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“Second Coming and The Narrow Path”

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From the beginning the words second coming have stirred thoughts in the minds of men who read or study the bible. Thoughts of the carpenter from Galilee returning in the clouds, on horseback. Generations after generations, decades after decades have past and still no sign of the Master returning in the clouds has been “seen.” People waiting, dieing and hoping for second cloud coming and it never comes. Horseback, uh? Quite possibly a pastor of today, like John of revelation was, may have said returning on a Jet Fighter.

We are trying to get readers to think about what they read and think about what they have been told before they claim the information to be the “truth.”

The fact that some of the books King James choose to put in his bible may not have been accurate or true in many different ways. This being said we should come to know the authors as well as the men who wrote and assembled the “books” we hold as true.  The author of this book in question has been wrong for centuries and I suspect we will never see the Lord on horseback in the clouds coming back to kill people or send them to hell in our lifetime. If this is true what could the second coming really mean? Could it be an inner transformation that can not been seen by those without the “eyes to see?” Remember what the carpenter from Galilee told us. Where he goes we can not follow. He never told us he was coming back! He told us he would leave a comforter for us, the followers, of his teachings. He would not be seen again but he would be with us always even unto the end. He would be with us in “spirit” and we would have to seek him as he sought the “Father” during his lifetime. What if we were to use the words “second knowing” rather the the words “second coming.” This may help the seeker in their quest for salvation understand what is “required” to find the treasure Jesus speaks of.

He says if you seek you will FIND!

He goes on to tell us that we can do greater than he if we seek and follow, even to the point of not partaking of death. If you have the ears to hear what this is telling us,  please listen. It’s like Enoch truly “walking with God” as the carpenter did during his lifetime here on earth. To really understand the teachings of the man who became one with God, we must “think” like he advises us to “think.” Seek, ask and believe. This is without fear of any kind. Fear separates us from the “Father” who is in heaven! Fear is control and man has used fear to control men long before King James ever ruled over his people in England.

Radical you say? 

The carpenter was radical in his teachings so radical they killed him and if you posses the fruits of his teachings in your life you are free of all fear. When you seek God in spirit and in truth, God illuminates his answers so you know your prayers have been answered. Where as before the”second knowing” your prayers were always answered but you could not see them answered, where as now you can! Now as a result of your salvation you see “God’s hand” in All things, from a flat tire to a lottery win. The “father” loves us more than we love ourselves or more than we love anyone or anything.

God is NOW! The more you walk with God the easier it is to run from fear.

The Narrow Path is where spirituality meets religion and guides it to truth. In religion, we are seeking something like God, knowledge or safety, (as for the largest religions anyway), such as Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. The God that everyone is looking for is a God of Love. However, this God we all seek can not been seen with the five senses as we have come to know them.

I will try and explain. The five senses keep us from experiencing God the way “we want”, because God is “SEEN in TRUTH”, not one of our five senses, God is “HEARD in SILENCE” not one of the five senses and God is “FELT with LOVE” another, that is not one of the five. This is the way God reveals himself. We always have to remember God is spirit as well as flesh. Spirit is God’s essence and as flesh, within us. Religions are steeping stones or signposts to truth for people and nothing more. When we look at religions they all have a “book” that they follow. A “book” that was written for men by men. We can not experience God in a “book” and therefore books can only be guideposts as to how other men saw God.

If you had “NO BOOK” would you be able to experience and see God in your “earthly lifetime?”

The answer is an emphatic YES!!! 

I am now thinking that most of “the books” that have been written and put together for religious purposes have hindered the salvation of men from the world because the teachers as in Jesus’ day are missing the boat. The ego has them at the shore and they do not even get off the dock, let alone in the boat of salvation itself; Which is “Truth and Understanding.” 

We all have to go before God the Father and ask is my “book” the right “book”. And if my “book” is not the right “book” does anyone have the right “book.” We all think “my book” is the good one and yours is wicked. Is this true for you? Are you right and if people do not believe as you do are they “lost?” We have to ask who wrote my “book”, God or a King? God or a prophet? God or a man?

God is known best and can be found by All men, in the Silence, Love and the Truth he gives when we seek “the Father.” Truth” is known, not just believed as “Love” is felt, and not just spoken about. The “Silence” is the voice of God that we all have sought.