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Posted in Jesus Christ on April 6, 2018 by david1963

If you will witness of ME before men, I will witness for YOU to the Father. If you will have faith in MY Eternal Life ministry, teaching that I RESURRECTED, And by putting Unconditional Forgiveness into PRACTICAL APPLICATION in your life, I will show you the Kingdom of Heaven. (Isaiah 64:4/ 1 Corinthians 2:9)

Before you will ever witness for the RESURRECTION, you MUST surrender the belief that Jesus Christ died. Jesus Christ was tortured and then crucified but He never “died.” Death is a concept reserved for those who do not witness for the resurrected Jesus Christ. Therefore, they are still clinging to the old rugged cross for salvation instead of calling on Jesus Christ Himself!

The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ will WITNESS FOR ANYONE who has faith that the Kingdom of God is in fact within them, and not attained by death. Mark 8:38. How can you find if you don’t seek? How can you have it opened unto you if you are afraid to knock? And lastly, how can you receive if you don’t ask?

You don’t ask because the king James version taught us Jesus Christ is dead, and that you must someday, in the future, just not today, die. The insanity of the belief in death is not fully realized until after the Atonement has been accepted by the disciple of Jesus Christ. Prior to that, the belief in death still seems reasonable because of our false beliefs about our Father, based on the belief that Jesus Christ died.

Brother, we stay mentally retarded Christians until we realize our Savior RESURRECTED FROM THE CRUCIFIXION! Matthew 10:32-33. He awaits YOUR recognition of Him within the Kingdom of God. This is as foolish now as it was 2000 years ago and will be 2000 years from now to those among us who do not love thy enemies by putting the TEACHINGS OF JESUS CHRIST into PRACTICAL APPLICATION in their life.

When was Easter first celebrated?
It was first celebrated as a holy holiday in 325 AD. Almost 300 years AFTER He resurrected, why?

Easter was originally a pagan celebration of the goddess Ishtar (not a Christian holiday). The early Christians celebrated Passover and not Easter. The Roman Catholic church started celebrating Easter and then the Protestants followed. The Easter bunnies and eggs, those are fertility symbols from the pagan Easter. Many modern day king James Christians call it Resurrection Day instead of the pagan name, Easter.

Now, using REASON, think about king James church on Easter Sunday. What are they REALLY doing? They are thanking Jesus Christ for Eternal Life, And denying His resurrection at the same time.
How many “Easter’s” do we need? How many times does He need to resurrect to prove His resurrection? If He resurrected He resurrected! If we are not aware of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it is because we have DENIED HIM and His RESURRECTION before men, due to our being uninformed as to His whereabouts.

Jesus Christ RESURRECTED to the Kingdom of God make no mistake about that. The mistake that is made by “believers”, is by not PRACTICING what JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF TAUGHT; and HE TAUGHT HIS DISCIPLES to love everyone, via 70X7 Forgiveness, no matter what “they” say or do to you. And gave us an example of the type of commitment (to only love) He was looking for.
This unconditional love brings with it an understanding that the world knows nothing about.

When we are Done ALLOWING the ego to lead us around this hell just waiting to die with only moments of happiness; we will then TURN WITHIN as INSTRUCTED by our Lord over 2000 years ago, and only then will we experience the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus Christ TAUGHT His disciples about. We will then lay aside the worldly holiday we call “Easter”, and no longer mock the Savior, but instead SEEK FOR and experience His TRUE RESURRECTION as He intends for ALL His disciples.

Why do YOU “believe” in death? First, understand that the word BELIEVE has been misunderstood for as least 2000 years. The word BELIEVE implies, WILL-power.
To believe in death is to will it to yourself unknown by you.
Ask, Believe, Receive could be retranslated as, Ask, WILL, Receive. To Believe in something is to WILL it real, “for you”; even if what you BELIEVE-IN is not the Truth.

It is NOT easy to teach our RESURRECTED SAVIOR to “believers in death.” But it MUST be done, AND by His disciples who do not deny Him; BECAUSE the world has been greatly deceived about Jesus Christ and His Eternal Life ministry.

In order to have a personal experience of His resurrection we MUST SEEK FOR HIM, WITHIN! The REASON is simply that He NEVER LEFT US ALONE. He resurrected to save us from our insane desire to die.