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We are free to “save” ourselves but it takes a willingness to Forgive. We Must Forgive Everyone, ALL THE TIME, for Everything, or 70X7.

Theology is not religion. Religion is the practical application of the theology taught.

Church talks a “theology” but does not understand the theology it “talks” about.

A “religion” is a method of attaining something of value. For example; a good gardener “religiously” waters and cares for their garden.”
The religion of Jesus Christ Is UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS!!!

Unconditional Forgiveness Restores the mind back to love. This restoring or renewing of the mind Is the kingdom of heaven.

We have to want to learn Forgiveness. Forgiveness is acquired the same way judgment was. We were not created inherently judgmental. We learned judgment from those around us as we grew up. Judgment is fear, Forgiveness Is Love, ❤
Forgiveness Works!!

The EGO or “devil”, wants to blame and is the judgmental aspect of our consciousness. When we blame “others” we stay Blinded by our own judgment and do not experience the Oneness Jesus Christ tells us is possible for us, here and now.

Unconditional Forgiveness releases “blame”, and allows the Holy Spirit to Show us a new Vision ❤

We can tell by the way we “FEEL” if we are in a Forgiving mind or a judgmental mind. By this “FEELING” we can tell if we are on the narrow path.
When we do not like the “FEELING”, we have strayed from the path.
We Must now recognize that we have “projected the illusion” (no one else did) which is causing us to “FEEL BAD.” FORGIVENESS In that moment releases our judgment, thus allowing the Holy Spirit to heal our sick mind that judged.

All judgment is self judgment.

Forgiveness Is the key that unlocks the door to Your World.


The Atonement IS the undoing of false beliefs, beginning with the false belief in death. The world we see holds nothing that is eternal. As we accept the Atonement for ourselves we release the hold the EGO had on the Holy Spirit, this paves the way for the “Salvation of Christ!”

The Salvation of Christ Is first the recognition that; “I do not know how to get to heaven, I only believed I did.” This takes a willingness to go through the “fear of God” concepts that we have held for generations. The “fear of God” Is the fear of love. We will never fully love that which we are afraid of.

Jesus teaches that He Is the Atonement! He “Atoned” for our “sins” or (mis-thoughts) and all you have to do to accept this Atonement is to have faith that Christ is within you, and He Will make Himself known by you, via “The Holy Spirit.”

Ask Christ to reveal Himself to you and He will. Of course this seems like nonsense even to “believer’s” of the holy bible. Jesus taught His followers; “The Kingdom of God Is Within you.” Or, “Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven Is at hand!” Repent was meant 2000 years ago, to mean, GO THE OTHER WAY!

Within You, is the eternal life you seek. Within You, is the Realization that the “Second Coming of Jesus” IS the Resurrection of Christ within You!

Eternal Love Is all that Is Real and It Is Within YOU!