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This is an excerpt from the book: RADICAL SEEKER

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Awaken to His Resurrection He is within you!

Surrendering to the Holy Spirit is acquired by the process of the Atonement. As a follower of Jesus He is our Guide. We hear Him through the Holy Spirit.

Here is a passage from a children’s nursery rhyme The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams talking about the Atonement process. She uses the word Real in place of Atonement:

“Does it hurt?” asked the Rabbit.
“Sometimes,” said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. “When you are Real, you don’t mind being hurt.”
“Does it happen all at once, like being wound up,” he asked, “or bit by bit?”
“It doesn’t happen all at once,” said the Skin Horse.
“You become. It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t often happen to people who break easy, or have sharp edges, or have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has…

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At the end of Everything, “all events”, you realize nothing becomes of anything

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That being said; anything, past or future, that you are afraid of right now is insanity. The past never happened. You perceive the past because you believe in the past. Children Do Not view or see the past as adults do. As children we forget past harms, as adults we judge them thus never realizing there insignificance, never letting them go. Harm is fear, and fear has never been real, realizing “at the end of everything, you realize nothing becomes of anything”.

Joy is aroused at the thought of Nothing to fear. Do not fear the future, fall in love with the now. Nothing lasts in this dream, and you will be ok with this knowledge when you realize ITS ALL YOU, and ITS ALL FOR YOU!! Forgiveness 70X7 of the past and future will guide you into the realization of “the Now”.

Lastly, The future IS imagined! Is it not?

What do you WANT 2 C ?


David W.

“When you blindly believe in things you dont understand you suffer” ~S. Wonder

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Suffering is an unawareness of God. Suffering is a belief that you are separate from your Source, your God, Your Father! Suffering is fear manifested into a false reality that you belive is real.

YOU CAN NOT EVER SUFFER!! (except when you do not know the truth that sets your mind free)

Suffering is an unawareness of the true nature of reality.

the “original” inquisition

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What did they want from Jesus? What did they want Him to say that He wasn’t saying?

Why did they torture Jesus? What was the REASON for the first ever spiritual inquisition? And why kill Him? After all, He had healed all manner of sickness, made the blind see, and even raised dead bodies back to life. Why did they not recognize the Messiah of the Torah?; because He was not like them. He did not conform to the wishes of “their” Torah, nor did He bow to the pressure to deny He was the Son of God.

*The term Inquisition comes from Medieval Latin “inquisitio”, which referred to any court process that was based on Roman law. (*found that interesting)

They were accusing Jesus of heresy for going against their “canonized scriptures” which were called the “Torah.” He was equating Himself with the God of their Torah. And they despised Him for it.

The Sanhedrin had a preconceived picture of their Torah’s Messiah, and Jesus Christ did not fit the mold. He was TELLING them they were wrong for teaching the children of God that His Father was vengeful! He was TELLING them that they were wrong about EVERYTHING they believed, and what they were teaching was now obsolete! A new and improved way of looking at the world was at hand. . . But they continued their processional march to hell, in their black draped clothes and long depressed faces, never even asking; Is all this even real? Did God really do this to us?

Their self imposed generational beliefs in the Torah kept them from going within and seeking out the Kingdom that was within them. This Kingdom of God is the mind. The mind is the portal by which we reach God. Death is a portal to nothing. Nothing is reached in death. Death is continuous ignorance.

When the Sanhedrin interrogated Jesus they were not looking for truth but for an argument. Their starting premise was the Torah, and His starting premise was that they were gods!
They were hell bent on proving Him wrong although they had no proof. Their proof He was wrong was their blind belief in the Torah. They “believed” the Torah over truth OR their “holy books” over the Messiahs’ teachings.

Their holy book taught as most did, that total peace of mind and eternal joy are always in the future. Jesus Christ was teaching the Pharisees, Sadducees and anyone else who choose to listen, that He would prove His teachings worked, if they would make an attempt to LOVE everyone and everything His Father created.

There was no love in the way the Sanhedrin treated Jesus Christ. The Sanhedrin were determined to be right at the cost of their own eternal happiness. Why do we insist on being right about the “after-life”? Is in not because we have been taught generationally by our ancestors, whom we trusted, to be afraid of God.

The fear of God and lack of trust in His eternal generosity has produced a world of frightened children of God, pretending to be helpless. We are not helpless. Far from it.

Jesus Christ during His torture and subsequent crucifixion was SHOWING HIS DISCIPLES the type of commitment He was looking for, under far less extreme circumstances.

He was SHOWING HIS DISCIPLES that the power of unconditional forgiveness heals even death. He was not teaching them about an after death anything. He knew as you will come to know, that both heaven and hell are states of consciousness. One created by God, heaven; and the other made-up by the “devil”, hell.

Hell is fear. Fear is the belief that we are separated from God.
When the belief in the separation is healed, the consciousness as God created it returns to awareness. Peace-eternal, is our divine inheritance. This awareness is a heavenly state of being that surpasses all intellectual understanding.

To receive the Atonement and heaven we must release hell OR, “fear” to the Holy Spirit for correction. He corrects our errors by SHOWING us they were never real. Jesus Christ ATONED for EVERYTHING you are afraid of now, OR will be in the future. Nothing you fear, NOT EVEN DEATH can touch the disciple of Jesus Christ who decides to love his neighbor as himself. The REASON simply stated is that you and your neighbor are One in the eyes of God. This Oneness is experienced when forgiveness is complete. Forgiveness is complete when you have allowed the Holy Spirit to correct all your judgments on how things should be.

When everything is perfect all the time, without past or future thoughts intruding upon the present moment whatsoever, forgiveness is complete and heaven is realized, first in glimpses. The veil of fear is a feeble attempt by the ego to hide the Kingdom of heaven from the disciple.

God did not “Create” pain, suffering, sickness or death. These are all idols before Him. Sickness is an attempt by the mind to keep you believing that the body is eternally real. The body was not made in love. Love can use the body to prove eternal life to you if you will release all the demands that you make on it for it’s comfort, protection or enjoyment, and turn All your  body needs over to the Holy Spirit.

Needs to the ego are lessons in love for the Holy Spirit. Leave all your “preconceived needs” to Him and NOT ONE will go unmet. Faith is requisite for entrance into heaven, because you never left. . .


We have a “deathless” Savior in Jesus Christ

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What do we need to be saved from?

Not “Who”, but WHAT do we need to be saved from?

king James Christians blindly believed and falsely that they needed to be saved from the wrath of God.
This insanity was brought about by the blind belief that Jesus Christ was tortured and ultimately crucified for their shortcomings. They Did NOT PRACTICE WHAT JESUS CHRIST TAUGHT! For when they did, and they all did, for it was the Will of God they did, they saw Christ.

He is not hiding from the world He Saved. The world has hidden itself from Him by it’s belief in enemies.

Jesus Christ came to His disciples BECAUSE HE KNEW they needed Him. king James Christians had been mislead for GENERATIONS about Jesus Christ and His relationship with His disciples.

Jesus Christ waits, while we hate our enemies. The Voice of the Holy Spirit is silenced by our wishes for vengeance.

Where is Jesus Christ? Where did He TELL HIS DISCIPLES that He would be waiting for them after His RESURRECTION?

The Kingdom of God is the Mind of God. We are gods BECAUSE the Mind of God is in our mind. The death of Jesus Christ would be the death of GOD. Is that conceivable? Of course not. We fear our Savior Jesus Christ precisely because we fear God.

This is a divine creation, Not the way you are currently perceiving it; but the Way Unconditional Forgiveness shows it to us via the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ as sanity returns.

We are afraid of Eternal Life BECAUSE WE believe God is there. God IS, but not the God of the Torah; THE FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST. The Father of Jesus Christ is a MERCIFUL FATHER. HE is Not the God of the Torah.

To Know God, you must use REASON to objectively Re-evaluate your current beliefs in light of the fact that Jesus Christ requires faith in HIS TEACHINGS to produce results. If we are not currently making an effort to love our enemies, we will never UNDERSTAND Jesus Christ or HIS TEACHINGS.

Early Christians took up arms against NO ONE.

An “enemy” is ANYONE you find a fault in.

The Torah is a red herring. The bible is loaded with red herring’s unknown by the “UNESCORTED” truth seeker. Be Escorted by the Holy Spirit in the mind of unconditional forgiveness as you read ANYTHING! and He will discern the Love of the Father for the disciple of Jesus Christ.

Truth is Love.

Jesus Christ is God. You are a god. When Jesus Christ taught HIS DISCIPLES 2000 years ago, He taught them to no longer believe in your earthly father, for you have but One Father and He is in heaven.

The disciple of Jesus Christ is restored to sanity through the REASON of the Holy Spirit, and not his or her own reasoning. Our reasoning is faulty at best.

Jesus Christ RESURRECTED 2000 years ago and He never left. He is alive. He is more alive than we are. He is what all of us must become, and that is a Son of God. You are a Son or Daughter of God now, living out your life in exile because you fear your creative source;. . . and don’t believe it.

When the mind is manipulated by outside events, it is due to faulty perception. Judgment produces faulty perception BECAUSE to judge what God created perfect is to be dishonest. Dishonesty produces the “illusion of guilt”, and therefore the belief that death is real. One who intends suicide for example, successful or not, feels GUILTY. Guilt is Fear, and FEAR IS HELL.

You Cannot EVER BE guilty in Truth, no matter your “past”, BECAUSE Jesus Christ Atoned for this “hellish nightmare” that we perpetrate on ourselves daily. Look, when you judge another no matter the “crime”, you are JUDGING GOD And yourself, thinking that it IS “another.” As the Holy Spirit awakens your mind to Christ’s RESURRECTION by your own willingness to Forgive thus Love everyone, you come to UNDERSTAND ONENESS and why you thought there were “others.”

In closing, recognize that ALL YOUR PROBLEMS have been solved within the RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world!

His resurrection saved us from the BLIND BELIEFS in a tyrannical god who reigns down fire from heaven and drowns innocent children out of his vengeance. This is God made in mans imagine. Not the Heavenly Father of Jesus Christ.

You CAN KNOW the truth that sets you free. But it takes a faithful willingness to NEVER EVER GIVE UP, and a great desire to See your Risen Savior.

The disciples of Jesus Christ were having to deal with “canonized scriptures” and the generational blind beliefs in them. He TOLD THEM IT IS WITHIN YOU, NOT IN A BOOK!

They were spiritually lazy in their beliefs. Why look for God within their mind when the Torah’s teachers told them otherwise?
When the learner first “goes within”, IT is an attempt to prove the teachings of Jesus Christ FALSE, make no mistake about the craftiness of the ego. HOWEVER, Jesus Christ understands our dilemma, and this is why He Is One with God the Father:
To awaken us from the nightmare of illusory suffering and confusion.

Our willingness to test the Spirit of Christ by seeking for Him within our mind in silence is all the willingness the Holy Spirit needs to Prove His Guidence worthy of our faith.

As we bring this to the end, let us leave you with this reminder.

“there was an owl in an old oak tree, the more he saw the less he spoke, the less he spoke the more he heard, why can’t we all be like that bird.” ~Wayne Church

A Learner is a Listener.

We are free. . .

transformation of consciousness

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There is a transformation of consciousness that takes place within the mind of the disciple that is unbelievable. This transformation is akin to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Imagine a butterfly trying to explain flight to a caterpillar and you see the dilemma that Christ faced in His attempt to teach the Jewish “believers” in the Torah, about His Father and the Kingdom of Heaven.

You are gods! said Jesus Christ ~ Yet the Torah didn’t proclaim that! The Torah taught them that they had sinned against their god and he was angry at them. So angry was he at them that he even drowned His own children in a “great flood” because of his wrath.
The disciple of Jesus Christ no longer blindly believes ANYTHING, But brings EVERYTHING to the Holy Spirit for reproof.

We have attempted to be right by our generational beliefs instead of being happy through Faith brought about by Reason; and the result has been the world you see thus “believe” to be real. A blind “believer” does not know the truth, and a knower can not be made to blindly “believe” what he or she does not know.

Happiness does not come from being right, and if you believe that it does, you will never be happy. Happiness, which is eternal peace, comes with understanding, and not blind “belief.” When you understand that you are “blind and deaf” you let go of trying to be right in favor of a happiness brought about by listening to the Holy Spirit within the Kingdom of God.

Eternal peace is obtained through knowledge that the Kingdom of God is (within) and not “out-here” in this world. Hence, you must be in the world for a matter of time, but you can choose NOT to be apart of it.

As we let the Holy Spirit Master the inner kingdom, the outer kingdom is seen as a place where the Sons and Daughters of God have come to heal.

The REASON the disciples of Jesus Christ decided not to be of this world is because Jesus taught us that this world is not real. Let the dead bury the dead ? ? ? You must hate mother and brother for my sake? ? ?

The REASON we have funerals for the dead in “king James church’s” is that the BLIND “believers” continue to lead the BLIND “believers” 2000 years after Jesus Christ taught His disciples that death was Not real! And this world is a great parody of God and Jesus!

This world is a feeble and ridiculous imitation of the truth. A loving heavenly Father, An “all knowing” GOD, who made a mistake, and to cover up for His mistake He drowned His children in a “great flood.” A loving heavenly Father and An “all knowing” GOD who sends a Savior from our “belief in death,” who gets crucified and dies at the hands of the ones He was sent to save.

Truth is true. Denial of truth is insanity. And the insane “blindly believe” that Our Father in Heaven created us to die.

Imagine every “king James Christian”, no matter their “chosen denomination,” actually doing what Jesus Christ taught His disciples to do 2000 years ago.

If you do, THEN and Only THEN will You See why war is complete insanity. . . Until then, the anti-Christ will “appear” to rule the Kingdom of God within your mind.

Peace be upon you always. Our Savior is here contrary to king James’ 1611 assertion that you must die to experience the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We are Not alone… We have been healed by OUR Savior Jesus Christ, Who overcame death to PROVE to His disciples that death had no hold on them.

He Has Risen…

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Jesus said to them:
“Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy but to fulfill.” (Matt. v. 17.)
In these few words of Christ, He spoke volumes. He Had fulfilled their Law. He was the “Messiah” the law had spoken of.

“Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believeth.” (Rom. x. 4.)

 In Romans, St.Paul  teaches us, that we are no longer under any obligation to the law if we will believe Jesus Christ’s words and put them into practical application in our life; in our mind!
We will for this writing understand the “law” to be the books of Moses, or the Torah, or king James’, “old Testament.” The law referring to what you had to do to stay in good favor with the “God of the law.” When “the law” is mentioned in the Bible, it harks back to the days of the Old Testament. There are hundreds of commands given to the Israelites, but the phrase “the law” refers specifically to the compilation of decrees found in the first five books of the Bible. This whole body of law was given the name Torah.

Our Father is Not the God of the law, man is. The law was written by men for men. The law in its ‘inception’ was to help point the way to “paradise”, and of the coming Messiah, Not after they (the Israelites) died, but now.

The Son of God is the exalted son of man. “Man” is a temporary state of understanding consciousness. Meaning, that when Jesus taught them that they would “do greater” than He, He was implying that if they would practice unconditional forgiveness, (70X7) and Love Thy enemies, He, through His Holy Spirit, would exalt them to the knowledge of their Son of God status and they would receive their Inheritance. The knowledge of Eternal Life!

King James’ did humanity a great disservice when he combined the teachings of Jesus Christ with “the law,” or “the old testament.” The teachings of Jesus Christ when practiced stand on their own merits. His teachings “renew your mind”. There is no need for an “old testament” when you realize Christ Has risen, and that He awaits your recognition of Him within the kingdom of God that Is within each and every one of us. Of course this is as “FOOLISH” now as it was over 2000 years ago.

St. Paul is telling the Jews, “The law has been fulfilled!” We have been saved by Christ Jesus Now, not after we “die”. Simple observation shows us that “the body” is not permanent; the body was not here 100 years ago, and it won’t be here 100 years hence. When we grasp the understanding that Jesus teaches us of an inner kingdom and is in no way concerned with the laws of man, we begin to understand the confusion raised by “king James version”.  Mans laws are for this world, “be in it, but Not of it”, or in other words, “I have OVERCOME the world, you need not have challenges or problems, be Happy.”
However, to experience this freedom or “peace that surpasses all intellectual understanding” we MUST LOVE THY ENEMIES. The reason is simply, we have none. These eyes were never meant to see. We judge a perfect creation, or the creation of God for us, as messed up or dysfunctional, and wonder why we are not happy. We are not happy because king James’ “holy-bible” never taught us that the Messiah came 2000 years ago and HE NEVER LEFT!!

If you will take the time to “Google” the king James bible and (“seek until you find”), you will come to see that since its beginning in 1611 to date we have OVER 41,000 different religions based on “his version”. Every one of which “blindly believe” that they have “the truth“.
Who in fact has the truth? A Catholic, A Baptist, A Methodist, A Mormon, A 7th Day Adventist, A JW, etc, etc, etc,…well you get the picture. If this was a “math book” it does not add up and we would have tossed it out a long time ago. The blind continue to lead the blind. This is frightening to sons of men who have been generationally programmed to blindly believe every “jot and tittle” king James put in “his version”. We would but laugh if President Obama, President Bush, President H. Clinton, or President D. Trump came up with “their version” and TOLD us we must believe it or?. I say this only for the recognition of the complete insanity to blindly believe ANYTHING the leaders of this world put forth for the masses to “believe”.
The Kingdom of God Is within YOU!~

It would make us tremble and cause us great distress if we all of a sudden realized the Truth of Christ!! Our long held generational religious beliefs of (400 years) need to be put into question individually by each and every disciple of Jesus Christ. No longer should a 1600 king of England’s version of a religious manifesto entitled a “holy-bible” be the standard.

In closing, we have wandered far from home Pastor T. However, we have a Risen Savior for all those that “believeth” in Him, not in the kings holy book, but who believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

 “Faith is to believe what you do not yet see; the reward for this faith is to see what you believe.”
St. Augustine