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Where is the “Throne of God?”

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  • “Give no-thought for tomorrow.”
  • “Love your Lord Your God with All Your heart, mind and spirit.”
  • “Love your enemies.”
  • “Judge no-One.”
  • “Forgive every One.”

What is a “Throne?” Why the word throne? A King/Queen sits on a throne, from where they sit what do they SEE? They look out over there “Kingdom.”

The throne of “God” is within you. When you “make contact” with “Your Father” you See that God is on the throne and you are the eyes for God! When you think with the devil/ego mind you do not See from the throne of God but from the throne you made of fear and lack.

Begin to look from your throne optimistically with Forgiveness and Non- judgement and you will see that you are the center of your world/”kingdom.” You can stay asleep as long as you wish and it can never change the fact that at anytime you can awake for the “sleep” of lack and sadness to the Happy dream of abundance and Joy, that Jesus teaches us is here and NOW!

Joy is your created “state of mind” anything else is a lie,which you have all but forgotten about out of a fear of life. When you fear any part of life you are missing your inheritance of abundance given to you in Creation by God!

When you sit on the throne of God, from within looking outward, you begin to See that your thoughts and only your thoughts create what you “think you see.” As you quiet your mind and we quiet our minds seeking that Kingdom of God that is within us, A different world emerges. Imagine an optical illusion that you are looking at but can not see. The reason you can not see is because you are “thinking”; When we stop thinking the image becomes clear. Same as the “kingdom of God” and the vision of “Heaven.” Heaven is seen now when you no longer look for “hell.”

Thoughts are hell. “Give no-thought for tomorrow.” As soon as a future thought comes into your mind release it in faith to God, “let it be.” Acknowledge it as a future thought and let it go. Do not linger in thought about the future/tomorrow, it takes away the sight of the present gift of Now!

You have just been taught where to look for the throne of God via the teachings of Jesus. This is life changing if you allow for the change to happen, receive the Love of God by only giving it. Fear not for you food, shelter and clothing and you will See that everything is provided by God, and SEEN, when we practice the teachings of Jesus.

Abundance is waiting for you now, yet we can not See because we live in fear of God, death and hell. Jesus tells us; “Fear not, the Kingdom of God is now and you DO NOT DIE!”

When you fear anything you do not know the truth about it and have formed a “false belief” because someone told you it was the truth. You can know the truth when you begin to practice what Jesus teaches.

“Never fear anything and you will always Love Everything!”

              Love Your Brother,

More to follow. . .