comprehend.

If you have questions Please ask  I AM not here to deceive you. My “life” would be laid down or “taken” before I c/would cause you any more undue fear and stress. Who am “I”, I AM YOU! 

In closing, in the ‘dream of separation from God’ I am a father, husband, grandfather, son, Brother and friend to all. I AM at a ‘point in time’ where I have come to realize everything that I have ever feared in ‘life’ was a lie of the devil, the trained ego, the powerless slave mind. 

When you no longer wish to be deceived by the fear of God, you will not be.

Lord Jesus Awaits  He comes bearing spiritual gifts that are N.O.T.W.
He is the Deathless Saviour sent by Our Heavenly Father for YOU  ❤

Allow for the Renewing of your mind. I will come and teach at your hall, church, mosque, synagogue, den, or home all you need to do is call upon the Lord Your God

forgive the typos 

~Why the “devil or ego” ? Did God create a devil within ?~

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~Why the “devil or ego” ? Did God create a devil within ?~

The ego is not real. The ego is the trained intellectual mind of man. Everyone has a different ego, but not a different “Holy Spirit”, some ego’s only like their Own race, their Own religion, their Own political party and so on…some ego’s enjoy wine, some do not. Some ego’s love God, some do not.

David Winter has a ego attached to his name as well. This ego might for example believe and be afraid of not having a job, he may fear God, he may even “believe” that the world is under a giant conspiracy against him. Nothing his ego believes is the truth, NOTHING. The ego or “devil” as referred to by Jesus Christ is the “believer within” as opposed to the Holy Spirit within.

Once the ego believes something anything it becomes true until it is seen differently. It does no good for Jesus to tell you ALL of your beliefs are wack, because then you would resent the Messenger and never received His message. So He Guides you back home with, “See Ye FIRST the kingdom of God and ALL things will be added unto you”. 

Your ego keeps you from the personal realization that the Christ Consciousness within you is ready to receive YOU, but because of your false beliefs about “God and His Son Jesus Christ” brought about by the blind belief of the bible, you stay blinded by blind beliefs.

What you are reading is no joke, I AM in no way attempting to deceive you. What you are reading will Guide you to the Realization of the Risen Christ within the kingdom of God if you are inclined to this spiritually narrow path.

You are very deep asleep, “A sleep fell upon Adam”, book of Genesis . But never do you read that he “woke-up” from his deep sleep. As you sleep you dream, deeper and deeper. Your Father willed that you awaken slowly as not to cause you any more fear than you have already created for yourself by your false fearful beliefs about yOur Heavenly Father 

Brother, Sister too, you can toss the bible in the trash can, but this causes you too much fear, so, as you FORGIVE 7OX7 you will See your world through Renewed Eyes. With this Sight comes True Vision, knowledge and wisdom not of this world.

Do not fear to awaken to the Realization that your have NEVER Left Paradise except in a dream.


Christian believer

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Christ is the Gift yOur Father gave Jesus, for you at creation. Jesus remembered this Gift and awoke to it, as you will when you *PRACTICE FORGIVENESS*, and do away with yOur judgment of “others” as Jesus Christ teaches His followers to ‘do’.

As you go within and seek this Gift of Atonement, Jesus, through Christ will make Himself known to YOU! You will never know this Atonement or this “undoing of yOur false beliefs” as long as you blindly believe king James’ 1611  book of religion. The king James bible is only a “small hurdle” to the followers of Jesus Christ.

Think: If Barack Obama or George W. Bush ordained a version of a “holy bible’ would you blindly believe EVERYTHING in it??? You cannot know the Love of a Creator who kills or allows His children to drown in a 40 day flood, because they were not worthy of His Love. I ask you Brother and Sister reading this….if AN EARTHLY FATHER DROWNED HIS DAUGHTER IN A BATH TUB AND KILLED HER, WOULD YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO LOVE HIM WITHOUT FIRST FORGIVING HIM OF HIS CRIMES. No, just as you Must FORGIVE God of your false king James induced insane beliefs about Love! Love cannot KILL! No matter what you “believe”.

You have been severely mis-Taken by your blind beliefs in holy books published by the rulers of this world. The fear of God induces death. The Love of God gives you eternal life and the knowledge of It!

Jesus Christ is awake to you now. You Must seek Him where He can be found, and His awareness Is made real to you in your consciousness. However, to know this truth that sets you free, you must First seek the kingdom of God that is within you. The kingdom of God is at hand. This is the message of the Nazarene Master!!

You will never become a disciple by sitting the bench (pew) and watching the game. You Must PRACTICE FORGIVENESS before you will realize the futility of king James style church. I understand the fear of realizing that God Is Love, and you need do nothing you have ever done! God does not Need yOur “fearful worship” you need His JOY!! See your mistake of personal judgment, blind belief and go the other way.

You MUST seek the kingdom of the Father that IS within YOU, until then you are just a believer in king James’ manifesto. You are free from hell-fire and do not know it. Hell-fire does not exist except in a mind afraid of its Creator. There Is No DEATH only LIFE. Fear keeps you locked in a mental prison that Only FORGIVENESS can unlock.

When your mind has been renewed by Christ and His Atonement, you will See the kingdom of God that has Always been in View to YOU!! Hence: “For those with the Eyes to See, SEE! Those with the Ears to Hear, HEAR!!” This is very fearful to believers who are afraid of “Their Father”. 70X7 type FORGIVENESS lifts this fear of God.

In closing, I want to make this perfectly clear: If you lie to a child by inducing fear within them, they will believe the message until they have been shown it was false. If you tell a child, “God is mad at you, here is a book that you must believe so that He will lift His anger against you, AND if you do not believe EVERYTHING in it He will send you to hell after you die”. The child will believe you never seeking the Truth that IS WITHIN THEM!!

Seek Beloved! SEEK!! Your Christ Awaits!!!

Judgment of a method/religion prior to its practice is Anti-sanity! They told Jesus Christ He was insane and a madman because they did not PRACTICE His Method, they, the *Religious Believers of His day JUDGED Him as Anti-God and they tried and found Him guilty of blasphemy. The believers of His day are like many believers today, to fearful of God to Seek His kingdom within themselves!

(Call 619`715`4489, if you are in need of a Teacher of God in your Church, Mosque, Temple Synagogue or your personal prison. You are so very much Loved by yOur Father Beloved!!)




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Religion, in the hands of blind teachers keep the learners blinded. No one can teach properly what they themselves do not understand completely. I ask you, could you teach chess to someone if you did not understand the game completely? How many people do you even know who play chess, let alone know how to teach it. “IT” the method of attainment, can not be taught by someone who does not understand Salvation.

If you believe and teach Salvation after an earthly death, then you are blinded by your ego the devil. The “religion” or method to achieve Salvation is, *FORGIVENESS, 70X7. Salvation is a renewing of your mind, Not after you die BUT NOW! Are you now beginning to understand and “See” that the “masses of believers” hoping for an after death nirvana are bitterly mis-Taken by their false beliefs about “God”.

Brother, Sister BEgin to look through the Eyes of the FORGIVING Christ within. Drop your trained believing ego who is judgmental and blinded by fear. When you attack your “enemies overseas”, who comes home with no arms and no legs??? Judgment and not FORGIVENESS has blinded yOur eyes to the kingdom of God that Is At-Hand!

Remember, “There is no place like home” and you aren’t at home when you Judge an-“other”. To Judge another is to judge oneself. Judgment creates a state of mind that is not able to See Reality!


You are in no danger and never have been, FORGIVENESS OPENS yOur Eyes! “70X7” is to FORGIVE Everyone All the “time”. Judgment, which is the fear of God, is the cause of All your sickness and disease. When fear is in the mind, it attacks the body and the mind. The mind Will “heal Itself” as you “quiet It”. Do not let the ego steer you off course by its incessant  thoughts of fear.

To “BE-STILL” is to BE-STILL! *A practice: Get comfortable in a chair or on the floor. Not to comfortable to sleep, but if you “fall-asleep” that’s ok too. Now, Be-Still. Then with your “thinker’ ask, The Lord to reveal Itself to You. “Seek and you Will find!” Never give into the lies of the devil that seeking within is insane, seeking within Is the only Sane activity that you can “DO” in “time”. Do not be frustrated, the Master knows when His disciple is ready to receive the salvation that the religion He teaches brings. However, you “MUST SEEK” Or you will never “FIND”. Jesus Christ has Atoned (undone your false beliefs) for you. What the Atonement does is “speed up the process” to yOur awareness of the kingdom of God Within.

FORGIVE your husband, wife, children, parents, friends, other family, FORGIVE your enemies, FORGIVE your government, FORGIVE your God and Your Savior and when you have had a willingness to FORGIVE Everyone 70X7, then go within and FORGIVE yourself. FORGIVE yourself all the thoughts of fear and UN-worthiness. FORGIVE yourself so long enslaved by false mental unworthiness brought about by false beliefs perpetrated by this world of illusions.

You are now free to discover yOur true Name Beloved! This is Not king James church and I AM not a pastor. I AM a BROTHER to You, a child of God, and when you BEcome aware of yOur Father you too will See that yOur Father is Love and Only Love! Our Father is all giving, all the time. You are free to test yOur Father to See if He will provide ALL yOur earthly needs! Let no mental excuse’s keep you from the Realization that yOur Father is within YOU, and Is One With YOU!