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God IS remembered in the silence

Posted in addiction on June 17, 2016 by david1963

Think of the caterpillar for a moment. He has no idea of Gods plan to glorify it by giving him wings to fly!
How much more valuable are you to the salvation of the world than a caterpillar?

We are Eagles who have not yet learned to fly.
Just as the caterpillar must surrender to the cocoon, we must submit to, and surrender to our Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit Is within the kingdom of God, and His kingdom is within you.

Learn to Be Still.

Many sincere Christians have not yet realized that if they harbor attack thoughts, by not forgiving their enemies, they cannot hear the Voice for Christ. He came when they invited Him in to save them. They did not fully welcome Him due to their “false beliefs” about their Creative Source, God.

“Beliefs” are a cover up for what we do not Know. We only form beliefs because we are afraid of God.

God Is Love.

If we believe in a “god of hellfire”, or in a “god” who drowns children in a “great flood”, we have succumb to a false belief about our Loving Heavenly Father. How then can anyone know that Christ has risen within the kingdom of God if they do not seek for Him there, “believing” He is out of reach?
This was done intentionally and generationally. The confusion resulting from king James’ version of “holy text” is incalculable. 41,000 Different organized religions from 1 book. And every one of them “believes” they have found the Truth.

Ask a Catholic, Baptist, Mormon, Lutheran, a 7th Day Adventist, JW, well you get the picture, and every organization will have a different “belief” about “holy scripture”, but All of them “believe” they are “going to heaven.”

The reason for this confusion is the looking to the future for what Jesus Christ teaches His disciples is available to them here now.

As we ask the risen Christ to reveal Himself to us, we begin to experience the Truth that sets a man free!

The future is imaginary. Everyone knows this but very few accept this. No one is promised a future. As we surrender (remember the cocoon), the Holy Spirit can renew our minds to show us a new version of life. One that we intend, and not one that is thrust upon us.

Keep your faith in Christ, and He will reveal His Presence to You! He will Do Everything for us, all we need “do” is Believe in His teachings by putting them into practical application in our everyday lives.

Unconditional Forgiveness, 70×7, is the method Lord Jesus tells us will undo our false beliefs about Him, His Father and the Holy Spirit. Showing us that the second coming of Jesus Is the resurrection of Christ within the Kingdom of God