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“Addiction”, The Great Lie!

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The Great Lie ? You ask. Yes, The Great Lie.

No one is addicted to anything. Addiction is a symptom of fear, fear is the dis-ease. When  the mind is not at-ease it is in dis-ease.

When the fear is eliminated by understanding that there is NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF, the insane behavior, drugs, gambling, etc.. goes away on its own. We ‘do addictive stuff’ TV even, to occupy the mind.

By quieting the mind in meditation we See why we did what we did not want to do.

I will explain this in a way that if you want to understand you will. If you have the ears to hear this please hear this:

It’s one thing to say I AM an alcoholic, or I AM a drug addict, or I AM an over eater. Then on top of that we have been taught to believe that we are “powerless.”

Please stay with me here,

So, now what we are saying and thus “believing” is that; “I AM” a drug addict and “I AM” powerless.

WOW, what a LIE that has been perpetrated on the people. But the biggest lie of them all and Jesus calls this the unforgivable lie or blasphemy, is when as we are taught and told to say, ” God help me accept these two lies.” “Help me God to “accept” these things I can not change.”

Only the Truth sets us free not lies.

Whatever we say “I AM” too, we are!  So if you say, ” I AM happy” you will start to smile and become happy. TRY IT! If you say I AM not happy” you will, yes, you got it, NOT BE HAPPY. This is the “God within” Jesus calls the “Father” telling you whatever you believe is true, is true to you. Why? because as Jesus told us so long ago, “ye are gods.”

If we live the lies of addiction, telling ourselves we “are addicted” (1st lie), “we can not change” (2nd lie), and the worst one (3rd lie) “God help me accept this.”   We have to suffer the consequences and the consequences of believing these three lies is to never be FREE! When we believe lies we are bound by them. The “truth” sets us FREE!


It’s blasphemy, Blasphemy is irreverent behavior toward anything held sacred, priceless, etc.: Example; He uttered blasphemies against life itself.

Remember YOU ARE THE LIVING TEMPLE OF GOD, “Himself.” You are “held sacred” and you are “priceless” in the eyes of God.

Please see the lies and mind control in it all and begin the walk back to the “Father” by telling and affirming to yourself:

“I AM not  an addict I Have the power to make my life what I want it to be and GOD help me to do this by giving me strength and wisdom that only comes from You, You who is “WITHIN” me.

When you start to see yourself as God sees you, you understand that addiction even the word addiction is blasphemy before God. It is just not true. When you tell yourself I AM not addicted YOU WILL NOT BE. The lure, if you will goes away. You get your power back! O MY, please listen, get you power back.

You are loved, I love you and God loves You. I will close by telling all who read this that I AM available to speak (free, no cost or obligation) to any pastor (one on one) group or gathering. I speak on Fear and how to eliminate fear and how to live the “life of God” through what Jesus has taught. I AM a follower of Jesus I do not align myself to any church or religious organization. I AM love  and I AM here to share the love found in the Words of Jesus. I AM spiritual not religious. I AM a seeker of truth.

Seek and you will find, when you find you will be disturbed, after this you will marvel, then you will rest in the Love and Truth that God offers through the Words and teachings of  “our brother” who so long ago gave up being a carpenter and allowed himself to be humiliated and killed so that we may live the truth. A truth that has been hijacked and kept secret from most of us for many years.

They Killed Him because he started a revolution. The revolution was so profound and life changing that the pastors and leaders of Jesus day saw that they were losing “their” followers to God!

Yes, to God,  The Greatest “I AM.”

Love and Light,