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transformation of consciousness

Posted in Uncategorized on December 7, 2017 by david1963

There is a transformation of consciousness that takes place within the mind of the disciple that is unbelievable. This transformation is akin to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Imagine a butterfly trying to explain flight to a caterpillar and you see the dilemma that Christ faced in His attempt to teach the Jewish “believers” in the Torah, about His Father and the Kingdom of Heaven.

You are gods! said Jesus Christ ~ Yet the Torah didn’t proclaim that! The Torah taught them that they had sinned against their god and he was angry at them. So angry was he at them that he even drowned His own children in a “great flood” because of his wrath.
The disciple of Jesus Christ no longer blindly believes ANYTHING, But brings EVERYTHING to the Holy Spirit for reproof.

We have attempted to be right by our generational beliefs instead of being happy through Faith brought about by Reason; and the result has been the world you see thus “believe” to be real. A blind “believer” does not know the truth, and a knower can not be made to blindly “believe” what he or she does not know.

Happiness does not come from being right, and if you believe that it does, you will never be happy. Happiness, which is eternal peace, comes with understanding, and not blind “belief.” When you understand that you are “blind and deaf” you let go of trying to be right in favor of a happiness brought about by listening to the Holy Spirit within the Kingdom of God.

Eternal peace is obtained through knowledge that the Kingdom of God is (within) and not “out-here” in this world. Hence, you must be in the world for a matter of time, but you can choose NOT to be apart of it.

As we let the Holy Spirit Master the inner kingdom, the outer kingdom is seen as a place where the Sons and Daughters of God have come to heal.

The REASON the disciples of Jesus Christ decided not to be of this world is because Jesus taught us that this world is not real. Let the dead bury the dead ? ? ? You must hate mother and brother for my sake? ? ?

The REASON we have funerals for the dead in “king James church’s” is that the BLIND “believers” continue to lead the BLIND “believers” 2000 years after Jesus Christ taught His disciples that death was Not real! And this world is a great parody of God and Jesus!

This world is a feeble and ridiculous imitation of the truth. A loving heavenly Father, An “all knowing” GOD, who made a mistake, and to cover up for His mistake He drowned His children in a “great flood.” A loving heavenly Father and An “all knowing” GOD who sends a Savior from our “belief in death,” who gets crucified and dies at the hands of the ones He was sent to save.

Truth is true. Denial of truth is insanity. And the insane “blindly believe” that Our Father in Heaven created us to die.

Imagine every “king James Christian”, no matter their “chosen denomination,” actually doing what Jesus Christ taught His disciples to do 2000 years ago.

If you do, THEN and Only THEN will You See why war is complete insanity. . . Until then, the anti-Christ will “appear” to rule the Kingdom of God within your mind.

Peace be upon you always. Our Savior is here contrary to king James’ 1611 assertion that you must die to experience the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We are Not alone… We have been healed by OUR Savior Jesus Christ, Who overcame death to PROVE to His disciples that death had no hold on them.